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A MUST HAVE jacket for Fall and Spring

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My new military jacket came in!  WooHoo!
I talked about wanting to add a 2nd one to my closet HERE (check out that post if you want to see all the ways I have worn my first jacket),  and I decided to take the plunge.
I bought THIS one (I got it in army green, but I also like it in the khaki color).
I LOVE it.
It's arrival got me to searching for ways to wear it.

All of these inspiration pictures are super springy and show how the jacket transitions so easily into warmer temperatures!
Did you recognize anybody in the below pics?
The gorgeous girl on the right is my friend Alison from Get Your Pretty On!
LOVE how she styled her jacket with a neon t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and wedges.  Greatness!
{You are going to see me on Alison's blog later this week for a fun Mother's Day post!}

So, when my new jacket came in, at first I didn't use a specific Pinterest picture for my inspiration...
I just stepped into my closet and came up with something all on my own.
Here's what I came up with:

I liked it...but the mustard pants definitely made it look a little more "fall" than "spring".

Military Jacket| Nordstrom HERE
(Prepare yourself, I don't think it could be styled any worse than it is in the link.
WHAT IN THE WORLD is that skirt?)
Striped Shirt|  LOFT (years ago), similar HERE , it has a wide stripe and it's under $30!
Mustard pants| Nordstrom, 
 I looked, but I can't find a reasonable pair of mustard pants right now.
Stella and Dot Necklace Kimberly HERE
Noonday Bengali Sunset earrings HERE

Sidenote...when searching for a striped t for you ladies, I found this one HERE. It's not like the inspiration, but it is so dang cute.  It's 40% off, but they only have size SMALL left (and probably not many of those).  I love how easy going it is (yes, a shirt can totally be easy going), and the color of the stripes make me happy.

I also found THIS one.  So unique with a solid front and great stripes on the back. yes, I liked the outfit I put together.....but like I said previously, it wasn't super springy.
This picture screams "SPRING!" to me, so I set out to recreate it.
 All I needed was a pair of light jeans, a bright scarf, and a bright bag.
My pink was in the scarf, my blue was in the bag....but it still had the same "look".

It's like I'm screaming "SPRING IS HERE PEOPLE!"
I REALLY liked this combo.

Military Jacket| Nordstrom HERE
Pink Poka Dot Scarf|  Simply Chic Boutique (in the current giveaway HERE!)
Earrings|  Stella and Dot (in the current giveaway HERE!)
Fossil Bag|  exact HERE, and an awesome crossbody option HERE

After putting this outfit together, I convinced myself that this type of jacket can function year-round in my closet. It is such a great staple piece to have.  If you don't have one, consider getting one!
 I think you will be shocked at how many different ways you will be able to wear it!

all images pinned via Pinterest - That's Kilee from One Little Momma on the bottom right!

Other Military Jacket Options that are all under $60!:
Nordstrom Juniors Department option HERE 
with FANTASTIC reviews
Here's what one of them had to say:
After trying a safari jacket from Travel Smith at twice the price, some cargo styles from Old Navy and the Gap which were heavy and distressed looking, and literally combing the web for a replacement for my beloved old jacket that is sadly ready for retirement, I ordered this jacket from Nordstrom with little confidence that it would work. Not only did it fit well, I love the lightweight fabric! It looks crisp and polished while still very casual. I also love the snaps with zipper option in lieu of buttons. I am crazy about this jacket and will get a ton of wearings this spring, summer and fall. 
Well done, Nordies!
I really like the review said the fabric is lightweight.  PERFECT for spring!  

Another Nordstrom option HERE
They call this one a bomber jacket, but the Olive color looks like a military jacket to me.
HERE (from JC Penny's - not sure about the fit of this one)
HERE (from Target, under $60)
HERE (an embellished option from Nordstrom)

And for the record, I'm wearing THESE TOMS with both outfits.
(I know, I know...I've got to get better about including my shoes in the pics.)
 Sequin Leopard TOMS|  CUSP, HERE
I adore these shoes.  ADORE.  I wear them constantly, and I get compliments on them constantly.
Cute, Sassy, Comfortable....everything you would want in a shoe!

And, I received a couple of blog comments this past weekend asking me where my rhinestone bracelet was from that was in the middle of all of my Sequin bracelets.
It's from LOFT, and you can find it HERE!

Last thing:
If you are planning on traveling to Disney with your kiddos at any point, you have got to read Shay's post HERE.  It is a how-to guide to Disney with your kids!

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  1. I am so in love with the jacket and scarf! I want them both! I have one military jacket...but now, I realize I need two. Maybe three. After all, Pinterest (and Sheaffer) told me to.

  2. OK, first off pink and military were made for each other. So cute with the light cuffed denim too! I see so much inspiration in here for my military jacket. Especially those slouchy cut-off denim shorts with the red striped top. LOVE! Thanks so much for featuring my look!

  3. Love this look! The jacket scarf combo works so well together. Totally going to need to get one of these jackets now :)

  4. I have to tell you that I love your blog....look forward to it every morning...however you are a TERRIBLE influence on me....oh I forgot it's Pinterest's fault! ;) waaaaay too much shopping lately. An looks like the target jacket (which is out of stock) and the JCPenney jacket are the same one....there is also a 10% off code for JCP jacket. SPREE10....of course I ordered it! I also have those wedges in a cart at Nordstrom's....still looking for turquoise and waiting for the next round of snow...Minnesota nice!

  5. Spring is only here until tomorrow when it'll drop into the 40s! Super, that makes me really happy...NOT! Come on Texas, GET WITH THE PROGRAM. My feet need to be in flip flops ;)!

  6. Great post! I love the military jacket trend. I was planning on waiting to get it until Fall but now that I see spring style options, I am going to keep my eye out for the perfect piece!

  7. Love the military jacket look! I'm on the look out for a lighter version , I got my military jacket a couple years ago for only 7$ but its a little thick more for fall so thanks for all the suggestions!!

  8. I really like this jacket. Super versatile and light weight.

  9. I really want a military jacket after you've been screaming at me to do so :) How is the length on the new one you got? It looks a bit short... I'm 5'10". Thanks for such a fun blog!

  10. Hi! Love the military jacket! How is the length of your new one? I'm 5'10" & it looks like it could be on the shorter side. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Heather! Your blogger settings are set to "no reply", so I hope you come back to here to look for an answer. I'm only 5'4", and it comes to the ends of where my front pockets are on the jeans I am wearing with it in the picture. It does not cover my hiney! :) I think you're right...if you are looking specifically for a long jacket, this one might be on the shorter side.
      Hope this helps!
      Sheaffer :)

  11. I have a pseudo military jacket and i love it.

    Check out my blog for a stella & dot giveaway and join me this Thursday April 25 for my link up.


  12. I posted today about something you inspired me to purchase that I am in love with!

    So apparently next I will be on the hunt for a military jacket! Thanks for all the great style advice :)

  13. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for filling me in on the rhinestone bracelet. I love it! I am trying to figure out how to change my blog settings so that I am not a "no reply" blogger but Google+ is making it super difficult. Sorry about that. Love the military jacket! HIL

  14. Hmmmm...every time I read your blog my shopping list grows :) Not complaining!!!


  15. Your blog posts crack me up! I loved the tiara wedges and the sequin bracelets but no way no how would I be able to sneak those babies past my hubby (it's hard to justify clothes since I wear scrubs all day).... UNTIL I found knock offs at DSW! I got 2 sequin bracelets for $15 each and a similar pair of white tiara wedges for $45... plus I had a coupon... SCORE! And thanks for the insight, I am totally stoked!
    I found your blog from Mixandmatchmama who I also love to follow!

  16. Your blog is so fun!

    I am total agreement on the military jackets. I have one from Old Navy from a couple years ago and just got an investment one from J. Crew. I love that pin with the military jacket and pink purse!! Any idea where the purse is from?

    Erika @ Stethoscopes, Style, & Grace

  17. You've worn me down Scheaffer, I'm ready to buy a military jacket now. Like, I NEED to! Thanks for the links to purchase and you totally read my mind because we're planning our first family trip to Disneyland this summer :) You're the best!

  18. I love the military jackets. I think I need one in my life now! New follower. :-)

  19. That jacket is awesome! I love both of your outfits!

  20. Oh, a must have indeed! I am beginning to think this parka/utility/military jacket is an evergreen piece, I mean besides the color ;) Dropping by from the link, do swing by mine :)


  21. Great post! I discovered your blog from a link up - glad I was able to find you. Now following :)

    xo, tasha
    Enter to win a $40 Lorraine Tyne gift card

  22. Wow how I love that military jacket with purple! Hmm, you just gave me some outfit inspiration!

  23. Love the pink bag. Do you know where I can find it or what brand it is? Love your blog!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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