Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dancing With The Stars: PROM NIGHT!

Prom Night.......
Ah, the memories.
I can actually say I went to my high school prom with my husband!!!!!
I dug through my scrapbooks last night (at Shay's request) and was able to find these 2 little gems!
Here we are in all of our 1995 glory!
Left:  Prom / Right:Valentine's Dance (Favorites)

Now...on to PROM NIGHT at Dancing With The Stars!
I'm going to talk about each couple,
and I'm also going to link to some looks that were inspired by the costumes!

First off.....let's talk about Tom and Brooke.
I'm pretty sure they stocked that dress at 5-7-9 and the jewelry is from Claire's.
Or do you guys remember Jessica McClintock?
For you Dallas peeps, when I was a pre-teen, I can remember wanting to go into that store each and every time I went to NorthPark!

The prom group dance was RADICAL.
Like Awesome.  Like Wow.  Like totally freak me out.
(Thought I would take a step back in time with my lingo too.)
Seriously though, loved it.

Aly and Mark:  Viennese Waltz
It was a sweet dance, and she did a good job, but for some reason I still can't get on the Aly train.
HERE is a purple party dress inspired by Aly's dress. It's one shoulder and satin.  Sassy!

Andy and Sharna: Cha Cha
(SIDENOTE:  Is there a difference between the Cha Cha and the Cha Cha Cha?)
I thought the dance was lots of fun to watch, and I just love routing for Andy!
Len said Andy is "like a sneeze - you know it's coming but there's nothing you can do about it."
He's won over the judges and they all LOVE him!
Are you guys LOVING Him too?  I was sooo nervous when he was in the bottom 2!
I did NOT want him to go home.
I actually find myself panicking that if he gets kicked off he might start drinking again.
I know, I'm weird.
I do love how they spray tanned a 6 pack on him.  Sign me up for that!
Actually, I don't care about a 6 pack. 
But I wonder if some sort of countouring could be done for the ol' love handals?  ;)
I do find myself  thinking what the below Andy would think of the above Andy.
I mean, if somebody would have told Andy (while taking his mug shot) that he was going to be on a ballroom dancing show in the future, I'm guessing he would have disagreed.

Score = 18
Inspired by Sharna's black leather get-up, I found some dress options HERE (a steal) and HERE (a splurge).
You can also find a leather skirt HERE.

Ingo and Kim:  Pasadoble
 I liked the theme of their dance.  Ingo was the bad boy who stole the prom queen away from the dance.  It was fun to watch.
I just love Kim, and I feel like I know Ingo after watching him on GH for so many years!
Score = 21

Lisa and Gleb:
I thought Lisa looked absolutely STUNNING.  She's not the best dancer, but I am routing for her because I think she is just plain likeable (and hilarious)!
Lisa hatched a plan to get Gleb some more twitter followers.  She had him take his shirt off.
Good idea Lisa.
Well played.

Score = 21
Inspired by Lisa, I found some pink dresses HERE (a jersey dress that looks DARLING and comfy!) and HERE (more coral than pink really, but I love it!)


Kelli and Derek:  Jive
Derek asking Kelli to prom in the dance brought up all kinds of memories.
At my highschool, people were always asking dates to dances in various creative ways.
For example, when Chris asked me to our first dance (the Valentine's dance our Junior year), he made an audio tape of himself asking me, and then he had a girlfriend play it in her car for me. 
Score = 25
Kellie's gold dress inspired me to find a pretty little gold number to share with you!
Check out THIS gorgeous and golden dress. 


Victor and Lindsay:  Contemporary
It broke my heart when Victor said he couldn't go to prom because he was too poor to.  He seems like such a genuinely sweet guy.
And y'all!
This was SO SO good.  He really surprised me, in the best way possible!
Score = 23
I thought Lindsay looked very pretty, but I had a hard time finding clothes inspired by her dress, so I've got nuthin.


D.L. and Cheryl:  Salsa
D.L. does seem to be improving week by week, but he is still getting hammered.
Len said "D.L., if you're a sex machine, then I'm America's Next Top Model."
I thought that was just plain mean.  Do you guys agree?
Carrie Ann was sweet and encouraged him.  
And I think that he was actually about to cry.  Did anybody else think that?
Score = 16
If you like Royal blue...there are some options for you HERE (a Jessica Simpson fit and flare halter dress)and HERE (this one is a faux wrap jersey dress and has all sorts of great reviews).

Karina and Jacoby:  Rumba
Super sexy dance, but Jacoby sometimes rubs me the wrong way.
Still, I love how much his mama loves him, and she was soooo proud!
 Score = 24
Karina's lace dress was beautiful. 
I found a lace sheath dress HERE.
I also found THIS dress.  Super sexy, Super sassy, Super gorgeous.  (and at 40% off, it's still expensive) 
A lace skirt HERE.  SO cute for summer!

Tony and Wynona:
I thought I was scared last week.
Then Tony went and put Wynona on a stripper pole at the beginning of the dance.
Now I'm scared for real.
Listen, I said I wasn't going to say anything mean-spirited about the dancers, but I take that back.
Wynona whips me.
She absolutely whips me.
When she moves, she looks like she does so with about .03% dedication.
Somebody needs to tell her that this isn't Walking and Moving Your Arms With the Stars, it is Dancing With The Stars.
Score = 15
Even though I am not a fan of Wynona,Tony is a FREAKING rock star.
He was so sweet to Wynona afterwards.  He must have the patience of Job.
 I do think his mullet should have gotten them a couple of extra points.
And one more thing...Wynona can sing me Love Can Build a Bridge all day long...
but she can't dance worth a flip.
Bye Bye Wynona.


Sean and Peta:  Cha Cha Cha
Carrie Ann said that Sean performs with gusto and I totally agree!
And I have one thing to say to Bruno....
Bruno LOVES him some Seanie Poo.
I thought he was going to crawl over the table and jump in his arms and wrap his legs around him (you know, like they always do on The Bachelor).
Actually, Bruno, PLEASE do that next week.
Score = 21
Having trouble deciding what to link up for Peta's costume, so in honor of Sean's overalls, I will link up a great pair of jeans I found online that I'm interested in owning myself.
Click HERE to see.
What do you think?  Don't they look good? Is anybody familiar with this brand?
They seem to have the look of a boyfriend jean without being too baggy (which is why boyfriend jeans never work on me).  And I love the distressing.  I REALLY  like these!


Zendaya and Val:  Viennese Waltz
Somehow my write-up and picture of these 2 got erased.  I'm too lazy to re-do it.
They were good as always.

Don't forget to check out Shay's post HERE!
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  1. First and foremost, I think it's hilarious that you went to the prom in 1995...when I was only in the 8th grade!

    If you want to find a recreation of Lindsay's dress, you need to try the Disney store. I'm pretty sure Kensington has a Little Mermaid costume that would work ;).

    And that mug shot of Andy Dick...SCARY. I can't believe that's the same man I absolutely adore ballroom dancing!

    Finally, those jeans are perfection...they're boyfriend without being too baggy and they're distressed. The mama wants them.

  2. Great recap! I always love reading your commentary! =)

  3. Great recap! This is the first year I have watched DWTS, and you are making me love it! Great job!

  4. Love, love, love your recap!!!! It always puts a smile on my face and I agree with all of your comments about each couple! Have a great day!

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who Jacoby rubs the wrong way... ugh!

  6. Great recap!! LOVE your prom pictures and think its SO sweet that you & your hubby have been together that long!! =)

    okay. I was thinking maybe I was just being over sensitive about the judges with D.L. but clearly if you think the same way then we are totally right! ;) They are mean to him! And i thought it looked like he was going to cry too...poor guy!

    Bruno totally cracks me up with his Seanie love! ha! The results show was too funny when he got in on the dance with Sean & Peta!

    And is that before & after pic for real??!! Sunless tanner SCARES me to death so i've never used it but if it really works like that then maybe i need to face my fear!

  7. I LOVE the pictures of you at the prom in 1995! :) And how cute are you that you went with your now husband? ADORABLE. I totally agree with you that I felt HORRIBLE for D.L. I mean... ok, so he's not the best dancer, but I felt that the judges were WAY TOO rough on him... and I did think he was going to cry. :( I mean... the man is trying people!
    :) love your recaps :)

  8. You two are TOO cute in those prom photos. How cool is it that you got to go with your hubby? I love this. Also my sister's got Jessica McClintock prom gowns and I was so jealous at the time. LOL!

  9. OK, I have to admit it....I was sad to see Wynona go. I know she was a terrible dancer, but I love her! I love her mom. I love The Judds!! OK, I'm about to break into song...."Mama's he crazy!!"....OK, I'll stop now. I know she needed to go, but I was sad.
    Speaking of sad - who the heck is keeping D.L. and Cheryl out of the bottom two?!? He is terrible, and needs to go as well....maybe if he had gone BEFORE Wy, I wouldn't be so bitter about her leaving. But, D.L.?? Really?? Gross......
    I'm with you on the Aly train...she's great, but sort of robotic. LOVE Kellie Pickler and Zendaya...they are probably my two faves to watch...and of course, Sean!

  10. Love your prom pics! TOO cute! haha! : )


  11. ok, i seriously love that you went to prom with your hubby! that is the cutest :) lol at shays comment about her being only in grade 8 .. i have her beat, i was only 3 years old in '95! LOL. i agree with all of DWTS points .. id have to say my faves beside seanie ofcourse, are lisa & gleb ♥

  12. I liked Betsey's facebook page and I have some scarey white legs!

  13. Perfect!!! Loved and agreed with all your commentary and faves! And I totally snorted out loud at your Love Can Build A Bridge


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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