Monday, April 1, 2013

Get Pin-Spired!

Before we get started today, there are some SERIOUS sales going on just today that you need to know about:
LOFT is 50% off of everything today AND there is free shipping on any order!
  Click HERE to shop.
GAP is 40% off of your purchase online only with the code GAPEGG.
 I'm guessing that half of you aren't even on the blog anymore and are shopping your faces off...but if you are still here...let's get on to the post.

Can you believe it's April 1st?
Yeah, me neither.
April 1st means two things to me :
1)  I turn another year older on Friday. 
I have two thoughts about that:  Yeah!  and  Boo!  ;)
I will be turning 31.
2)  It's our 3rd Pinspired Linky Party!
(You can see the first two HERE.)
You can grab the code on my sidebar!

As always, I am partnering up with Shay at Mix and Match Family and Mel at The Larson Lingo and hoping that all of you will join in the fun!
Over here at Pinterest Told Me To, I take outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest, and I recreate them!  Now we are asking all of you to do it too!
The only rule is to link up with an outfit that was inspired by Pinterest!
If you link up here, it will appear on Shay's and Mel's blog also!
That's triple exposure people!  :)
Please link to your specific post, and please mention where you are linking up somewhere in your post because we want everybody to know where they can get in on the fun!
You are not required to follow any of us...but it sure would be nice! ;) here is the outfit that I'm recreating today:

April Fool's ;)
And okay.....
I also might have been fooling you about the "turning 31" part.

On to the real Pinspired recreation:
Stripes and Leopard
Two of my very favorite things together!

 Leopard Scarf| similar  HERE
 (This is my FAVORITE leopard scarf I've seen lately.  It's from Urban Outfitters and it looks like a great scarf for Spring and Summer.  I love the golden color.)
Striped Shirt| LOFT, similar HERE
Animal Pring belts|  LOFT
Trouser Jeans|  similar HERE
Brown Ankle Boots| TJ Maxx

Had I tried this combo with just the scarf tied another way, I wouldn't have liked it.  It really needed to be the infinity tie for it to work.  Thanks again Pinterest!   

I also thought I would highlight a couple of things that I've put on the blog over the last 2 weeks that I got a lot of really good feedback from.  Some of you ordered these things, have already received them and have already let me know how much you love them!  It's kind of a random assortment, but I want each and every item in this collage.
And don't forget to enter the contest for the $50 credit to Charles Emerson jewelry HERE!
It ends Thursday night at 8:00, and I will announce the winner on Friday morning. 
Now it's your turn to link up your Pinspired Outfit!


  1. Don't mock that first outfit...that's my May recreation ;). Loving linking up with you! XOXO

  2. haha, loved the April Fool's. I'm sure you would still look great in it!
    love the stripes & leopard!!


  3. I love that scarf!!! And seriously such a cute outfit!! :)
    P.S. happy early birthday!! :)

  4. I would have never thought to put leopard with stripes. I love how it looks!!

  5. Thanks for hosting and pushing me to try new things every week thanks to Pinterest! I have a whole new love of clothing :)

  6. You're SO cute and so is that outfit!! i never would of paired the leopard & stripes but its fabulous!! off to shop! =)

  7. Ha! You April fooled me. :) Leopard + stripes is one of my all time faves. And thanks for trying to make me blow my budget with all of these GREAT sales!

  8. Happy April Fools... and 31st birthday! Love this link-up. Thanks as always to you and pinterest for getting me out of my boring routine!

  9. 2 things i've noticed....1. my outfit is kinda similar to your april fools day and 2. i am clearly the only one in this link-up that lives in so-cal. i am in shorts and everyone else is all layered and cute! happy early bday lady!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  10. Your leopard and stripes outfit looks so nice! I love these Pin-spired link-ups every month! Hope you have a great 31st on Friday! ;)... I mean 29th!

  11. Great Pinterest outfit! You know I hit up the Loft sale already :). Can't wait for it to arrive.

  12. We have the same birthday!! I've never met someone that shares "my" day---Happy Birthday! Love the leopard and stripes combo. Do you think it would work if the stripes were colorful?...

  13. Love the leopard & stripe combo! I for sure need to combine those patterns! Super cute!

  14. annnnnd Old Navy is 30% off everything too! Shopping bliss! :) You nailed the know this Momma LOVES some leopard!! :0) Now go recreate the cut off shorts and half top! I am waiting!

  15. You always make me laugh! Happy Birthday!!!

  16. You are right about styling the leopards scarf as infinity .... that looks perfect! pippa

  17. I have so many outfits pinned and never do anything with them. I really need to start joining this link up!

  18. Are you still planning to do a maternity post in the near future?

    1. I have a guest poster set up to do a maternity post next week! She will highlight some of her favorite things out there...and I will highlight some of my favorite things! Stay tuned! :)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Sheaffer, you are hilarious- you totally got me with your April Fools gag outfit! Happy Birthday on Friday!

  21. Had my Gap cart stocked up and then realized the 40% doesn't apply to denim. Boo!!

    1. Oh No!!!!! I hate it when they do that! I'm sorry, I should have checked on that and mentioned it. I didn't even think about it this morning. BOO is right!

  22. I love your blog! Do you have a follow by email option??

    Science for Kids Blog


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