Friday, April 26, 2013

What I'm Obsessed With Now

{I moved the SALE ALERTS up to the top of the post since some of them have changed
 as of Sunday morning.}

 GAP is 35% off your entire purchase with the code GAP35. GAP never goes more than 40% off, and it only does that 2-3 times a 35% off is just about as good as you are going to get!
(It has some exclusions.  For ex., denim bottoms and swimsuits are not included.)
Ends today (Sunday) at midnight. Click  HERE to shop.
(I had stalled on getting some things I wanted...but not I'm going to pull the trigger.  I'm getting THIS shirt for sure.  And I thought maybe some of you would want to get THIS jacket.  I don't need it since I just got my new military jacket, but this is a great jacket.
And at 35% off it will be a GREAT deal!)
Or check out THIS dress.
This cool, convertible jersey dress can be worn four ways:
MAXI SKIRT Long skirt folds to desired length.
TEA LENGTH Dress folds to mid-calf length.
NATURAL-WAIST MAXI Full-length dress with seam at waist.
DROP-WAIST MAXI Full-length dress with seam at low waist.

 LOFT is 40% off you entire purchase!  
Even new arrivals! Enter code NOW40.  Click HERE to shop. (Not sure if this ends today.)

J Crew Factory is 30% off all new arrivals!  Prices as marked, no code needed.
 Click HERE to shop.

the winner of the HUMONGOUS giveaway.................

Nancy!  You just TOTALLY scored!
Like STRAIGHT UP scored.
You have AMAZING prizes from Stella and Dot, Rodan + Fields, Arbonne, Noonday, Charles Emerson Designs, and Simply Chic Boutique ALL FOR YOU!
A HUGE Thank You to all of my amazing sponsors who participated in the giveaway!

Nancy, you have until Monday afternoon at 12:00 p.m. to contact me. 
If I don't hear from you by then, another winner will be chosen.
(And Nancy, let me warn you.. there are like thousands of other girls hoping you are out of town or have a super busy weekend and won't be checking any blogs!)
Now, on to my current obsessions:

Next week I'm doing a swimsuit and cover-up post.
I know, I know.  GROAN.
I can almost hear you running to the store to buy carrots.
So, I have an entire post dedicated to this next week...but for now....
I'm going to highlight my favorite one piece that I've found so far.
It's expensive, but with swimsuits I often find that you get what you pay for.
And I am willing to pay TOP DOLLAR people if it's going to make me look good.
There are 268 reviews of  THIS suit online.I have never seen anything with that many reviews.
To me, that means that it was so popular last year (and maybe the year before) that they brought it back again (and again).  Of the 268 reviews, 189 of them are 5 STARS, and 53 are 4 STARS.
That's an overwhelming majority of ladies that LOVE THIS suit.
I gotta be honest, I loved the look of this suit when I first saw it, but then I tried to imagine myself in it....and I wasn't so sure I could pull it off.
HOWEVER, when I started reading the reviews I was all...
if she can pull it off, maybe I can pull it off too?!?
***If you order THIS suit, remember to order AT LEAST 1 size up. 
Some of the reviewers said they ordered 2 sizes up. 
So, read the reviews and decide what you think you need.***

Oh....and if you know know I am the QUEEN OF COVER-UPS.
I really am.
No lie.
 My favorite one I've found so far is THIS one.  33% off and 3 great colors!  I like how it's simple.
I really like THIS one too.
There are no reviews on it yet (which I don't like), but I think I might risk it.
It's obviously super short, but I don't mind that in a cover-up.

THESE Hunter rain boots.
I ADORE how they are high gloss, and I am absolutely LOVING all of the spring colors.
Can you tell that I'm also loving pulling boards together with Pinterest images to convince me of purchases that are a little bit more pricey?
I did it HERE for my military jacket....which I ended up buying.
I did it HERE for my neutral colored blazer...which arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I wore it on Thursday.  LOVE it.
I bought both of those things after putting the boards I'm guessing a pair of Hunters might be in my closet very soon.
The board is pretty persuasive, and every single time it rains I curse myself for not having a pair.

I don't know if I've mentioned it ;), but I'm obsessed with THESE.
I just ordered the putty color for myself too.
 I also wanted to show you guys THIS necklace from Anthrolopologie that my friend Alli sent me a picture of last week.  The mint one is pretty, but I ADORE the red one.
I put it on my Pinterest board last week, and I can't get it out of my head.
All of the reviews on it are great, but several mention that it is a really BIG necklace.
So, if you are a statement necklace girl...this one is for you.
Alli is obsessed with hers, and I don't blame her.
 Can you imagine how great the necklace would look with almost anything you would put on?
Especially with a stripe.
Wouldn't it look FANTASTIC with a stripe?????
Why, yes.
Yes it would.
p.s.  How gorgeous is Alli?
And you know..she's just as funny and sweet as she is gorgeous!
And just for is a screen shot of our conversation last night.  I'm in blue.

A couple of more random links to things I found on sale that you might be interested in:
THIS pair of shoes. 
 They seem to be super similar to my sequin leopard TOMS, but they are like 1/3 of the price!
THIS pair of white skinny capri jeans.  They are Citizens of Humanity and 33% off. 

Oh....and if you are wondering what to buy your Mom for Mother's Day...or if you are wondering what to put on your list and start dropping hints for :) , head over to my friend Alison's blog HERE to see what me and some other mommy bloggers are wishing for this year!
I think know you'll love what I've chosen!
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  1. I have so many things to say this morning! First of all, I'm so jealous of Nancy for winning! Look at all that stuff she gets! Holy cow!

    Second, that swimsuit in coral would look AMAZING on you! Please, please, please buy it! I

    Third, I love my Hunter boots. I wear them all the time because they're so comfy! They're perfect for every season. Love them!

    Fourth, I love Alli. One day...she will be my BFF. I just know it :).

  2. I really thought I had it in the bag to win this one. Oh well. Maybe next time. I own that suit in black and get compliments every time I wear it. The reviews are all true. It's amazing!!! You just have to remember to spray your belly and bag with sunscreen or you will get a pretty funky sunburn pattern.

  3. Well Nancy is one lucky lady! And I'm having serious necklace envy. Alli is gorgeous even with the potty in the background. :)

  4. What is the link to that suit? I'm not seeing it in the blog. Thanks!

  5. I love all your recommendations but I don't see the link here to that suit? Can you post the link? Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah! I went ahead and added text links to the post! For future reference, if there is not a text link, you can click on the picture of the item for the link! :)
      Thanks for asking, and let me know if you get it! I'm trying to decide what color I want!
      Sheaffer :)

    2. I've had my eye on some Hunter boots for a while now! I need to just bite the bullet and buy them already!

      And by the way, Alli needs to let all of us know what kind of bra she has! If it stands on its own as she says, it needs to be in my dresser!!

  6. You need to buy yourself some Hunters! I just purchsaed some two weeks ago and I LOVE THEM!! I almost look forward to waking up to rain so I can wear them. There's just something about them. You won't regret that purchase!! ;)

  7. Two things:

    1. Love your blog!!

    2. I have that swimsuit!!! I got it in navy a couple of months ago and it really is fabulous!!! Sexy, but not too over the top. The crochet in the middle totally tummy-tucks your belly!!!

  8. I pulled the trigger last year and splurged on Hunters and I really do loooove them.

    "Yeah!! It's raining today!!"

    Who says that? A girl with Hunter boots!

    I originally bought the green color that it was a Nordstrom exclusive. I'm a color girl, so I thought it was a fun choice. No one was more surprised than me when I returned them for the gray high gloss. I felt like I had to think too much with the green.....suddenly I had to change clothing choices to work with the boots. Too stressful! Who has time to be stressed about boots? But if I could get a second pair---I"d be all over a fabulously bright color!!

  9. I have the Anthro necklace and I love it! It is perfect with soooooo much!!

  10. I love my Hunter boots. They are a great investment.


  11. OK! THANK YOU....for all the fun posts and fashion ideas.....though my husband may not agree :) I hit up GAP for 40% off and came away with pale yellow/polka dot skinnies, lilac skinnies, and a cute striped shirt for the HOT PINK shorts I was hunting for at JCREW! Did you know that JCREW outlet is 50% off this weekend??? I hit them up and got your super cute top in blue to go with my old navy skinny!

    Now I just need to work on my Nordstrom wish list.....TOM Wedges in hot pink, TOMs in the leopard print you got me started on, those fabulous wedges you are raving about in black and the utility jacket! You have created a monster!!


  12. I want to know the bra that Alli is wearing!!

  13. I, too, have been coveting that Nordstrom bathing suit! After your post, I finally ordered it! It came today, and I LOVE IT!!!!! I am in my early forties and have two kids, and it is still flattering! I ordered two sizes up. I cannot express how awesome this suit is! :) You NEED it! :)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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