Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Style Soiree: Ralph Lauren

Today is our 3rd Soiree (yep, we're fancy) for the summer and we are
highlighting RALPH LAUREN!
When I think of Ralph Lauren, this is what comes to mind:

I saw this Ralph Lauren quote, and I loved it.

Ralph!  I totally agree!
Who care about labels and's all about STYLE!
And STYLE is just about wearing things that make you feel like the best version of you!

I saw this picture, and I thought it totally embodied the "All American Style" that I think of when I think of ol' Ralph.
A white t-shirt and jeans.
Doesn't get much more American than that!
 And I don't know about you, but two words immediately came to mind when I saw the above pic.
Am I right ladies?
And then 6 additional words came to mind:
He's just a tad too leathery for my taste.

This is the first image I saw when searching for inspiration....and for the first time ever I was finally inspired to try the denim on denim look.
Now, I don't own a big brass belt buckle like Ralph,
but I do own some big brass earrings and a brass necklace!
Here is my interpretation:
That's right. I'm wearing denim on denim for the first time since like '84.
But let's be clear that I was only wearing it in my house.

I'm not saying it was wonderful, but I would like to quote my friend Andrea after I sent her the picture.
She said, "I was not as offended as I thought I would be."

Distressed Jeans|  Nordstrom, exact pair HERE
*THESE are my new fav jeans in case you were wondering!
Denim Jacket|  Nordstrom, exact jacket HERE
White v-neck|  J Crew Factory, exact shirt HERE
Kimberly Necklace|  Stella and Dot, exact necklace HERE
Remember to search for me ("Sheaffer Sims")as your hostess if you are shopping Stella and Dot.
Nude flats|  Nordstrom, exact pair HERE
Brass earrings|  The Limited, no longer available

 Now, listen.
I don't know if I have enough courage to actually step out of the house rockin the denim on denim.
But I have to tell you.....
I kinda liked the way it looked.
 Because it FEELS crazy!
Seriously, please sound off in the comments.
Would you leave the house in my denim on denim ensemble?
I'm dying to know if I'm a total nut job for kinda liking it!

Now is when I would NORMALLY create a Pinterest collage of all denim on denim looks to make a case for my look and convince all of you!
However, in this instance, I cannot do that.
No ma'm, I cannot.
Not because there aren't plenty of denim on denim looks on Pinterest, because there are.
But because most of the images did nothing but make a case for the fact that one should EVER wear denim on denim.

Anyway, I didn't want my one look for today to be denim on denim.
You're welcome.
 So, because I am still getting over my cold (I KNOW!) I looked back for some of my previous looks that have an "All American" vibe.

Look #1:
This one was pretty recent.
The classic white and denim.
Denim Shirt| J Crew Factory, exact shirt HERE
I bought this shirt last season.  It's kind of expensive, but I wear it constantly and it is a great fit.  Worth the money in my opinion.
White Cut-offs|  GAP, exact pair HERE*
*These are my favorite white shorts EVER, and they are on sale right now for super cheap...
although they are running out of sizes.
Necklace|  Stella and Dot, exact necklace HERE
Earrings|  Stella and Dot, exact earrings HERE
 Remember to search for me ("Sheaffer Sims") as your hostess if you are shopping Stella and Dot.

Look #2:
inspiration from Kendi Everyday

This look has Ralph Lauren written all  over it,
although none of the pieces are actually Ralph Lauren.
Classic white oxford, dark denim, and a pop of red.
LOVE the pop of red!

White Oxford|  GAP, similar HERE
Dark Distressed Jeans|  GAP, no longer available (WAY better version HERE)
Red patent ballet flats|  GAP
(very cute, but VERY uncomfortable...never wore them again...not even once)

I thought I would look for some other pops of red that would look great paired with denim (or anything really).
 Sam Edelman red flats HERE.
AMAZING reviews on these bad boys.  Unlike my flats above that were only worn ONCE, these babies are supposed to be crazy comfortable.
Red and White striped TOMS wedges HERE.
Red faux leather clutch HERE.
Small red crossbody HERE.
Loving THIS red bag from Jessica Simpson.
Great price at under $100!
THIS Cole Haan tote is DARLING and priced well at 33% off!
Love the woven material with the red accents.
Red scalloped lace top (also in white) HERE.
Red enamel and crystal bangle HERE.
My favorite v-neck tee in red HERE.
THIS thin stripe red blazer from GAP HERE.

And if you are looking to add a Ralph Lauren piece to your closet (or to the closet of one of your people), I searched the sales!
Ralph Lauren for kids sale HERE (both boys and girls).
I LOVE the short and long sleeved Polos for my little fella.
Ralph Lauren for men sale HERE.
My man wears a short sleeved Polo with khaki pants 4 days per week.
He wears a Polo with jeans on Friday.
Ralph Lauren for women sale HERE.

Also....don't forget that the GAP sale ends tomorrow!
Extra 30% off all sale styles!  
There are some SERIOUSLY AMAZING deals to be had!
Really, you need to at least look around.  There are shorts for as low as like $12 and shirts for $10!  
Click HERE to shop.

And one more thing..
I gave you wrong information about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  Sorry!
It isn't open to the public (non card-holders) until Friday the 19th.  But never fear, I got my hands on a catalog, and I'm already scoping things out like crazy and calling it "research".  And I plan on heading to the mall on Tuesday to try on several of the pieces I have my eyes on for us!  If you are a cardholder and get to shop early, you can e-mail me if you want to know my preliminary pics (before I get to try the items on).
I will definitely be posting my favorite items late next week.
And fyi:  it appears that "wine" is the color of the fall. 

Oh wait!  There is YET ANOTHER LOFT SALE today!
50% off a lot of new merchandise!  
Click HERE to shop the entire sale, but I also thought I would highlight some of my favorites!
Click HERE for the maxi, Click HERE for the blazer, Click HERE for the romper
All 3 items have great reviews!
The maxi has 53 NEAR PERFECT reviews!  I wanted to try it on in store, but they were totally out.  One of the ladies that works there had it on and it was SUPER cute and very flattering.
And he blazer below is a great alternative to the sold out Nordstrom one.

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  1. I am not a fan of denim on denim, but for some reason I kinda like the tones of your two denims together...are we both crazy?!? Cute post! Audra @

  2. I have to admit that my first thought when you started talking about Ralph Lauren was Friends.

    Sorry I dont know how to link it in the comment box... but this is from the episode where Pheobe kisses "Ralph Lauren"

    Also, pretty sure he might be wearing the same belt buckle in the clip as your picture!

  3. That denim jacket! I may have to get that! And I love red shoes with denim! You are a fashion superstar! Susan

  4. Love denim! there are just so many ways to style it! You always look great! I am searching for the post you did on the bloggers who styled your favorite items! We just got back from vacation and I am dying to see it! Can you please direct me? Thanks friend! Susan

  5. Your denim on denim is super cute here! You can totally rock it. Maybe a bold necklace to break it up??

  6. I noticed this morning that I grab my coffee and type in your blog like the house is on fire. I think I might have a problem. I read your blog, Mix and Match Mama, Hi Sugarplum, and Get Your Pretty On before I finish my first cup. lol Anyway, I really enjoy your blog. It's so fun.

  7. I love it! I think denim on denim is fine as long as their is a significant difference in the colors. I love a light wash chambray shirt with dark wash skinny jean, it looks super cute together. I have seen various looks on Pinterest as well as an outfit I put together and thought looked good. (Here's to hoping!) I think the key is the very different shades. You totally could have left the house! :)

  8. I like you am a little leery of denim on denim, I feel like I will resemble my 8 year old self if I jump on board. HOWEVER I think what you have done is super cute! I just got the must have jacket last week and LOVE it. (I think I have already rocked it 4 times...Today included) I do wish I would have gotten XS vs. the small but I ripped the tags off too quick I was so excited!
    Love reading your blog! Happy Wednesday :)

  9. I actually like the denim on denim. And I like it with the white shirt to keep it clean looking, but perhaps a colored solid tee (something bright like coral) would change the look entirely. Not sure for better or worse though, but might be interesting to see.

  10. Sheaffer, help! I am getting family pictures taken with my husband and two daughters ages 4 and 6 in a few weeks. We are going to do casual beach shots, but I can't find anything to wear!!! I was thinking of wearing your highly recommended distressed jeans, but now I need a top to go with it. I have been on the hunt for a cute white top, but am having no luck. Can you help me???

  11. Can't believe it, but I like the denim on denim!!! Not sure I could pull it off, but looks great on you!
    Hope you feel 100% very soon! :-)

  12. Now you have me wanting those jeans! I sort of love denim on denim (sort of) but your outfit makes me really really love it. It's darling!!!

  13. I just LOVE, LOVE your blog....rarely comment but I just felt the need to tell you today that I LOVE you (in a non creepy way of course)!!! Of course found you awhile ago through Shay's blog (LOVE her's just as much) and I look forward to your must haves and especially your bachelor/bachelorette recaps cause those crack me right up. I have still been slacking on purchasing those wedges and not sure why I haven't purchased them yet but I need to cause they are the cutest! I will get on that soon! :)
    Really actually like that denim on denim look on you in the post today....maybe you can be the one to bring it back cause we all know everyone listens to style advise from you! :)

  14. I think your denim on denim is fabulous! But I'm a rancher's wife....we always love denim. ;)

  15. I do love an all American classic style and RL epitomizes it. Your denim on denim is really cute! Rock it out of the house, girl!

  16. I don't hate your denim on denim look. I am never a fan of mixing denim washes (unless a white wash with a chambray shirt or something. That being said, I still don't think I could wear it outside the house either. Call me chicken, I just don't think I can. However, all your other All-American looks, SIGN.ME.UP! Loved them! :)

  17. Crazy question! How do you take such good selfies? Please help!

  18. I love denim on denim. I've been a closet fan of it all along...patiently waiting for the correct combination of washes and fit to come along. I mean seriously....could you picture some light wash mom jeans with a boxy blue denim jacket a'la Jay Leno? NO! So when jeans became darker and more fitted and denim jackets did the same, and got lighter without being hardcore acid wash, I knew my time had come and I wore that at my first opportunity. With no weird looks. It looks so cute! It's a great way to showcase awesome shoes, jewelry, belts, whatever!

    WEAR IT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! You look awesome! :)

  19. I think you can pull off the denim on denim because they are different denim washes... totally agree- wasn't as offended as I thought I'd be!

  20. I like all your outfits! Even the denim on denim!

  21. I love the denim on denim look on you-I've always been scared to try it myself...but surprisingly I think you could rock it :)

    P.S. My PUTTY WEDGES CAME IN TODAY!! I got them when I went home for lunch..and you are not going to believe this: I CAME BACK TO WORK IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT OUTFIT WITH THE WEDGES ON!! THEY ARE PERFECT! I feel so sassy in them! :)

  22. I hit the early access Nordstrom sale this morning and felt completely lost without you telling me what to do!! I was hoping you'd have the sale all figured out before I woke up this morning :) I got some great stuff, zella workout stuff (my fave) and some cute tops at bp but I need your help sifting through the rest of the sale. I'll wait..patiently... :)

  23. I think your denim on denim actually looks super cute! The denim washes are not matchy-matchup so I think it WORKS!!
    Question on the jacket. I purchased the small online. Received it yesterday and am concerned it is too fitted - not much wiggle room in the sleeves. I did read where some posters said the sleeves stretch out. Have you found this to be true?

    1. Hi there! I didn't feel that my arms were tight at first, so I haven't noticed on my jacket. However, I have had at least 3 people say exactly what you said...that they felt the arms were tight at first but that they stretched out nicely. I would wear it a couple of times and see what you think! Nordstrom is so good about returns!
      Hope this helps!
      Sheaffer :)

  24. Cute! Not sure I could pull it off either! :) But you always look cute as can be no matter what!

  25. I can't stop laughing about Andrea's comment! She nailed what I was thinking, although my exact thought was, "Hummmmmmmmm...." The white and denim look is fab! It looks so polished!

  26. This denim on denim discussion had me cracking up. Thank you.

  27. Good post.

    I also like DENIM and denim....

    Thank you...!!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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