Friday, December 27, 2013

COME. ON. RAIN. ....and a Contest!

Shay posted this picture, and started a BLARDIGAN FIRESTORM!  :)

The blardigan can be found HERE.
Look at Shay nuzzling it in the mall food court.
If you missed it earlier, you have to click HERE to read all about it.
Seriously, click HERE to read about this FABULOUS item if you missed it earlier.
Click HERE for the midnight ombre that I'm wearing as well as some solid colors.
Shay has it in cocoa. 

Several things that you need to know about the Blardigan:
The arms are fitted and the draping is so SO flattering. 
 So, even though it's a roomy piece of clothing, it still shows your shape nicely. The fitted arms are what I feel makes it okay to wear it out of the house.
Think about how amazing this would be for traveling.
Since there are only two sizes:  small/medium and large/x-large....the sizing is very forgiving, which makes it super easy to order it as a gift.
My very pregnant friend Nikki (gonna pop any day now) tried on mine and it looked GREAT on her too!  It kind of just molds to your shape! If you're pregnant, this could be GREAT for you both DURING and AFTER your pregnancy!
(Several reviewers even said how they wore it home from the hospital after having their baby.) 
Notice how long it is in the back. It hits mid-thigh which means it would totally cover your bootie and would be PERFECT for layering with leggings!
 Thanks Shay for sending your friends my way!

Remember when I posted this picture a couple of weeks ago?
Well....Santa listened!  Actually, my mother-in-law listened!  Thank you Diane!

Here they are on Christmas morning in all of their glory.
Click HERE for my Pillar Box Red Hunter boots.
(And for another red option, click HERE for Brick Red Hunters available at 
Zappos that are on sale!)
I haven't seen both in person to know the differences in color, but in pictures, I think the Brick Red has orange undertones where as the Pillar Box Red has more pinky undertones.
But I really don't know.  I'm kind of just guessing.  I know.  I'm sooooo  helpful.

So, I opened them up, squealed, and immediately started dreaming of how I was going to style them.
 By Christmas afternoon I had turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration.
Look at all of these gorgeous images with red wellies!
I have to tell you, I was feeling all sorts of validated  for going out on a limb and asking for my 2nd pair  as I was browsing through all of this goodness.
That's right.  You can't.
atlantic pacific blog with leopard via HERE / story of my life blog via  HERE
grey sweater and jeans via HERE /  original source not found for cords and puffer
pink avenue blog via HERE / white jeans and grey sweater HERE

And then my heart skipped a beat when I saw this next image.
Serious swoonage.
a little blonde book picture via HERE

But this next image is the one that inspired me on the spot.
I fell in love with the blue gingham and the mustard with the red Hunters, and I knew I had just what I needed to make this outfit happen.
inspiration via Atlantic Pacific HERE
 I used my mustard skinnys (instead of mustard shorts) and a black cardigan for layering instead of a navy coat (although I would kill for that coat), and I really REALLY liked the results! 
CUTE, right?
 This is one of those outfits where I would never have thought of this combination on my own,
but now that I see it together, it just makes sense!
All of the primary colors together just work.

And here's a collage with a close up of the boots and my bracelets.
BIG BLING bracelet, all sold out :(
(But keep your fingers crossed girls!  I've been exchanging e-mails with an online store who thinks they are going to be getting these exact bracelets in stock sometime over the next couple of weeks. 
If and when they get them, I will post them as soon as I know!)
Stella and Dot Renegade bracelet HERE
I'm going to WEAR THE HECK out of these boots.
You are going to be seeing them a lot. Here's what I'm saying, if it's raining, these babies will be on my feet. There are so many Pinterest outfits that I already have ear-marked to recreate.
Yes, they're expensive, but my Cost Per Wear is going to be teeninsy.  It's a word.
I PROMISE you that once you have a pair of Hunters, you will wonder how you ever made it through a rainy day without them.
AND...just like me....many of you will wear them SO MUCH that you will totally
 be able to justify a 2nd pair. 

Well, I've done the work for you...just see below:
blue gingham shirt HERE at GAP (royal blue and navy blue choices AND ON SALE!)
yellow cords HERE (and still on sale!)

Stella and Dot Renegade bracelet HERE
 Pillar Box Red Hunter boots HERE
Navy Peacoat HERE 
 (Only large left.  For size reference, I wear a large in this coat.) 
You've seen me in this coat before in black on the blog.  I love it.   The collar is what I love most about the coat.  It can either be popped up, or it can lay down flat.
(oops...i put the black coat in the collage, but it is available in navy too) 

Or click HERE for another navy coat option.
This one has toggles..and you know how I love a toggle.
If you listen closely you might be able to hear Shay putting this coat in her cart as we speak.
It's 33% off right now, which makes it under $100!
It comes in both regular and petites.

And I'm thinking I'm going to HAVE to get 
THIS scarf  or THIS scarf.
I love LOVE LOVE them.and I'm thinking one of them (or BOTH of them) will be PERFECT when paired with my new Wellies!
So...what do you think?  Black or Navy?
I'm dreaming of a plain grey v-neck, my MUST HAVE skinny jeans (HERE), my new red Hunters, my military jacket , and one of these scarves! 
Speaking of military jacket, THIS one (that I've featured several times before) just went on sale!
Click HERE.
Yep...THIS is probably going to be the next look I put together with the boots.
military jacket HERE (33% off!)
great basic grey v-neck sweater HERE (50% off!)
scarf HERE
boots HERE
 Now all I have to do is a rain dance.

One more look today that features another one of my Christmas presents.
Here's the look without the cardigan, and with my new bag I from the hubby!
My exact bag seems to be sold out.
Click HERE for a Rebecca Minkoff bag that is the same color (but a bit smaller than mine).  The color is called "ash grey", but I think it definitely has some light green tones in it.
OR Click HERE for a Rebecca Minkoff bag that is the same size and style, but in different colors (scarlet, nude, royal blue, and black).
I LOVE that it can be a crossbody, and I ADORE the studs!

And lucky you's DOUBLE POINTS today at Nordstrom!
That's just about the only excuse I need to shop!  :)

Don't go yet.....
I thought about this Christmas Eve, and then when one of my favorite readers (Hi Sarah!) e-mailed me yesterday with the same  idea, I knew I had to do it.

image created by Andrea

I know many of you received Pinterest Told Me To items for Christmas,
so I was thinking......
I would ABSOLUTELY  LOVE to get pictures of all of you ladies in your new 
Pinterest Told Me To goods!
Send me 1 picture for each item.  And you have to be wearing the item!
I don't just want a picture of a scarf laying on  your bed.  I want to see YOU in the scarf!
(If I receive one picture with 4 items in it, you will only get 1 entry).

I will make collages of all of your entries, post all of the collages, and then draw 1 winner with a random number generator.
I think it will be SO MUCH FUN to see what everybody got!  

I'm going to post the collages and the winner on January 1st!

The prize?
This Stella and Dot Wesley pendant.

You have until Monday to e-mail me your pictures to (but please do it as soon as possible):

The collages will be shown and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 1st.
Come on girls!  Send them in!
(Whenever I do contests like this I'm always scared I'm going to get like 2 entries.)

Have a great weekend everybody!
Sheaffer :)

The enabler in me is coming out.
I was totally done with the post, and then I thought about how I should probably highlight some of my favorite items that are new to the Nordstrom sale.
Click HERE for these Steve Madden booties at 20% off.
Check out THIS AWESOME tweed jacket! It's so SO CHEAP and I LOVE THIS LOOK!
Click HERE.
Can you believe how cheap it is?

  I featured this hoodie just a couple of weeks ago.
It's soooo cozy! A medium fit me fine, but I actually like the roominess of the large on this one.
Click HERE (50% off!)
Here it is on me.  I was wearing a medium in the coral and a large in the grey.  I preferred the large.

 A couple of more colors of the MUST HAVE Shirt went on sale HERE.
Remember to order a size down.  For size reference, I am an s-small in this shirt.
40% off, making the shirt under $35!
 And click HERE for a great cowl neck tunic for leggings.  And they also have it in plain blac!
And again...50% off!
Click  HERE.

And I've shown THIS before too. Loved it.  Now it's 50% off!
See, here it is on me. I can't remember if this was a small or a medium.  I think it was a medium to make it long enough for me to be able to wear it with leggings.
Oh wait!  I just found a picture I took of the tag.  I was wearing a small in this tunic.

The clean cuffed MUST HAVE jeans are a part of the sale!!!!
The jeans are 40% off, which makes them UNDER $35.
That's just crazy talk. 
 Only 4 sizes left.
Click HERE.
 There's also the men's half yearly sale!  
Click HERE.
  Or if you want to shop broad categories:
Click HERE to shop women's.

Click HERE to shop juniors'.

Click HERE to shop kids'.
This Goodnight Macaroon coat I featured a couple of weeks ago is now 30% off!
Which means it's UNDER $65!  For a FABULOUS coat!
Click HERE!

 Anthropologie has an additional 25% off their sale items...and their are LOTS to choose from!
Click HERE.
LOFT is 50% off of everything!
Click HERE.
And I just saw THIS on my friend Melanie's blog just now!
I knew I had to put it on here because I knew you people would love it too!
HOW GREAT would this be with our MUST HAVE leggings?
Click HERE.
I even like it at full price, but I adore it now it's on sale.
Pin It!


  1. I got the red Hunters too for Christmas! Rain, rain, please come to my house! ;)

  2. I got Wellies for Christmas!!! I'm so excited and cannot wait for it to rain! I do have a question though.... The Hunter boots are a little tight around my calf. I'm wondering if I should send them back or just deal w/ it. They're fine every where else, and i'm still trying to loose the baby weight so do you think I should just stick it out?

  3. I just love this post - there is so much fun crammed into this space! And, Santa happened to bring me a few must-have items for Christmas this year so you better believe I will be sending them into your contest! :)

  4. And THIS post is why we're two peas in a pod (wearing red Wellies, plaid scarves and blardigans in that pod). XOXO

  5. I LOVE your boots!!! So stinking cute. I am ordering the jeans, and it says they run small so order a size up. Did you buy a size up from what you normally wear?? So excited about this contest!!

  6. Those 2 scarves you featured are NEED them both, as do I so I am off to get them. LOVE your mustard skinny jean look with your new, so cute!!!

  7. Ok, so admittedly I haven't been a fan of the wellies so far....but this post with the red ones is making me reconsider my stance. They are SO cute and clearly versatile! I think they would be pretty functional, too, considering I live in MN where there is snow a lot of the year. Starting to save for them now!

  8. I got the Wellies in October for my birthday and ordered the Brick Red because on the Zappos site they looked more like a true red that the Pillar Box. I was WRONG! The Brick Red have a LOT of brown in them- still cute but I wanted the bright red look. I ordered the Pillar Box so I could compare side by side and sent the Brick Red back. Love them! Also, I got the Blardigan for Christmas so I'll be sending you a pic ASAP! Thanks, Sheaffer!

  9. So, I just received my brick red wellies in the mail yesterday and they are most certainly burnt orange not red. Now, I am a rabid Longhorn so burnt orange is MY color! And, for those who love the orange look for Fall, they will be perfect. But they are not the pretty lipstick red I was expecting. I haven't decided what I'm doing with them yet because I just love, love that traditional red. And OH MY WORD that polka dot/plaid scarf-- come to Mama!! Thanks for all you do!

  10. I am very excited to wear my new Toms Desert Booties! Got the cheetah print and wasn't sure how comfy they would be because the wedge is taller than what I usually wear...but have been wearing them around the house and it is LOVE! They really are amazing! :)

  11. That scarf. I need it. I need both of them. So do you. Go order them girl!!! :)

  12. I'm dying! These outfits are all SO cute! My hubby got me a pair of Hunter boots all by himself. I was so proud of him! Can't wait for some rain so I can start styling them.

  13. Well I did it, I finally ordered some hunters. I saw your post yesterday that said it would happen rain or shine and I knew it had to be about the hunters. Your collage convinced that it should be red. I ordered them from zappos and they should be here tomorrow. I can't wait! I just bought a red puffer vest that should go perfect with them. Thanks for pushing me along to get them!

  14. Hey there! I love the black scarf but both are adorable! Now, I need to get a picture of me in my Tom's wedges to send in! BTW, do you currently have a trunk show listed with S&D? I have my eyeball on something but trying to talk myself out of it...but in case I am not successful I want to give you credit for it!

  15. I ordered the blardigan and the miz mooz boots yesterday with some of the money I got for Christmas :-) I also got the graphite hunter boots so it's almost like you're in my house with me at this point haha.

  16. I love love love the red boots. I have the wisteria hunters you featured in the spring. They are glorious! I'd love another pair.....
    I did just see that Nordstroms has the black high gloss on sale for $83!!! Can't resist that price!
    Danielle F.

  17. Love love love the red Hunters! I have the wisteria ones you featured in the spring! Maybe I need another pair?!?!?
    I did just see the black high gloss Hunters on sale at Nordstroms for $83. Can't beat that!
    Danielle F

  18. I broke down this morning and ordered the blardigan in cocoa. I've looked at it everyday since you initially posted it and argued with myself that it was just too expensive, but I couldn't stand it anymore and caved.
    I also ordered those Sperry rain boots from Nordies. They were down to $44 yesterday (which was really a steal) and they had one size (mine).

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  19. Have the blardigan, the leggings, the Ellens and even the must have jeans (not practical for an 8 month pregnant lady but I didn't want to miss out!). Now those Tieks are next on my list. Classics brown (or maybe even red!) seem to be calling out for me :)

  20. I love tieks. I could buy every color, but romantic blush looks fun.

  21. Ooh, what a great giveaway! I have been wanting to buy a pair of Tieks but the price has made me hesitant to click "Buy." I'd choose the Nude Lace ones if I won. Thanks, Sheaffer!

  22. Ooh, what a great giveaway! I've been wanting a pair of Tieks but have been hesitant to buy them because of the price. I'd buy the Nude Lace ones. Thanks, Sheaffer!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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