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A Bachelorette Told Me To!

Before we get to the post, I want to say THANK YOU to everybody!
The last 2 days has brought me 100 new GFC followers (WOW) and lots and lots of sweet messages!
So, I want to thank all of you for all of the kind words....and
Thank you to Kelly for doing the guest post and introducing me to your readers!

If you are new here and want to catch up on the first 3 episodes, just click HERE.
And don't miss my SALE ALERTS (there are a couple of REALLY good ones) and announcements at the bottom of the post!

Let's just get right to it and skip ahead to possibly
the most akward moment of Bachelor footage EVER.
And that's sayin' something....because there has been a whole mess of akward
over the last 17 seasons.
What could possibly be labeled as the most akward moment ever?
When Robyn asks Sean if he wanted to taste some chocolate.
Sean had a nervous laugh, and I seriously wanted to go crawl under a table.
 In fact, I wanted to crawl under a table, rock back and forth, AND go throw all of the chocolate out of my pantry because I'm unsure if I can ever eat a Hershey's kiss again without having some sort of post traumatic flashback to this moment.
I was that traumatized.

Okay....I'm going to stop rocking, covering my ears, and swearing off chocolate for the rest of my life just long enough to start recapping the episode scene by scene.

Selma's date started out great.
Let's break it down and see what Selma was thinking.
Great guy - check.
Limo ride - check.
I weigh 110 pounds. - check
Private plain ride - check.
My boobs look awesome in my tank top - check.
Man, she must have been on top of the world.
 This is where it starts to go downhill.
107 Degrees outside.
Rock climbing.
Trailer park.
No Kissing.
Not kissing Selma had to be one of the hardest things Sean has ever done.
Even I wanted to kiss her.

Next up was the group date.
Let's take a minute to discuss the date planning that went on this season.
I imagine a brainstorming session around a big table where people like Chris Harrison and all of the Bachelor producers are sitting and some high-powered guy says something like
"Ok people - let's brainstorm ideas for the worst possible date EVER.  And maybe let's throw in the possibility that somebody might get SERIOUSLY injured. Go!"
Free fall from a building!  Volleyball!  Rock Climbing!  Roller Derby! are all
shouted out and written down for Season 17.
What's up next week?
Oh, I know.
Jump in a freezing cold ocean and see if hypothermia sets in.
Yeah, that's gonna be good.

Upon seeing the roller derby rink,  Ashlee said "I hope I don't die", and I totally felt for her.
Did you see all of the girls that would just be standing there and would totally bust it? 
That would have been me for sure.
And do you see Robyn fall down in the splits? Now that was impressive.  And let's be honest, I think it might have had something to do with why he kept her around. ;)

And now, before morving on from Roller Derby, let me just take a minute to scold ABC.
ABC execs....listen up......why in the world would you throw sweet Sarah into a roller derby rink?
Imagine me wagging my finger in your face.
Now, go stand in the corner and think about what you've done.
As my 4 year old would say while shaking his head, "NOT nice".

Although, I must say the whole roller rink thing did make me a bit nostalgic
for White Rock Skate Center.
All you LH people need to chime in here.
Ah yes...the memories of couples skate, ordering a suicide at the totally awesome snack bar, and watching your 6th grade friends make out in that little hidden corner behind the rink.
I could name names, but I won't.  Chris N. and Chasity.

The group date girls go on the second part of their date.
Amanda shows back up with a little bump on her chin.
Don't hate on her for playing the sympathy card.
Every single one of us would have done it.
And I gotta say, I liked her idea about saying her tonsils hurt.  Totally wish
she would have said it to Sean.

Robyn and Tierra start to spar just a little bit.
Robyn, didn't your mama ever tell you that you can't argue with crazy?
 Tierra starts to go completely BONKERS.  Like off the rails totally cuckoo bonkers.
Lots of crying was involved...
and she even threw in a random squat maneuver.
She looks as if she is in the throws of a complete emotional breakdown.
This girl makes my head spin,
First, she throws herself down a flight of stairs....ALLEGEDLY.
And now this.
 And I quote,
"I'm not bitter like that.  Nor am I going to stoop to their level.  I'm better than that.
I deserve so much more than this.  Why should I be tortured?
I cannot be tortured like this.
I can't take it.  I cannot take it!"
Join the club Tierra.
We feel your pain.
We cannot take the torture either.
I think all of America was letting out a big sigh of relief  believing that Sean was finally going to see the cray cray shining through and send her packing.
But hold on...WAIT!
The faces of the girls when Sean walked up to get those rose to give Tierra were priceless.
Lindsay (far right), I'm pretty sure your face sums about how America feels.
A mix of confused and horrified.
 If I was one of those girls sitting there, I think I might have pulled a Tierra and thrown myself down the stairs or off the balcony to just distract him.

Lelie H. gets the date that every girl wants every season.
She gets a dress and diamonds.
However, it was super boring...yadah she didn't get a rose.
Here's a tip, when the bachelor says "She has everything I'm looking for in a woman.",
that's the kiss of death. we are at the cocktail party.
Tierra just "made nice" with Robyn and Jackie.
And by the way.
I hear Tierra's eyebrow has it's own twitter page (as it should).  Ha!

 Catherine looks really pretty.  
Just an observation.

This is just about when my favorite tweet of the night popped up.
You need to follow @Posessionista on twitter fo' sho'.

Now it's time for the rose ceremony.  Nothing of note really happened except that all the remaining girls learned a valuable lesson.  An injury does not equal a rose.
Bye Bye Amanda.

And the outtakes of Sean in the Jeep were my absolute favorite part of the whole show.
When he said "sonofa%#$&" I couldn't stop laughing!  Such a real and hilarious moment!

 So, on to my outfit recreation.
Tierra Told Me To today!
Tierra might be a first class wackadoodle...but you can't deny that the girl is pretty.
And I happened to like her black shorts and her 3/4 length black button down shirt "going out" look.
I don't have a black button down.....
so I took black shorts, a black tank, a 3/4 sleeve cardigan, HUGE sparkly hoops, and some wedge patent heels.

And just for fun, I thought I would also try to recreate Tierra's general mood while she was wearing the outfit.  I think I nailed it.

Listen Tierra, Sean will eventually see your crazy and not offer you a rose...but chin up girl!
I will bet you 100 million dollars that the suits at ABC already have a bunk bed
reserved for you on Bachelor Pad.

Thanks for stopping by everybody!
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Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Current Obsession, and Carmel is a genius! :)

I'm switching things up a bit this week.  
Friday is our first Pin-Spired Linky Party (read about it HERE and plan on joining the fun)!
 And don't forget that my Bachelor recap will go live tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.!  WOO-HOO!
These girls really should stop giving me so much material to work with. ;)
Shay's post about the Bachelor is live this morning HERE
And ya'll, she has picture of she and Sean as little ones.  So cute!
Anyway, because of my crazy schedule for the rest of the week,
 today I'm going to do an obsessions post.
What am I obsessed with now?
Well...I am OBSESSED with Stella and Dot....again.
 They have pieces that range in price from $20 all the way up to hundreds of dollars, so there is sure to be something for everybody.
As you guys know (because of the awesome giveaway HERE giveaway now closed that ends tonight!), 
the new spring line is absolutely gorgeous. 
My friend Jenny dropped tons of the new jewelry by my house on Sunday so I could have a couple of days to play with it and then showcase some of my favorite pieces to you ladies!

And Carmel at Our Fifth House got me to really thinking about jewelry on THIS post from last week.
She said:
... I keep a well edited wardrobe mainly due to space reasons.  Although, more and more I've started to realize that clothing-wise you really don't need much.  I'd say on the whole - I probably spend 30% of my wardrobe budget on clothes and 70% on accessories - shoes, handbags,
 and let's not forget the power of gorgeous jewelry!
One necklace can totally make an outfit - it always fits - and can provide limitless outfit options. 

Carmel, you are a genius!!! 
I mean, I knew you were a house decorating prodigy, 
but I didn't know you were this wise about fashion too! 
Will you please be my friend? 

Anyway....after reading what Carmel had to say about jewelry, it got me to thinking about how jewelry truly has the power to transform an outfit from ho-hum to FABULOUS.
So, I decided to do something...which is about the closest thing to a science experiment that I have ever done.  (And that includes the science fair in 5th and 6th grade).

I'm not ashamed to say that I did a google search for some general terminology.
The CONTROL is my outfit. It will not change throughout the experiment.
The VARIABLES will be the jewelry pieces.
My HYPOTHESIS is that I believe the jewelry will make the outfit cuter in every instance.
(Please, if you're really smart, please don't tell me how my thoughts are flawed.)
And yes..I know this is totally corny..but just go with it.

Here is my control outfit.
I'm a scientist now.  Somebody should really get me a lab coat and a clipboard.
I went colorful so the outfit itself wouldn't be completely boring.
Mustard Skinny Jeans, a Grey V-Neck, a Pink Cardigan, a Brown Belt, and Leopard Shoes.
The outfit is nice enough...and you can't really say it's plain Jane (sorry Jane) because of  all of the color, but it's still not a "WOW" outfit.
Like I said previously, the jewelry is the variable.
On the left:
the Dakota earrings (which I ADORE and am totally getting for myself - they show up so well with my dark hair!) and the Piper necklace
On the right:
the Fiona Bib necklace and the Fiona earrings
(I never would have thought about pairing white jewelry with this, but I think it looks great!) 
On the left:
the Maldives Necklace and the Zinnia Bracelet
On the right:
the Sanibel Pendent (click on the link to see that it has a different stone on the back and can be worn 2 different ways!), the Sanibel Chandelier Earrings, and the Vintage Twist bracelet.
 Left and Right pics the same:
the Jolie necklace (looks blue but this necklace is actually a beautiful Kelly green), the Julep Bangles
(they come in white, pink, blue, and green - these little beauties are great for spring and summer!), and the Lakra Bangle
 On the left:
the Kimberly Necklace (I am getting this FOR SURE!), the Raina earrings, and the Wonderland Charm Bracelet
On the right:
the Spring Awakening Necklace (this necklace is  a total stunner) and the Vintage Twist Bracelet in coral

I mean, YA'LL.
I know I'm not technically a scientists, but it seems as if  I might have missed my calling.
This is my first science experiment since the whole fake volcano fiasco of 1985,
and I've proven my Hyposthesis!

And Stella and Dot jewelry is SOOOOOOOO "in".  If you keep your eyes open, you will see famous people wearing it all the time!  Some of the few that I've spotted recently:  George Clooney's girlfriend (If I was George Clooney's girlfriend, this is what I would want to be called.), Reese Witherspoon, Emily Maynard, and lots of the Beverly Hills Housewives!
Yes...some of the pieces are a little bit more pricey than I would normally spend...but I think they are totally worth it!

I really think I am going to start subscribing to Carmel's philosophy and giving jewelry a more important place in my wardrobe!  And I'm going to start now! more thing I want to share with you girls.

The stackable deco rings are already mine (I've had them since November), 
and I cannot tell you how much I absolutely LOVE them.
I wear them a lot with all 3 stacked up on my right hand...but sometimes I want to change things up, and instead of wearing my engagement ring and wedding band on my right hand, I wear my 5 year anniversary ring and 2 of the 3 rings.
The rings look great on their own...but when you pair them with real diamonds....
they look even better!  I have 2 other friends that I have seen wear 1 or 2 with their real rings too!
Anyway, talk about an awesome Valentine's Day gift!

Remember to enter the giveaway go HERE *giveaway now closed* and scroll down to the end of the post....
and if you would like to place a Stella and Dot order (or if you want to send your hubby the link as a big ol' HINT), click HERE.

And, before you go, there are a couple of things here at Pinterest Told Me To that are recurring themes.
We all know that I pay homage to cardigans on a regular basis and think that they are an absolute necessity in every color of the rainbow.
Another wardrobe necessity?  Leopard flats.
I have them on in my outfit today, so I thought it was a good time to again stress the importance of adding leopard flats to your closet.  I wear them ALL the time (I have 2 pair actually), and I really think they add just the right amount of sassy to lots of outfits!
So, here are 3 of my absolute favorite out there for you to see today.
Oops.  The Steve Madden ones (far right) are sold out.
The middle ones are my favorites anyway.  They look so comfy and like they could be worn with just about anything!  (Remember:  leopard is a neutral!)

I'm telling you now, if you don't have leopard's time.  If you're scared to pull the trigger, I get it.  I was scared when I bought my first pair, but I am sooo glad I did at least twice a week when I put them on!  Don't be scared!
Happy Shopping Friends!

Linking Up Today with:
Style Sessions
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest Told Kelly To!...and a Stella and Dot Giveaway!

 You guys.
Kelly from Kelly's Korner is guest posting today! Somebody pinch me. ;)
As Kelly would say, I am CHAWED.
If you want to learn a little bit about Kelly, you can read her end of year 2012 post HERE or go to her About Me page HERE to learn a little bit about her story.
And if  you have a heart to pray for others, click HERE to see her prayer request post from yesterday.
I've never actually met Kelly, but I think I can sum her up for you super quickly:
She LOVES Jesus, her family, her friends, and Sonic.  :)
Plus, she's super cute...and from the videos I've seen I can tell you she has the cutest accent ever.
Do you kinda want to be her friend already? 
 I mean, just look at this precious picture of Kelly with her girls!
 Kelly has a family blog that is wildly popular.  Like CRAZY popular!
Lots of my girlfriends and I have followed her blog for years (they are all so excited about her guest posting today!), and we kind of feel like we know her.
Totally weird how that works. 
And as you can see, she has two of the cutest girls you've ever laid eyes on.
Hollis and Harper
(don't you LOVE the names?)
I started reading Kelly's blog when Harper (on the right, now 4) was born.
Kelly had a normal pregnancy, and then there were complications the day Harper was born.
To be honest, I don't remember any of the details, but she was a very sick little girl and wasn't expected to make it.
   Kelly and her family clung tightly to their faith and trusted in God.....
 people all over the world were praying for little Miss Harper...
 and look at her now!
Click HERE if you need a good cry.  Like a bawl your head off kind of cry (but in a good way). :)
FAITH IN ACTION is a powerful thing.

Well, I told Kelly what I do over here, and Kelly was sweet enough to agree to come over today and show us what Pinterest told her to do!
She's like me in that we are just regular ol' moms trying to look cute when we walk out the door.
I've just started using Pinterest to help me do it....and Kelly decided to give it a try too!
Take it away Kelly!
So Sheaffer asked if I would do a guest post - dressing like outfits I pinned on Pinterest.  
I had to giggle because once again - I'm not a Fashion Blogger  - I'm a "pushing 40 years old with two little kids Mommy blogger".  
I seem to wear a wardrobe of yoga pants, razorback tees and pony tails these days.  But I do love clothes and when I actually find an hour in the day to take a shower, fix my hair and wear real clothes - I love to try and look somewhat stylish.  So I thought this might be fun.  Besides the awkward part of taking pictures of me in the outfits.  Or the awkward part where I tried to explain to Scott why he needed to take pictures of me in these outfits.  
He might have laughed.  
And rolled his eyes.

Look #1
So one of the first things I saw on Pinterest was Drew Barrymore wearing a jean shirt and a maxi skirt. And I really liked this look.  (I also think it's so crazy how much Harper looks like a young Drew Barrymore.)

I had a jean shirt I had bought this year and several maxi skirts.  I didn't have a white one but I have this leopard one that I love but rarely wear because I'm not sure about it. ha! I felt like I needed to put my hand on my hip if I was taking a fashion picture. ha! I might have never worn a jean shirt with this skirt but I really liked it after I put it on.

My shirt I bought this year at Riffraff.
I bought the skirt last year at Maude. (both of those are local stores)
My belt is from Francesca's a few years ago.  I love it.
My boots I bought last year at Dillards and they are my ultimate favorites even though you can't see them.

Look #2:

I had a hard time finding outfits that would match up to things I actually had in my closet.  Then I found this little girl and knew I had a similar outfit. Which is either weird for the little girl or for me. Not sure.
 I didn't put white tights/leggings with mine because that is just not a good idea if you aren't 20 or 95 pounds. (In my opinion).  But I have this cute cream dress/tunic I LOVE.  I've been wearing it with a cream long sleeved tee underneath because the flowers at the top are really cute and I want them to be seen but I kind of liked pairing it with a cardigan.
The dress/tunic came from ModCloth (which has the CUTEST clothes)
The cardigan I've had forever and honestly I don't remember where it came from.
I wore my suede boots - same with my sweater - no idea where they came from.
Leggings from wal-mart. :-)

Have you ever matched an outfit to Pinterest????

Thank you Sheaffer for asking me to guest post - it was fun!

Kelly!  You look GREAT!
I love both looks for different reasons, but the 2nd is my favorite.
What can I say?  I am a sucker for a long top with black leggings and brown boots.
Speaking of boots, I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of your pairs of boots (although I do want to see more of the ones in the first picture!).
I shared this sale with my readers last week, but thought your readers might want to know too.
There are TONS of boots on sale anywhere from 30-50% off at Nordstrom right now.
Like THIS Jessica Simpson pair at 50% off!
The varying colors in this one are great (remind me of your pair in the first pic), and I love the scalloped detail at the top.
I'm telling you, if any of you ladies need a pair of boots, NOW is the time to buy them.
Just go to Nordstrom by clicking HERE, and search "boots on sale" in the search box on the top right hand corner.  5 pages of boots appear! 

Yep, I'm kind of a boot girl.
And I have to say I totally laughed out loud when I read that
Scott might have laughed and rolled his eyes. 
I hear ya girl.
Chris (my hubby) used to laugh every time he saw me taking my cell phone pictures of myself.
Now he's just used to the crazy. :)
Anyway, thanks so much for playing with us today Kelly and taking
the Pinterest Told Me To challenge!
And let me just say, you absolutely ACED it.
You were able to use your own clothes in different ways because of a
picture that inspired you on Pinterest which was 100% the point!  
Using Pinterest as my personal stylist has really enabled me to stretch my wardrobe,
and you showed today that it helped you do the same!

Now, for all of Kelly's readers who are over here at Pinterest Told Me To for the first time,
But before you go, I have several things I would love to tell you about before you go....and one is a GIVEAWAY!

If you want to know more about me and what this blog typically looks like, click HERE to see some of my favorite outfits and posts.  With each post, I hope to give you ideas for how to use your clothes in different ways.  And in addition to recreating outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest, I also like to point all of my readers towards good sales and great deals.  I mean, we might be stretching our wardrobes, but we also need to shop some!  Am I right? ;)
If I find something I love, I share it with everybody!

I also want to let you know about an amazing Stella and Dot giveaway that ends this
Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m.!
The new spring line from S & D is AMAZING, and my sweet friend Jenny is giving away one piece of jewelry (up to a $50 value).
All you have to do is click HERE to enter the contest.
You don't have to do anything but just leave a comment saying what you would like!

Also, if you want to shop, Jenny has opened a virtual catalog show for me!
All you have to do is.just click HERE and shop away!
There are several pieces that I am dying for!!!!

Those turquoise and navy earrings (#7) will be mine for sure!

awesome collage image found at

If you are a fan of The Bachelor,  click HERE to read all of my recaps!  And if you're a fan, you will also want to click HERE to see what my friend Shay has to say about it.
Why do you care what Shay has to say?
Well, because Shay is Sean's big sister!
(She also has an awesome food blog with easy and yummy recipes called Mix and Match Mama!)

One last thing before you go...
 I am launching a new linky party this Friday, February 1st!
If you want to do what Kelly did today and recreate a Pinterest outfit, here is your chance!
Click HERE (and scroll to the bottom of the  post) if you want to read the rules.
It's going to be a lot of fun, so I hope you link up!
I'm joining forces with Mel at The Larson Lingo and Shay at Mix and Match Family.
You can grab a button on my sidebar.
And as always....
 you can follow me on facebook HERE.
you can follow me on Pinterest HERE.
and you can follow me via GFC on the bottom right hand of my sidebar.

See you tomorrow friends!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


LOFT has done it again!
If you missed the 50% off of everything opportunity on Friday, you have another chance at a sale today!  $50 off your $100 full price purchase AND still 60% off items already on sale!
Click HERE to shop!
(Click HERE to see what I got from LOFT on Friday if you need some inspiration.)
 A word of caution about the stuff that is already on sale:
 There are super limited sizes for most things.  
But, if you are patient when clicking through, you might score an awesome deal!
Also, I'm unclear, but I think you only get $50 off  the FIRST $100 you spend.





SHOP NOW So, concerning the stuff that is already on sale....
For example if you're a size 8, you could get THIS darling pair of metallic flats for $14!
And HERE is the GORGEOUS necklace I got!  I plan on wearing it with casual things over the summer, but it would also look AWESOME all dressed up!

If you are a size 4, you could pick up THIS darling peplum dress in purple for $36.
If you're a size 6, you could get it in teal!

I'm imagining there are extremely limited quantities of everything that is already on sale.  So, just remember, you might come up short...or you might score an AMAZING deal!
I'm kind of considering just spending $50 but getting $100 worth of staples of the regularly priced stuff.  I'm off to look at some shorts and tanks.
See you ladies tomorrow!

Friday, January 25, 2013

MADAY MADAY! Time is running out!

I was at the mall with Narci  and Shay (and all of the kids) today, and I wasn't even going to go in LOFT since I had made a large purchase online at GAP yesterday.
I was just going to eat lunch and let the kids play.
Okay, maybe I was going to swing into GAP to make sure there wasn't anything on clearance.
But I really wasn't planning on going to the LOFT.
the people at LOFT really know how to lure me in.
While at the mall (do you think they have some sort of global positioning system implanted in me or something?), I got an e-mail saying that for TODAY ONLY everything is 50% off!
And if it's already on sale, then it's an additional 60% off!
Online too HERE with the code SHOP50!!!!!
But it ends tonight!!!!!

Listen, when it comes to 50-60% off, I lose all power to say no.
I came home with all of this:
2 cardigans (try to act surprised), 3 t-shirts (I buy at least 3 of their t-shirts every spring - they are soooo soft and I just love them), 1 pair of classic black shorts, 
and an AWESOME statement necklace.
All for $120.
 I gotta say, I'm on a serious shopping high right now.
Like my heart is kinda racing.
I wish I was kidding.
Look how cute I'm gonna be once I strap on a pair of wedge sandals and maybe a contrasting belt. ;)
Here's the coral shirt with green cardi.
And here's the green shirt with the pink cardi.
Yep, I'm excited.
So what are you waiting for people?!?
Time to go SAVE money!  ;)
Click HERE right now and go shop!!!!
But prepare to have heart palpitations if you do. Ha!

What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With Now!

GAP is 25% off TODAY....just until the end of the day!
I always have so much fun shopping for spring and summer when the new styles have just come out, so now is the time!
Here are some of my favs for me. 

Here are some favs for my little guy!  I can hardly wait to see him in the kelly green pants, the madras belt, and the grey v-neck.  My word he will be stylin'.

And here are some favs for some little girls!  No, I don't have a little girl, but I can't believe how cute their stuff is for little girls right now!  LOVE all of the colors and cute patterns.
Those heart jeans kill me!  If I had a little girl, she would definitely be wearing those heart jeans and that LOVE t-shirt on Valentine's Day!  DARLING!

 And at J Crew Factory, 30% off some of their newest arrivals.
Click HERE to shop!  
JCrew Factory

Banana Republic also has 30% off of your entire purchase.

Lots of cute cute stuff that needs to come live in my house. 
Remember, with 25%-30% off of your purchases, you are SAVING money today,
 not spending money.  ;)



 Like I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, I'm a little nutso over the new spring and summer items at Stella and Dot.

awesome collage image found at

I'm totally cuckoo over those #7 earrings.  And they have them in a pink and coral combo too that you can find right HERE.
I love how fresh and bright THIS kelly green pair is, and I love the shape!
THIS turquoise necklace is so dainty and simple, and would look great with a v-neck t or crisp white shirt.
THESE julep bangles (#9 above) are all the rage and come in navy, white, pink, and green!  They would be darling stacked up with each other or other bracelets!
And THESE stack rings would be so dainty and sweet every day! 
I actually have THESE, and I cannot even tell you how many compliments I get on them!
Sometimes I wear them stacked up on my right hand, but somedays I wear them on my left hand with my anniversary ring with one on each side.  I think they look real when you pair them with other real jewelry!

Don't forget to click HERE to enter the contest.
A piece of jewelry (up to $50) for free!
THESE boots aren't following the spring theme of this post,
but they are a really good deal right now that you might not want to pass up!
If you read this blog on a regular basis, you are NOT shocked that I'm admitting to an obsession with these bad boys.
 In fact, you might be rolling your eyes a little that I'm talking about them again.  It's okay, I get it.
But I've never given them the attention they deserve on an obsessions post.  So here we go.

I got them in early December and wasn't entirely sure about them when I first saw them in person.
  I ordered them online, and when they arrived, they weren't quite the color I had envisioned.
However, now I totally dig them.
What I wasn't sure about at first (the color), is now what I like most about them.
They contrast very well against blue jeans, black, and grey.  And I really like contrast.
I think it's the contrast that really "makes" an outfit.  (See my outfits below.)
And I adore the wedge heel.  
Plus, they are super comfy.  As you can see, I have worn them A LOT in the last month!
So, even though I have mentioned them and linked to them in several different posts,
 I thought they deserved a mention in an Obsessions post!
 And here they are in one of my looks this week:
Yep, I love 'em. 
 Click HERE if you want to check them out!
They are 33% off right now, but I'm not sure for how long. 
{Regulary $129.95, now just $87.06.}
In fact, Nordstrom has lots of great looking boots on sale right now! 
Just click HERE and then type
"women's boots on sale" in the search box on the top right hand side.
Some of the boots have a limited number of sizes left, so get over there now!
You will find 4 pages of boots that are on sale between 33%-50% off! 
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!
See you back here bright and early Monday morning!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ice Ice Baby ;)

Diamonds are what we are talking about today.
Do you like diamonds?
Who doesn't like a little ice or bling?
 I'm going to just go ahead and assume that you people like diamonds.
And because of that, I am so thrilled to announce that Helzberg diamonds asked me to participate in an AMAZING contest they are hosting for Valentine's Day. 
It started yesterday, and it is open until February 4th at noon.

The rules are simple:
*Follow Helzberg on Pinterest by clicking HERE and clicking on "follow".
*Create your own Pinterest board called "Helzberg Diamonds' Crazy Pin Love Giveaway"
 *Pin the image below and include the following in the description of the pin:
#crazypinlove and #helzbergdiamonds
*Pin at least 10 items reflecting your dream Valentine's Day celebration, including at least 5 of your favorite Helzberg jewelry pieces.
These pins should also include: #crazypinlove and #helzbergdiamonds
  *Submit the link to your Helzberg Diamonds Crazy Pin Love Giveaway board HERE.
You can check out the board I created by clicking HERE!
There will be 1 Grand Prize Winner who will receive a piece of Helzberg jewelry from  your board (up to a $500 value) and a $500 gift card!
You would be CRAZY to not enter!
There will also be 5 additional winners who will receive THESE diamond hoops (pictured below)!

The nice people at Helzberg sent me a pair, and can I just say OOH LA LA.
Look how pretty!
Check out how the diamonds are on the outside AND the inside. 
Nicely done Mr. and Mrs. Helzberg.
I got them in the mail on Tuesday, and I wore them on Wednesday. 
They are the perfect size (not too big, not too small) and the perfect amount of sparkly.
I ADORE them.
 (I wish I could have captured their sparkle in a picture, but that is hard to do with a cell phone.)
My outfit yesterday included mustard pants, brown boots, a mint green and navy v-neck, and a grey I thought I should go understated and classic with my jewelry choices. Ha!
I went with a diamond drop (that I got from the hubby when I turned 30, THANK YOU HUBBY!) and my new diamond hoop earrings courtesy of Helzberg!
So, here are the links again that you need to get yourself entered:
The Crazy Pin Love Pinterest board for you to follow can be found HERE.
Go the the Helzberg website HERE and start pinning and dreaming like a crazy person!
The Crazy Pin Love Entry page can be found HERE.
(They make it very easy with a "pin it" button with each item on their website.  It should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete all requirements of the contest, and it was SO MUCH FUN!)

And remember, click HERE to see my Pinterest board just in case you need some inspiration!
So go.....look at some diamonds....and then maybe win some diamonds!
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