Thursday, February 28, 2013

SALE ALERT!...and other news.....

GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are all 30% off ONLINE ONLY through 03/05
with code SPRINGAIR.
Plus take 20% off at Piperlime from all of your favorite shoe brands!  WOWZA!
I feel like Piperlime never has a sale!

J Crew Factory is 25% off.  I got my new pink blazer there and I am in LOVE.  I also got my new denim tunic there, and you all know how I am obsessed with it.



Truth be told, I was excited about taking a little bloggy break and not posting today.
However, late last night I checked my e-mail and found out there is a
SUPER-MEGA Nordstrom shoe sale going on.
Before when I posted the Nordstrom sale, most shoes and boots were 33% off. 
 Now it seems that most of them are 40-50% off.
Yes, there are limited sizes available....but if you can patiently click through the site, you might get lucky...and you could very well end up scoring an AMAZING deal.

Anyway, I suddenly felt a civic responsibility to shout the news from the rooftops.
But it's really windy outside, so I settled for shouting it from my blog.
Here goes,
 Just click on the box below to be directed to the sale.

Another sale in my inbox...Banana Republic is 30% off full price styles with the code BREXTRA30.  Click the box to shop.

Gap is 25% off of men's and women's clothing with code GAP25.
Click the box.

One more sale.
Dillard's is an additional 40% off clearance.  If you click on the box below, it will take you to the clearance page.  I don't think the website is super user friendly (and my word it looks like it's from 1985), but I'm stilling telling you about it because they have LOTS on sale.
It actually took me a minute to figure out how to navigate around it.  After you click the box, you need to click "shop now".  Easy enough.  This is where it gets a little confusing.
The sale is separated by departments.
You will see:
Each department is represented by a horizontal line with a couple of examples of items.  On the top right hand corner of each department's line, it will say "show all 243 results" or something similar.  Click on that to take you to all of the merchandise on sale in that department.
If you still want to see what they have even though it sounds like a total beating, just click on the box.

And then I saw something else.
And my heart started racing a bit.
These aren't on sale.  However. You guys.  You won't believe the shoes.
And since these are the new ones, there are plenty of sizes to go around.
Check out that wedge in the middle.  Swoon.
If you have to have that wedge and don't give a flying flip that it's not on sale because you have to have it now....just click on the box below.

 And then I fell further down the rabbit hole and saw this.
Just click on the box if you need to dress some munchkins up for Easter.
The idea that I could already get the little guy's Easter outfit and cross it off the list has me feeling oh so on top of things..

Since Nordstrom is like the best on the planet for returns... AND since it's free shipping all the time....
they are constantly sucking me in to do a little online shopping..
Anyway, just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to get your shop on.

Remember that tomorrow is the 2nd Installment of Get Pin-spired!
Click HERE to see the first one.
I hope you link up!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bachelorette Told Me To

(Before I start the recap...
make sure  you read all the way to the bottom to see the Stella and Dot contest!)

So, here we are with the final 3 girls.
AshLee, Catherine, and Lindsay
 Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Who Are Sean Lowe’s Final Two?

Team Bachelor travels with these girls to Thailand, and we get to see lots of beautiful scenery.

And Sean..if you are reading this, listen to me.
This next picture needs to be, wait, scratch that -
IT HAS TO BE  your screen saver from now until the day you die.

And I can't put my finger on it, but I suddenly find myself missing Selma more than ever.

Before we get to the dates, we get a little montage of the history Sean has with each girl as he talks over the footage.
When reminiscing about Catherine, he says,
"She's a little weird and nerdy and goofy.
We are always laughing."
Okay.  Fair enough. Laughing is good.

When talking about AshLee he says, 
"My relationship with Ashley is probably the strongest relationship I have.
She has one of the biggest hearts I've ever come across."
He also says that AshLee has lots of qualities that he would like in a wife.
Yeah.  Me Too Buddy.
If I had sister wives, I would DEFINITELY want at least one of them who was totally OCD and would organize my pantry and linen closets.
However, I feel it is important to note that I would prefer that sister wife
 to NOT have a body like AshLee.
Yes, I think I shall take a sister wife who is not super cute,
but makes up for it in her organizational skills.
And then Sean says this, 
"To know that someone that I like so much is in love with me is humbling."
This is not a good sign for AshLee.
Label your toiletries and carefully pack your bags sister. 
Sounds like you're going home.

While talking about Lindsay he says,
"Lindsay and I have this spark that has grown into this massive flame."
He then said, 
"I thought Lindsay could be crazy, and not a good crazy."
Yes, wedding dresses on a first date tends to be a red flag for a guy...but surprisingly
we've moved on from that.


Lindsay and Sean go shopping in the Thai Market.
Lindsay says that Thailand is not anything like Fort Leonard Wood.
Sean, hold on to this girl, she is super smart.
They roam around awhile sharing food and petting rainbow colored chickens.
Then comes the time in their tour of the Thai market where they are expected to grub on some bugs.
Um, no thank you.
First of all, I'd have to be drunk.
Second of all, I would need some ranch.
Then they play with monkeys.
I'm not nearly as amazed by the monkeys as I am at Lindsay's bravery.
It takes some serious courage to crouch over like that in a swimsuit, but she does it well.
If in the same situation, we all know that I would lay down with my back arched and my arms stretched over my head (to promote optimum skinniness) and just let the monkeys come to me.

They go sit amidst the floats and the flowers and they watch some native women perform a dance...but all I can think about is how in the world these ladies with the super long nails manage to wipe themselves after going potty.  I know, I'm super mature.


 Let's take a quick moment and check out her smokin' hot bod.  VERY impressed AshLee.

Sean is like "Hey there AshLee.  You have fear and abandonment issues right?
 Well, I've got a fun idea!
Let's put those to the test and see if I can lead you through this super scary cave.  And let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that we both come out together on the other side alive and without you having a complete and total psychological breakdown."
AshLee spews some metaphors about caves and trust.
They emerge on the other side at the private beach and make-out.
Then they go to dinner and make-out.
At dinner, AshLee says she doesn't take getting engaged lightly.
I wonder if her first hubby is watching this and giving her the ol' Tierra eyebrow.

Oh dear.
Ashlee requests a cushion cut ring with diamonds around the band in a size 6 1/2.
She claims he has healed her broken heart, and I start to get really nervous.

Time for Sean to spend a little alone time with Catherine.
Catherine is totally low maintenance and easy going, 

I said last week how Catherine's sisters shouldn't ever run a political campaign for her.
Well, she shouldn't run one for herself either.
She called herself weird like 138 times tonight.

I'm thinking it's super obvious that Sean likes Catherine the best.  He just seems to smile more when he is with her.  I'm thinking he is really appreciative of her low-maintenance vibe.
And then she seals the deal by doing a back flip off of the boat with him.

He lets her know that he digs the whole back flip thing by throwing her up against the boat and kissing her Arie style.

Sean gets dressed for the rose ceremony (and women across America thank ABC for capturing this moment), and then he meets with his old buddy Chris.
He tells Chris that he knows who he is going to send home.
Still, Harrison has him go look at their pictures and watch videos that the final 3 left for him.
In Lidsay's video, she giggles a lot.  Like A LOT.
In Catherine's video she says that Sean "gave her the wiggles".  Oogie.
In AshLee's video, here's a shocker, she talks in metaphors.
And then she says, and I quote,
"Because of who you are to me, I know that I am no longer broken."
As soon as the words come out of her mouth it looks Sean can't decide if he
 wants to wet his pants or puke.
He suddenly seems conflicted.  Well, not so much conflicted as FREAKING OUT that he's about to send poor broken AshLee home after she just gave him credit for making her whole again!
 He looks out to the turbulent waters in the ocean.
I imagine AshLee would say that his feelings are crashing against his soul just like
the waves against the shore.

Now the girls walk in for the rose ceremony holding little umbrellas that
they plucked out of some fruity drinks.   
And listen, AshLee came to play.  She brought the girls for back-up.

 Nervousness abounds as Sean is getting ready to hand out the roses.

Lots of trembling hands, lots of deep breathing, lots of dramatic pauses, and Lindsay even lets a naughty word slip out. 

Lindsay and Catherine get the roses, and I have to admit I am a little sad. 
I really liked AshLee (despite the metaphors).....but I have to say I got over my sadness quickly.
AshLee turned on a dime and went from a sweet little abandoned puppy to a rabid dog so fast it made my head spin.
And that's when my sadness turned to fear.
At first she stood as still as a statue for what seemed like a sweet forever.
When she finally looked at Sean, although I can't be certain,
I'm almost positive I saw death rays shooting out of her eyes.

She doesn't even look at the final 2 as she walks out. 
Miss Smarty Pants Lindsay hypothesizes that she "is pissed".  Thank you Captain Obvious.
I'm betting that AshLee looks back at this and is less than thrilled with how she reacted.
Way to perpetuate the whole "woman scorned" stereotype Ashlee.
I certainly hope the producers had a nice cocktail laced with Xanax and Lexapro waiting for AshLee in the limo.  

The End.

And everybody can hold their breath with excitement awaiting next week's
I'm expecting fireworks.
And maybe a verbal smackdown or two.
Tierra's eyebrow will most certainly be in rare form, and I'm imagining there will be some back-stabbing and finger pointing of epic proportion.
And fingers crossed that I'll be reunited with Selma!
Yep, it's gonna be good.

And I don't have an outfit recreation this week...just plum ran out of time...but I was inspired by Ashley's statement necklace and thought I would show you a handful that J Crew Factory has to offer right now. And, everything at The Factory is 25% off today!

 And as always....
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And please don't forget to check out Shay's blog (Sean's sister) for her take on things.  Click HERE
It's a must read!

And last but certainly not least, 
click HERE to enter my contest for these Sparkly Green Earrings and the book!
And if you are new here and want to catch up on my other Bachelor recaps, click HERE.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pinterest Told A New York Time's Best Selling Author To!

Pinterest has NO SHAME.
Today she's going to boss around a New York Time's Best Selling Author!
No shame I tell ya.
Who's the author that she was so bold to boss around?
The genius behind the Big Mama blog and the author of the newly released
Sparkly Green Earrings.
{Lots more on the book at the end of the post....not to mention an AWESOME giveaway...
so stay tuned!}

Melanie was emceeing at dot mom in Frisco this weekend, and I got to meet her!  Read yesterday's post HERE about how Shay and I headed up to the conference to meet some of our bloggy idols!
It. Was. Awesome. :)

Melanie looked SO SO Cute, and she used Pinterest to inspire her outfit!
This was her inspiration.
Seriously cute, right?

She threw the outfit together and she WORKED IT.
She mixed black and brown to perfection, and her black dress was styled just right with her jewelry and denim jacket!

 Here's the thing about Melanie's look that I loved the most:
She was super cute, like SUPER cute, without looking like she was trying to hard.
And isn't that pretty much the look that we all strive for every single day of our lives?!? 

Black Dress|  local boutique, exact dress found at the following address
(sorry...couldn't get it to link properly....just cut and past it into your browser)
Jean Jacket|  True Religion at Nordstrom (several years old), similar HERE
Belt|  Old Navy
Necklace and Earrings|  Kendra Scott, earrings found HERE in green,
necklace found HERE in green
Frye Jackie Tall Button Boots|  found HERE , in brown

And just for fun...when searching for a similar jean jacket....I came across this little gem:
You're welcome.

And if you are new to the blog and didn't see yesterday's post,
I of course let Pinterest tell me what to wear too!
Click HERE for all of my clothing sources.  You should know that I'm totally and completely OBSESSED with the new denim shirt I'm wearing (it's actually a tunic top and seriously flattering), my new green earrings (best earrings I've ever owned, no lie), and a new pair of brown boots that I have my eye on.  Click HERE for all of the links! back to the book....
Let's first spend a minute on how absolutely DARLING the cover is.
I mean, LOVE the silhouette and the cute little high ponytail.
I wouldn't blame you if you bought the book for the cover alone....
but what is inside the book is even better.

 I read it from cover to cover in 2 days.

While reading it, you will most probably shake your head vigorously in agreement, clap your hands out of sheer joy, say "yes!" out loud several times, and there will of course be lots of LOLing. 
You might even snort once or seven times.
And you will also get a good little cry out of it (the best possible sort of cry).
At least I did.

The book is sweet, and hilarious, and honest, and real, and just a perfect read.
It's about being a mommy, loving your family, cherishing the moments of your life, and trusting God.
Doesn't that sound like something that you need to read?

 Get the book HERE.
Like right now.
Buy it for yourself and all of your girlfriends.
And for your mom.
And for your mom's girlfriends.
And for your girlfriend's moms.
Oh....and if your daughter is a mom,
buy it for her and all of her friends.
Got a girl cousin that's a mama? Buy it for her.
Got a niece that's a mama?  Buy it for her.

You might be sensing a theme emerging.
buy. it.

I do have some great some great news for a couple of you.
Two of you have a chance to win your very own copy!  SIGNED BY MELANIE!
And one of the winners will also get THIS pair of Stella and Dot sparkly green earrings.

 What do you have to do to enter?
All you've got to do is leave a comment!
That's it!  
I will draw the winners next Monday at 10:00 p.m.,
 and I will announce the winner on Tuesday's blog post.
Don't want to wait to win them and want to order them for yourself?  I don't blame you.
Click HERE to order. 

But listen, don't wait and see if you win the contest before you buy the book.
If you happen to win, then you will just have an extra copy to give to a friend!
I'm telling you, you don't want to wait to read this book.
Order it right this very second.  Order AT LEAST one.
See below for vendor options!

 And as always....
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If you want to follow along via GFC, just click "join" on the bottom right hand corner of my sidebar! 

Thanks Melanie for writing a delightful blog, writing a precious book, and letting Pinterest tell you what to do for the day.  It was such fun having you over here!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Bloggers Unite!

For the record, I don't even know what that title means, but doesn't it sound fun?

You guys.
I'm kind of a big deal.
Well, not really.
Okay fine, not at all.

On Saturday I got to meet some girls who really are a big deal.
All we did was hang out in a hotel lobby and talk for like 30 minutes,
but it was completely delightful.

me, Sophie (Boo Mama), Melanie (Big Mama), Kelly (Kelly's Korner) and Shay
My goodness this picture makes me smile.  Shay and I had THE BEST time.

You see Melanie there in the middle?  Well, her book Sparkly Green Earrings hit shelves just a couple of short weeks ago....and it is now #27 on the New York Time's Best Sellers List.
I know.  Whoa.
(More on Melanie and the book tomorrow!)

I have been reading Sophie's, Melanie's, and Kelly's blogs for a little over 4 years now (I started reading them when I was pregnant with Carter). I heard about their blogs through my then new friends (who are now some of my best friends) that were in a bible study that I had just joined.

Anyway, I started reading their blogs, and I never stopped.

So, getting to meet them yesterday was a definite thrill.
I was thinking it was going to feel a bit like meeting a celebrity.
Instead, it really just felt like I was meeting an old friend, which was AWESOME.

These 3 ladies are TOTALLY a big deal, but it's like they have no idea.
Which of course makes them even more delightful.
They were all just as sweet and nice and cute as can be.

Anyway, today is kind of a teaser for an awesome giveaway that I have tomorrow.  
Make sure you come back, you won't want to miss it. 

In the meantime, this should be no surprise, but Pinterest told me what to wear yesterday.
Pinterest talks, I listen.
It works for us.
I went with mustard skinny jeans and denim,
and I threw in some sparkly green earrings for good measure. ;)

Denim Shirt|
J Crew Factory, exact shirt HERE (and it's $20 off right now!)
  If you prefer a darker denim, THIS denim shirt is sooooooo cute.
It has the perfect amount of distressing, and it's just a teensy bit westerny without being
too yee-haw ride 'em cowboy.
Mustard Skinny Jeans|
similar HERE (pricey, but lots of size available) and HERE (super on sale but only a 24 and a 31 available)and HERE (seriously reduced, but only a 29 available)
sidenote:  it's easy to find a well priced yellow skinny jean, but apparently a mustard skinny jean demands a premium
Brown Wedge Boots|
Nordstrom, exact pair HERE on sale, but limited sizing available
Another similar pair HERE and HERE (this one on sale with a great rope detail!)
with plenty of sizes available.
And a pair I found yesterday that I might just become obsessed with HERE (see below for pic).
 Black Belt|  LOFT
Michael Kors watch| similar HERE (my exact one is sold out)
Tory Burch wrap braceletHERE
Green Teardrop Earrings|  Stella and Dot, HERE
Necklace|  Stella and Dot, HERE

 First off, I should tell you that I just ordered the above earrings last week.
They came in on Friday, I wore them on Saturday,
and I got no less than 10 compliments on them in like a 5 hour span.
Including 2 separate ladies at Kroger within 5 minutes of each other.
No lie.
Click HERE if you want to order them for yourself.
Because you totally should.
10 compliments in 5 hours people!

And, if I know myself, and I think I do,
HERE are the boots that I just may become obsessed with.
The perfect cognac color, the shape, the buttons (oh, the buttons), and the wedge.
I die.
They speak to me.
I know it seems like it might be kind of late to buy boots, but I don't think I care.
I could wear them for another month or so,
and then I could be so excited to pull them out again next fall.
Come on, there is no denying that those are some gorgeous boots.
And yes, they speak to me.
They say "put your money where your mouth is and buy me".
They're sassy.
I like that.

Remember to come back tomorrow for the giveaway!  It has something to do with one of the awesome bloggers in the picture above, and I promise that you don't want to miss it!
I'll give you one hint: SPARKLY

2 more quick things before you leave:
 GAP is 30% off today in the following departments:
Women, Men, GAP Body, and Maternity
You just need the code GAPDRESS
(25% off if you shop Tuesday, 20% off if you shop just shop today!)
Not sure if it includes denim or not, but it probably doesn't.
Hate it when GAP leaves their denim out of a sale.
That is SUPER annoying Mrs. and Mrs. GAP Executive.  
Anyway, click HERE to shop.
And in addition....
kids, toddlers, and babies still has LOTS of stuff on sale (some up to 40% off) and no code needed.
I got THIS plaid anorak for the little man that I featured on Friday's post.
Oh yes ma'm I did.
He is going to be SO FLIPPING CUTE.

Banana Republic is 40% off of 2 items today from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. with code BRFORTY.
I never shop Banana Republic because I think it is too expensive...but I can afford it at 40% off!

This Friday (March 1st) is our 2nd edition of Get Pin-spired!
All you have to do is what I do on the blog...recreate a Pinterest inspired outfit and show us!
Click HERE to see the first party.
Link up, it will be fun!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

What 4 Things I'm Obsessed With Now

You're about to be seeing A LOT of THIS baby right here.
Yep, she's my new denim shirt.
I brought her home with me last weekend, and I love her.
Her name is Suzie.
(Just to be clear, J Crew Factory didn't name her, I did.  Just in case there was any confusion.)
Suzie is a tunic.
At least, I think that's what she is called.
She only buttons 1/2-3/4 of the way down, and although slim fitting, Suzie does have some room.
The fit is SUPER cute and slimming.  Score.
She's going to be GREAT with leggings and boots for fall and winter.
(Better than my other denim shirt because Suzie is longer.)
She's going to be EVEN BETTER with white jeans and brightly colored accessories for spring.
And don't even get me started on how cute Suzie is going to look paired with colored skinny jeans with leopard flats and colored denim shorts with wedges.
I'm telling ya, Suzie is DARLING and she is going to make me look good.
Click HERE to check out the details on Suzie.  You'll be happy to see she is on sale!

The denim shirt I got last year is also from J Crew Factory, and I adore her too.
Let's call her Jane.
They sold out and didn't have her for awhile, but now she is back in stock.
Jane is more of the "traditional" denim shirt.
She buttons all the way down and is a little less faded.
One of my first posts was with Jane.
Look HERE if you want to take a walk down memory lane or if you want to see how great a denim shirt can look with a pop of color (hot pink denim shorts)!
When you look at the picture, please make sure to notice how tan and skinny I am.
Ahhhh.  Those were the days.
(Sidenote:  It's about time for me to shed my winter coat and start getting ready for summer again. Ugh.)
Click HERE to see the shirt with white jeans, and click HERE to see the shirt 4 different ways.
Or just look here:
 I'm telling you, if you don't own a denim shirt, I don't know if we can be friends anymore.

You really do NEED one.
I get it, I was skeptical too.  When I Jane last year, I was unsure.
I spent more on it than I normally would on 1 shirt (and I even had a little bit of buyer's remorse at first), but man have I gotten my $$ worth out of this baby.
She will become a total workhorse in your wardrobe and will be worth every single penny.
I mean, consider the fact that last August I wasn't sure if I would even wear Jane,
and here I am buying Suzie.
Pinterest told me to buy one, and now I'm telling you to buy one.
I know I'm bossy, but just do it!  

And just in case you're new to the's a pic from the archives.
Yep, that's an 11 year old me rocking some chambray.
 I paired it with some pleated white bermuda shorts (nice choice), a pink leather belt from Guess that had silver hearts on it (LOVED this belt), blue plaid socks scrunched down just so, and my leather keds.  Oh yes ma'm I did.

2)  GAP is having a sale on their kids, toddler, and baby lines.
Man, I am a total SUCKER for a GAP sale, especially when it comes to dressing my little man.
My little guy dresses almost exclusively in GAP, and I am able to do that because I ALWAYS take advantage of their sales.  
Like, always.
Here's some of the toddler boy stuff I'm eyeing for my little guy.
(I was having technical difficulties last night and was unable to create a collage, so you're just going to have to click to see.)

A patchwork anorak HERE.  (Carter has the chambray one from last season and I throw it on him ALL the time.) Imagine how cute this patchwork one would be with khaki pants,
 jeans, or khaki shorts.
An awesome toddler blazer HERE (would be so cute in a family picture).
A pair of darling plaid shorts HERE.  I think Carter wears plaid shorts 6/7 days in the summer.  They look so cute with polos, plain t-shirts, or graphic ts!

Some super cute canvas shoes HERE (I'm thinking Easter).

Oh!  Funny story...
I had Carter up at my school this year and he was wearing some khaki jeans, a grey v-neck, and his denim anorak.  He was looking super cute, and a girl that I work with saw him and said
"Sheaffer! It looks like Pinterest told HIM to also!"  :)
I got such a kick out of that!  

Anyway, GAP is having their semi-annual sale right now, so click HERE to take advantage.No code needed, different pieces of clothing are different % off (up to 40% on some items!),
 and they are priced as marked.
Just head over HERE and click around and find some great deals for your little ones!
Remember, the sale is for kids, toddlers, and babies.

3) This just in (like I opened up the e-mail at 6:10 this morning!).
 J Crew Factory is having 30% off of all of their new arrivals!
Click HERE to shop and just click on "new arrivals".
T-shirts, cardigans, dresses, blouses, flats, wedges, blazers, and jewelry is all 30% off!
 JCrew Factory

I got a facebook message from a sweet reader (Anna) this week telling me about something awesome.
Anna, her sister, and her best friend started a ministry through their church they've named Bloom.
Their mission is to collect new and gently used formal dresses and accessories as well as men's dress clothes. They are renovating their old youth house into a "boutique" where kids can borrow from their collection for prom, homecoming, banquets, and the like!
The goal is for everyone to leave the shop feeling cherished and beautiful!
LOVE this idea!
 All of the information can be found on their Facebook page at
All donations are tax deductible, and what a great way to empty up some closet space!  Also, on their grand opening March 1, they will be giving away a Lenny and Eva bracelet to someone who likes their page! Win, win!!
Go check them out and see if you can help this unique ministry!

Have a great weekend everybody.

Don't forget to go HERE to find out how to enter to win a $100 gift card to one of my fav stores!

p.s.  Houston we have a problem.
All of my collages that I've created are experiencing technical difficulties right now.
So, if you notice random pictures on some of my other posts, I have no idea what the problem is.
I'm working to get it fixed and hopefully all will be restored very soon!  :)
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