Friday, March 29, 2013

What I am Obsessed With Now!

I mentioned my deep and abiding love for THIS t-shirt earlier this week HERE.
It is my favorite t-shirt EVER.
Like, ever.
It is a great material, it comes in tons of colors, I love the v-neck (deep, but not too deep),
and it is a perfect length (kinda long, but not stupid long).
Do y'all like my descriptions?
I should totally write for clothing catalogs.  I know.
Best of is SUPER affordable.
I have it in 5 solid colors and 3 striped versions.
You guys know that a t-shirt is the base of my momiform (jeans, a t-shirt, a cardigan, and cute jewelry), and so I don't feel bad at all that I have so many!  In the winter, I wear tall boots with my momiform.  In the spring and summer I wear it with cute flip flops, flats, or wedges.
Here is a picture of some of my Factory T-Shirts (my grey and white ones were in the laundry):
The solid version is HERE.
The striped version is HERE.
The crew neck version is HERE.
I'm telling you, this t-shirt is perfection.
Don't just order 1, you will regret it.

 *UPDATE:  I got lots of e-mails about this t-shirt, how it runs, and what size you should get.  
I'm 5'4" and wear a size 2 or 4.  I wear a size small in the t-shirt.  I do have a chest, and I feel like I have a big rib cage, but the small is still good on me. (I usually wear a size small....except at LOFT, where I sometimes wear x-small.)
The solid color t-shirts are kinda long (which I love).  The striped ones seem to not be quite as long, but they still aren't short.  Hope this helps for all of you that are wanting to order but didn't know which size to get!

You guys know that I have an obsession with leopard shoes.
Well, while browsing Nordstrom, I broadened my obsession.
I'm pretty sure my hubby just instinctively hid the credit cards.
It's not just leopard that I am loving...but other animal prints (including snake skin).
 I found several perfect shoe choices for spring and summer....and they are all Sam Edelman.
The brand is known for "not sacrificing comfort for style."
Heck ya!
Listen, I'm all for style, but if a shoe isn't comfortable, I'm NOT wearing it.
I'm not one of those girls that suffers to look good. Nope, not me.
Check these babies out.  LOVE them.  Cute AND super stylish.
And look at these wedges.
Simple, classic, and if you're scared of some of those wedges out there that are too tall, these will be just right!  Both under $70.
And they come in lots of other colors.  Just click on one of these pair and then look around.
*Reviews said they run a little order a 1/2 size up.
Okay...UPDATE...I just got this e-mail from Betsey (a sweet reader):
 A little tip on the Sam Edelman sandals.....I LOVE them...all of them (and I have a few pairs!). You probably do not need a 1/2 size larger...they seem to mold to your feet. When I ordered my SE flip flops (Gracie in silver) in my normal size, I initially thought I had gotten them a little snug. But after a few wears, they fit perfect.....larger would have been too big. 
Jenn, The Stylish Housewife, also left a comment saying" just wanted to let you know that i also have the sam edelman sandals and did not need to size up. =)
Yeah.  Good stuff.
And then, THIS pair.  Definitely not under $75, but GORGEOUS and SASSY.
A wedge, with leopard, and a little bit of red.
Yes, please. 

My Stella and Dot Kimberly Necklace.
My friend Alison over at Get Your Pretty On always talks about "outfit makers".
Well, THIS necklace is an outfit maker for sure.
On the left, my grey t-shirt and neutral cardigan. 
On the right, the same t-shirt and cardigan with my jewelry.
See?  The jewelry is a total outfit maker!  An "instant outfit"!
(earrings HERE, bracelet HERE)

And here's some of the other times I've worn the necklace in the last 3 weeks.  (I've only had the necklace for 3 here's the proof that I am obsessed!)

And...before you go...
2 things you need to remember!

Enter HERE for the $50 credit to Charles Emerson Designs.

If you haven't taken advantage of all the sales going on yet, I updated them today.

 The LOFT is 40% off of everything with code ENJOY40.
Banana Republic is 30% off your purchase with code BRSAVE.
Ann Taylor is 30% off of full price purchases with code SPRINGCHIC.  And an extra 40% off sale styles, no code needed!
J Crew Factory is still ENJOY 30% off of everything with code FRESHSTART.
J Crew is 25% off and free shipping over $150 with the code LOVEJCREW.
GAP is 40% off of your purchase online only with the code GAPEGG.

Our 3rd Get Pinspired Linky Party is on Monday!
If you want to see the first two, click HERE.
(You can grab the code for the button on my sidebar!)

I am partnering up with Shay at Mix and Match Family and Mel at The Larson Lingo and hoping that all of you will join in the fun!  Over here at Pinterest Told Me To, I take outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest,
and I recreate them! 
Now we are asking all of you to do it too!
The only rule is to link up with an outfit that was inspired by Pinterest!
If you link up here, it will appear on Shay's and Mel's blog also!
That's triple exposure people!  :)

Happy Weekend!
And more importantly....
Happy EASTER!!!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dancing With The Stars Told Me To

 Okay....before we start you guys need to know that I was SO FLIPPING EXCITED FOR SHAY that she got to be in the audience on Monday and Tuesday.
So. Flipping. Excited.
However, I would like to say a big ol' BOOOOOOOOOO! for the fact that she didn't get any air time (at least on Monday night...not sure about Tuesday night yet).
I'm not sure when Shay's recap is going to be up, but keep checking her blog HERE to see her behind the scenes look! Also, if you are into make-up, you need to look at her favorite make-up finds HERE.

And if you are in the market for a FANTASTIC Spring and Summer tote bag, click HERE.
And if you want to see how I styled my new camo pants, click HERE.

 The LOFT is 40% off of everything with code ENJOY40.
Banana Republic is 40% off your purchase thru 04/1 with BRSHOP40.
Ann Taylor is 30% off of full price purchases with code SPRINGCHIC.  And an extra 40% off sale styles, no code needed!
J Crew Factory is still ENJOY 30% off of everything with code FRESHSTART.
J Crew is 25% off and free shipping over $150 with the code LOVEJCREW.
GAP is 30% off of your purchase online only with the code GAPEGG.

Lots of great deals!!!!!!
Okay.  Movin' on....
Kim and Ingo:  Quick Step
Kim said "Pretend you have a penny in your butt."
That's just good advice anytime, right?
I don't even know what I mean by that.
Ingo said that Kim told him he needed to be "stuckupmeself".  Apparently that's an Australian thing, but I'm totally going to start saying it.
Yep.  Just watch.  It's totally gonna catch on.
Score = 20

Dorothy and Tristan:  Jive
Who does Tristan remind you of with that hair?
I'm not sure if it's Beevis or Butthead...but it's one of them.
I'm not going to say anything bad.
However, I will say this...
I might have averted my eyes during the majority of the performance.
Score = 15

Jacoby and Karina:  Jazz
This was a super fun dance.
Seeing his legs and arms flail about made me happy.
Score = 23

Lindsay and Victor:  Jive
SUPER impressed with how Lindsay handled Victor's little temper tantrum while practicing.
She showed real maturity and whipped him into shape and got him right back in the game.
I was also impressed with how he owned up to the tantrum.
I thought the dance was full of energy and cute, but it was just ok.
Score = 18
Wynona and Tony
Was anybody else scared of Wynona in this outfit?
Well, you should be.
I am betting she could do some serious damage with her night stick.
My favorite part of the routine?  When Tony pretended to motorboat her.
That's good stuff.
Tom said that Tony looked like a Super Mario Brother.  HILARIOUS.
Bruno said it "started out as a Quick Step and ended in a casual stroll."  Haha!
And I know I mentioned this last week, but Tony always seems to get the short end of the stick in the partner category.  He needs to have Derek's agent negotiate his contract next year.
Oh...I almost forgot my favorite line of the night.
Wynona told Tony her goal for the week was to not pee her pants.
I hear ya sister.  I feel the same way when I sneeze several times in a row.
Score =  18

Zendaya and Val:  Jive
In the practice session he told her to "step away from the pole".
Then he said "that's something every good father should say to his daughter."  :) Ha!
The dance was WOW.
I mean.  WOW.
Did you get that?
The jive is my favorite dance to watch, and I found myself just watching the t.v. with a big dumb grin on my face.
Score = 26

Andy and  Sharna
So, I'm dying to know...have you fallen in love with him yet?
Because I am 100% behind this guy.
I mean, look at those pictures below.  How could you not be rooting for him?
And did you see how happy Sherri Shepherd was in the audience?  So sweet.
Like Carrie Ann said....he was "wacko...and demented...and he nailed it!"
I couldn't agree more.
Score = 20

Peta and Sean:  Jive
I smiled the WHOLE. WAY. THROUGH.
Is Sean a gifted dancer?  Um, no.
Is he full of charm and can he totally work the crowd? Heck Yes!
I think he's going to be around for awhile.  He's a hard worker and the crowd seems to love him!
And let's just say, Bruno is a fan.
Score= 20 

Alli and Mark:  Quickstep
They did a great job.  The dance was great.
But for some reason I didn't love it.
She hasn't drawn me in yet.
Score = 24

Lisa and Gleb: Jive
Let's just all take a minute and talk about the FINEST pilot I have ever seen.
I dare you to find me a finer pilot.
Good luck with that.
Score = 18

D.L. and Cheryl:
In the practice piece, D.L. said it " went from a fun game to Hunger Games in tights".
Before they got there scores, he compared their fights to "Whitney and Bobby."
Is it too soon to make a Whitney joke?  I don't know, but I thought it was funny.
Score = 16

Kellie and Derek:  Jazz
I kinda wanna take my WOW back from Zendaya earlier.
Because this?

When they were walking over to get their scores, Tom said "If you're just tuning in, we're playing find the body fat."  Hahahahahahaha!
Seriously, I challenge you to find anything but gorgeous muscle on these two.
 Score = 26
(I'm finishing this write up on this Tuesday night at 7:40. Who do I think is going to go?
Either Dorothy or Victor.
We'll see if I'm right in about an hour!)

In honor of Pinky (what the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills girls call Lisa), I thought I would highlight some beautiful pink things that would be great additions to your closet.

Look at THIS fabulous pink trench coat!  Throw this on with pretty much anything and look instantly chic!

I really like the pink accents on THESE Nike running shoes. 
There is also THIS pink and aqua pair (choose Digital Pink)!  CUTE!

THIS hot pink watch is SO MUCH FUN!

 You know I guys am obsessed with GAP's skimmer jeans, and HERE they are in a perfect pink!  

And I REALLY want these pink IKAT TOMS for myself HERE.  Yeah.  I want these bad.

Or what about THIS cute pink gingham shirt from GAP (only Medium left).

My new J Crew Factory pink blazer is sold out right now,
but I found this great option HERE and another one HERE.

And now for some more pretty pink things.  My favorite in the collage has to be the Hunter pink waterproof flats!  Genius!:

 you can follow me on facebook HERE
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you can find me on twitter at @simsslp

And don't forget to enter the contest for the $50 credit to Charles Emerson jewelry HERE!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Unlikely Combination

So, here's a picture that I saw on Pinterest that caused me to scratch my head.
I didn't understand it.

But then, I thought of my pair of GAP camo skimmers that I added to my
closet a couple of weeks ago.
(Sadly, the camo option appears to be sold out online at GAP right now, but I will give you some options in a minute.) 
And then I came up with this:
What do you you see how the picture inspired me?
Camo + blue + black + a little bit of metal
Am I going to wear a Nike shirt with my camo?  Uh, no.
But I can interpret it with my own style (you know, camo pants and a cardigan).  :)
I have to admit, I felt edgey and cool in this outfit.
Here's a close up for ya.
Camo is not just for hunting anymore y'all.

Camo pants|  GAP (sold out right now)
Blue V-neck| J Crew Factory HERE***
(*** The J Crew Factory v-neck is my FAVORITE t-shirt by a mile.  I LOVE and ADORE it.  I have it in 4 solid colors and 3 striped options.  It comes in tons of colors and it is SUPER CRAZY cheap right now.  I am  highlighting it again on Friday as one of my obsessions.)
 *UPDATE:  I got lots of e-mails about this t-shirt, how it runs, and what size you should get.  
I'm 5'4" and wear a size 2 or 4.  I wear a size small in the t-shirt.  I do have a chest, and I feel like I have a big rib cage, but the small is still good on me. (I usually wear a size small....except at LOFT, where I sometimes wear x-small.)
The solid color t-shirts are kinda long (which I love).  The striped ones seem to not be quite as long, but they still aren't short.  Hope this helps for all of you that are wanting to order but didn't know which size to get!
Black Short-sleeved cardigan|  LOFT
Gold Link Bracelet|  Accessory Mix Auctions
Blue Bracelets|  LOFT
Necklace| Stella and Dot HERE 
(This necklace is a recent splurge purchase that I've already gotten my $$ worth out of. )

 So, I did a little digging for some other camo pant options (since my GAP purchase is sold out).  To my surprise, there are lots of SUPER expensive camo skinny jeans out there.
*Example HERE 
The zipper TOTALLY freaks me out on these.
I would challenge you to wear these and not rock a camel toe.
(Sorry for that.)
Maybe that should be my next contest?

 And then I finally found a pair HERE that is affordable.
These are only $6 more than my GAP pair!  THAT is do-able!
(It looks like you have to sign up for this site, but you don't.  Just "x" out of the sign in box.) 
Camo is very big for Spring!  And you will totally feel hip when you wear these!

I also found THESE in the junior's department at Nordstrom.  I don't think I like them as much as the pair above, but they are even cheaper, so they are definitely an option.
So, I'm curious to know....
how many of you are brave enough to buy and wear a pair of camo skinnies? 

If you missed my post yesterday, be sure to click HERE to read about some great bags and enter an AWESOME giveaway for $50 to Charles Emerson designs! 

And I've updated the SALE ALERT from yesterday:

 The LOFT is 40% off of everything with code ENJOY40.
Banana Republic is 30% off your purchase of $150 or more with code BRTAKE30.
Ann Taylor is 30% off of everything with the code FRESHSTART.
J Crew Factory is still ENJOY 30% off new arrivals, priced as marked.  
 Plus, free shipping with code SPRINGTOIT
J Crew is 25% off and free shipping over $150 with the code LOVEJCREW.
GAP is 25% off of your purchase online only with the code GAPGIFT. 

Lots of great deals!!!!!! 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Some outfits, A Sponsor , a GIVEAWAY, and a Reader Question!

First Up....
 The LOFT is 40% off of everything with code ENJOY40.
Banana Republic is 30% off your purchase of $150 or more with code BRTAKE30.
Ann Taylor is 30% off of everything with the code FRESHSTART.
J Crew Factory is still ENJOY 30% off new arrivals, priced as markedPlus, free shipping with code SPRINGTOIT
J Crew is 25% off and free shipping over $150 with the code LOVEJCREW.
GAP is 25% off of your purchase online only with the code GAPGIFT.

My weekend was jam packed with both out of town fun and paperwork.
We deserved some fun after our AWFUL Spring Break.
So, between the fun and the speech progress reports that I worked on all weekend long, that didn't leave a whole lot of time for blogging. 
So, first up today, I'm going to flash you guys back to 2 of my recent looks that I've loved.

Look #1 HERE
(my personal tribute to the Easter Bunny)

Look #2 HERE
(mustard, denim, and green together)

So, that was my "some outfits" portion of my post today.
Now, on to the "new sponsor and a giveaway" portion.

Let's all agree that today's blog post title is nothing 
if not informative.  

 I'm excited to announce that my new sponsor is Charles Emerson Designs!
 I've never met Charles...but I know all I need to know.
Charles makes GREAT jewelry and sells it for VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES.
Yep, I like that Charles.
He seems to really understand what a woman wants.
Fabulous AND Affordable.

Readers, meet

Here are some of my favorite pieces:
Ooh. La. La.
The Ivy Necklace comes in 4 colors, The Abigail Bracelet comes in 4 colors, the Cross Necklace comes in gold and silver and is just so sweet, I ADORE the Alexandra Earrings and they are only $18 (and they come in 3 different color combos), and the spiky rings are so hip (they come in gold and silver) and  are only $12!
 My absolute favorite would have to be those earrings.  LOVE the coral, mint, and gold combo!
No wait, maybe the shiny pink bracelet is my favorite.
So hard to decide!
So, would you like a chance to win a $50 credit to this shop?
Yeah, I figured you would!

You can have up to 4 entries:
1)  Leave me a comment saying what you like from the site HERE.
and leave me a 2nd comment saying that you did!
3)  If you just can't stand it and you go ahead and buy something, come back and tell me, 
and you get another entry.

(Please don't leave me 1 comment saying you did all 3 things.  Each # needs to be it's own additional comment if you want to get credit for all of your entries!)

Sweet Erin (the genius behind Charles Emerson Designs) would love to offer 20% off to you ladies for the duration of the giveaway with coupon code: Giveaway20.  
You guys, the jewelry is already super affordable, so getting another 20% off is just crazy!
The giveaway is open thru next Monday.
The discount code expires then too, so don't drag your feet people.  
Take advantage of this great deal!

And for no other reason than I saw both of these online this weekend and thought they would both look GREAT with some of the above jewelry....
Check out this PERFECT shirt HERE.
How great would it look with white jeans, wedges, and some bright jewelry?
The color is GORGEOUS!
I feel like it would look good on any body type and it could be dressed up or down.
Or check out this DARLING coral dress HERE.
It looks super short in the picture, but I imagine it is because the 5'11" model is wearing a size 00.

And finally, the reader question portion of the post.
Here is the e-mail I got this weekend:
 Hi Sheaffer!
I'm in search of the PERFECT summer bag.  Like a "mom bag" that I can carry all my diapers, wipes, etc. but still look like "I've got it together" if I want to run into a store ALONE (do I hear the angels singing?!).  Anyway...I've seen several...all "okay" but I need a really cute, durable bag that I don't look like I drive a mini van and wear acid washed, rolled at the ankle jeans (well...those are kind of making a come back) but any who...if you could be a doll and make some recommendations...I'd LOVE IT!  You have GREAT TASTE!
Thanks SO much!

Here is part of my e-mail response:
Hi Jill!
No surprise, my choices for you are all Fossil. 
 They make a really quality bag without TOTALLY breaking the bank. THIS one is my favorite.  
Love the canvas stripes...but the leather on the bottom makes it super practical.  
And I think it is a PERFECT size.
Others I like a lot....THIS one.....
comes in lots of great colors and might be a good option if you are worried about the light colored canvas on my first option, also a really good size
Another super cute option HERE.
Do you like any of these?  Am I on the right track with what you are looking for?

All of the above options look like they could fit a wallet, a make up bag, a cell phone,
and most importantly a juice cup, a small bag of diapers and wipes, a Transformer or My Little Pony, and a bag of Goldfish.
But whether  you have small children or not, the above bags are FABULOUS.

After going to the mall Saturday night, I saw lots of other options out there at lots of different price points.  So, I thought I would highlight some of the other things out there.

Michael Kors option HERE (the navy stripes are my favorite).
Tory Burch options HERE, HERE (the shape of this one is great and I think it would be easy to find everything in it), and HERE (LOVE how chic this one is)

And lots of great options from Nordstrom that are totally affordable.
All under $100, and that last one is under $80!
And one more option from Coach that is 33% off right now!
One tip: when looking at these bags online, make sure you scroll through and find a picture where the bag is on a person's (or mannequin's) shoulder.  It's sometimes very hard to get a true picture of how big the bag is, and if it's a "tote", it's often very large.  Maybe too large to be practical.  So, check out the bag "in action" on a shoulder.

One question before you go:
Do you guys like it when I post reader questions?
I figure if one of you has a question, then maybe several others you might have the same question!
If you would like me to keep doing this, I'm thinking I might have my friend Andrea whip up a cute graphic for me for these types of segments!  ( Did you hear that Andrea?) :)
Anyway, let me know!

Don't forget to enter for the $50 credit for the AMAZING jewelry!

Friday, March 22, 2013

What I'm Obsessed With Now!

THIS bag is perfection.
A little over a month ago I did a survey so you guys could help me pick
which color Spring bag I was going to get.
341 of you voted!
58.7% of you(200 people) said AQUA
41.3% of you (141 people) said TOMATO
So....I got AQUA!  I had to listen to my people!
I ADORE this purse.
Probably more than a person should adore a purse.
But I mean, COME ON.
It screams "SPRING", "FUN", and "FRESH".
And the funny thing (or not so funny thing) is, I want the TOMATO one too. 
Don't worry, I won't allow myself to get it.  But I do want it.
(And it comes in 9 colors total HERE..including a bright orange that is fabulous!)

My new Spring bag has put me totally in the mood for all things Spring.
Check out these great watches. (Click on the pictures if interested.)
We all know that I have and love my big chunky Michael Kors one I got for Christmas,
but I'm kind of dreaming about one of these fun colored ones for Spring and Summer.

3)  When I highlighted my pink J Crew Factory blazer, a lot you commented that you wanted it, but you couldn't justify the price. (I got it when it was on sale AND it was an additional 15% off the sale price that day, so I paid $88 for it instead of the $125 price tag.) got me to thinking that there had to be some other brightly colored (and well made) options out there.
I went looking, and I found 3 at Nordstrom!
I really like all of these!
But my favorite is the middle one, and it won't break the bank!
It comes in several colors including a neutral that is great.

 I received an e-mail from a sweet reader (Tracy) this week that I think a lot of you probably identify with.  I thought I would share it now because it applies to the blazers above.:
Hi Sheaffer!  I'm a "mom jeans" type of gal... actually, I'm a sweat pants type of gal if we are going to be honest! However, now that I'm an empty-nester, I'm trying to get more fashionable. I hope that what I'm about to ask is not a silly question: Do you think spending more money on one item is better for your closet than spending less money on a multiple of items? In other words, I bought a shirt this weekend at Chico's for 94.00 (tax included). I couldn't wrap my head around that! So I took it back! A SHIRT! FOR $94.00!!! It still shocks me... Any advice would be helpful for this aging mom trying to get her "groove" back...

I thought that was a GREAT question!!!
This was my response:
Hi Tracy!  Okay...this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.  :)
I personally would not spend that much on a shirt.  I would definitely spend that much (or even twice that much) on a great jacket, a pair of awesome jeans, boots, or a bag. Things that I would get MANY MILES out of and wear over and over. But I wouldn't spend it on a shirt. You can't wear a shirt over and over like you could the other items that I mentioned above.  

I think it was the right decision to take it back.

I mention this e-mail now because I know that the prices of the blazers above might still seem a little steep to some people.
However, I think it's okay to splurge on some classic items that will become staples in your closet.
  In my opinion, a blazer totally justifies a bit higher of a price tag.
As does something like a military jacket that I featured earlier this week HERE.
So do bags.  So do boots.

I'm curious, do others agree with me on this?

And now....for the winner of the $50 credit to Noonday!
Congratulations to commenter #39:  Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam
E-mail me Megan and I will get your information to Laura!

And for all of you that didn't win, you can obviously still place an order HERE on Laura's page.
I'm thinking that I really want need the Ruth Necklace.  Yep, THIS necklace is an outfit maker.
Also, there is a special contest going on at Noonday right now that you definitely need to know about!
The directions are on the card, but click HERE to get to the entry form.
I created my board last night.  Click HERE to see it!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!
I will update SALE ALERTS on the bottom of this post as they come in!

Every Friday I think I'm going to start highlighting 1 or 2 of my favorite blog posts from the week.
I hope to introduce you to some really great blogs while doing so!
First up:
THIS post on a DIY tray over at Hi Sugarplum!
Hi Sugarplum | Dry Erase Tray
 Cassie is the queen of super simple and super economical projects that are DARLING.
Most of them are so easy I think that maybe even I could pull them!
I thought this tray (that used to be all white) was a great example of her type of project.
Cheap and Easy.
Two adjectives that are good when describing a project.
Not so good when describing yourself. ;)

Banana Republic is now 35% off for 3/24 online only with code BRSHOP35.
Click HERE to shop.

LOFT is an additional 50% off sale prices!  ALSO, $20 off when you spend $50 and $40 off when you spend $100 with the code SAVENOW.
PLUS, FREE SHIPPING WITH CODE SPRINGTOIT !  Don't forget to enter the code!

Click HERE to shop.
GAP is 25% off regular priced items online only without a card, 30% off with a card.  Click HERE to shop!

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Before we get to my recap, if you missed my post on my beloved military jacket and how you HAVE TO HAVE ONE YOURSELF, click HERE.  I'm not kidding.  You HAVE to have one.

AND OH MY GOODNESS...on WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 7:30 I opened this e-mail.
60% OFF?!?
Is this some kind of sick joke?
Well, I tell ya something.
I'm not laughing.  I'm SHOPPING MY BUTT OFF.
I'm just hoping they still have things in my size.
They have a good amount of items (BUT YOU HAVE TO SCROLL TO THE page 5 before you start seeing the Flash Sale items) that are included in this sale (some new, some old).
It ends tomorrow morning at 10:00 am eastern.  
Click HERE to SHOP and then click the red SALE on the right hand side!!!!!

And...I just updated the SALE ALERTS on Monday's post to have all of the best and current sales. 
Click HERE  and scroll to the bottom of the post to see where you need to be getting your shop on for some great Spring Sales!  (You can also enter to win a $50 credit for Noonday jewelry on this same post!)

The Bachelor might be Shay's  favorite show, but Dancing With The Stars is my favorite show.
I totally love it.  (click HERE to see Shay's DWTS recap)
I remember the first season that it came on how the hubby and I would laugh at the commercials for it.  In fact, we tuned in that first night with the idea that we would just be able to make fun of it.
Well, 8 years and 16 seasons later, I am still HOOKED!

It's obviously GREAT fun to watch all of the dancing, but every season I am caught off guard at how the show draws me in to LOVE the people on it.  I have my favorite professional dancers every season, but people who I think I could care less about as a "celebrity" end up drawing me in and making me care about them.
Did anybody watch the season with Jerry Springer?
He was absolutely delightful.
Did you hear what I just said?
Jerry Springer.
was delightful.
Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!
I think it is so much fun to see the chemistry the partners often have with each other.
Watching the judges interact is also great fun.  They are a hoot!
(this pic is from a previous season)

And Tom Bergeron?
Well.....America's Funniest Home Videos Tom Bergeron is annoying as heck.
But Dancing With The Stars Tom Bergeron is sweet, funny, and charming.

I would obviously be watching it (seeing that I'm a super fan and all) even if Sean wasn't on it, but him being on it is just the icing on the cake!

First up, Kellie Pickler and Derek.
 I'm pretty sure Derek has it in his contract that his partner must be GORGEOUS and a bangin' dancer.  He ALWAYS gets awesome partners.
 And listen, I have a new girlfriend.
Move over Selma...Kellie Pickler is the new girl in town.
She's got some good boobies and the tiniest little waist I've ever seen.
 And her hair is short because she shaved it all off to support a friend with cancer.  So sweet.
Score = 21
If they wouldn't have been first, she would have had at least a 24.

Next, Lindsay (a new pro) and Victor.

I've already fallen in love with Victor because of his backstory.  (If you didn't see the show, his mom and his dad both walked out on the family, and he raised his brothers and sisters.)
I know they said Lindsay is 19..but they've gotta be lying, right?  I'm thinking 14.
He wasn't great...but I think he is one of those people that is going to consistently get better.
Score = 18

Kim and Ingo
 I already love Ingo because I am a General Hospital girl.  And I LOVE Kim too!
They make a great couple on the dance floor.
They performed the first ever contemporary routine on Dancing, and I think
 they did a phenomenal job even though I don't really "get" contemporary.
 It's a lot of throwing, and lunging, and running, and crawling, and some writhing.
See above for some of the crawling and writhing.
A little weird,  but it was AWESOME.
Score = 20

Lisa and Gleb (hottie new pro) danced the Foxtrot
Ok.  I'm a BIG Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, so I was so excited to learn that Lisa was going to be one of the celebrities this season!
I googled how old Lisa is, and mama is 52 years old.
Mama's body looks AMAZING!
 I agree with Len, it was "acceptable, but not exceptional".
Lisa played all coy and shy, but she is gonna have to loosen up a bit if she wants to stick around.
Score = 18

D.L. and Cheryl danced the ChaCha
 I felt badly for him.  Not so good.
He took the criticism well, and I give him points for that.
He said the judges critiquing him was just about as fair as "bullying a 2nd grader". :)
I'm thinking his scores might have been a little better if we would have just stood like he is in the picture and let Cheryl shake her thang around him for the entire song.
Score = 12

 Zendaya (Disney Channel star) and Val
 Val, she's 16, so hands off.
(If you watch the show, we all know that Val and his partner last season, Kelly Monaco, were having lots and lots of extra dance the bedroom.....if you know what I mean.)
They did contemporary too, and did a mighty fine job.  The choreography was awesome, and they looked incredible dancing together.
I do have one note.
I'm pretty sure Pinterest did NOT tell him to wear those yellow shoes with those blue striped socks.
 Score = 24
And I think it should have been even higher!

Sean and Peta
First off.....Awwwwwwwwww!  Loved seeing the family pics with his parents and Shay.
And Sherri (Sean's mama) looked BEAUTIFUL in the audience!
I laughed so hard during their rehearsal piece. 
 Sean talked about there being "lots of moving parts" that he has to get to flow together.  True that.
 Peta said "you can kinda like grab yourself a little bit" and Sean was all "whoah".
I thought it was HILARIOUS.
Sean said "What I lack in raw talent I will make up for in dedication." I bet that is sooo true and that he consistently improves each and every week.
And look at this shot!  Wowza!
Len said "You're posture was good and I liked your footwork....
your dancing needs to be more refined."
Bruno said he was "HUNKY" and I'm betting ol' Seanie might be Bruno's favorite contestant right out of the gate! ;)  He said "For a dance virgin you have a very effective pelvic thrust."  Funny!  He also said it was a little which Carrie Ann replied "I liked it rough"
She also said Sean has "fearless exuberance that is going to take you so far in this competition."
She thinks he's going to go far, and I sure hope she's right!
Score = 19

Aly and Mark danced the Cha Cha Cha
I think Mark is one of the best choreographers on the show, so I hope they stick around for a little bit.
I think Aly has potential, but she needs to let loose.
 I feel like her time in the Olympics might have beaten all of the fun out of her.
Score = 21

Dorothy and Tristan
She is very cute and seems super sweet.
They got Contemporary too.
It snowed on stage, and the judges really liked it.
I was a little bored, but I was happy for her.
And I applaud Tristan for not waxing his chest hair.
 Score = 21

Wynona and Tony
In her intro piece, Wynona said she went from "welfare to millionaire".  LOVED that.
The dancing wasn't great, but like Len, I thought she did a great job
"showing rythym and personality".
Her mom (Naomi Judd) and sister (Ashley Judd) were in the audience, and my beliefs that Naomi is an interesting mix of precious and first class wackadoodle were confirmed.
(Sidenote - I was talking with my mom about the show yesterday, and she asked which one of the girls was caught shoplifting.  I was sooooo confused.  And then I realized what she was talking about.
Wynona RYDER was caught shoplifting mom.  CLASSIC mom story!)  :)
Score = 18

Andy and Sharna (new pro)
I admit it, at first I was all like "ANDY DICK?  ON DANCING WITH THE STARS?
But....he's already changed my mind.
He talked about his drinking and drug use in the past and said "It's been a bad couple of decades." and I was all "uh-huh".
He also said "he is currently sober, and working hard at it."
He seems so humble and so super grateful.  Very sweet.
 My favorite quote from Andy was when he tearfully said "This is the biggest opportunity I've ever had, and it's so undeserved, because I've screwed up so many times."
Then he told his partner "I am your bit#^."

Len said "It had the fluidity of Robocop." but Carrie Ann thought it had a charm and I totally agreed.
And I loved how it was so obvious how much the cast just LOVES him by the way they all jumped up to hug him.

One things for sure, I am routing for him!
I can guarantee you this, he is going to cha cha his way into America's hearts.
Mark my words. 
Score = 17

Jacoby and Karina danced the Cha Cha Cha
His mama was so cute in the taped piece.
And Len better watch out, or his mama will put the beat down on him.
The boy can move.

Although, I was a bit distracted by Karina's costume.
Is it weird that I kept thinking about how awful I would look in it?
And listen, I'm a speech therapist, and I didn't understand a good 90% of what he said.
Score = 20

So, that was the Season Premier, and I was pretty impressed!  I am very excited for the season!

Here is what Dancing With The Stars Told Me To Do...
(And listen, I'm not sure if every week I'm going to be able to pull off an outfit recreation with my recap, but I tried really hard for this first week!)
I used Zendaya's costume as inspiration and put blue, mustard, and a pattern together.
Not something I would have put together on my own, and it's totally edgey...but kind of cool.
Cardigan| LOFT
Blue V-Neck| J Crew Factory
Belt|  LOFT
Mustard Skinny Jeans| Nordstrom
Kimberly Necklace and Dakota Earrings| Stella and Dot
Leather wrap bracelet|  Tory Burch, HERE

Do you like the outfit?  Or is it too far out there for you?

And...just for fun...I thought I would feature some great shoes.
I will say, every season, my feet hurt for the dancers.
The only place I ever wear heels (seriously rare for me to wear heels) is to church or to a wedding.  And even then, my poor little toes can barely stand it.
So, in honor of the dancer's aching feet, I thought I would feature some cute flats today!  Ha! :)

First off, THIS pair.  I love the snake skin and think it's a cool alternative to a leopard flat.  It too totally functions as a neutral.
Yes, I LOVE this shoe.
And if you want a super crazy comfy shoe, check out THESE cute thangs from TOM.
I think the rope detail is such a nice touch.  I can see these with khaki shorts and a colored t-shirt all summer long.  Yeah...I think I will be getting these for myself.
Or, if you want to see all of the TOMS I featured a couple of weeks ago, click HERE.

And Banana Republic has a crazy amount of gorgeous flats out right now.
Click HERE to shop and just type "flats" in the search box.
Only 11 pair show up, but those 11 just represent the 11 different shapes.  Each shape has different patterns and colors for each of them.  So, click on the shape you like to see the different options available!
Or what about THIS gorgeous pair?  Love the patent, love the bow.

And one more collage I featured a little while ago.
The flats on the sides are from Fossil, the pair in the middle is a pair from Banana.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody!
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