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Mother's Day Gift Options! I've done ALL the work for you. You're welcome. :)

  GAP is 35% off your entire purchase with the code GAP35. Click  HERE to shop.
  I got THIS shirt, and I thought maybe some of you would want to get THIS jacket or  THIS dress.

 LOFT is 40% off you entire purchase!  Even new arrivals! 
Enter code NOW40.  Click HERE to shop. Ends today.
Let me start off by saying this.
You might think your mom is the best mom ever, and that's sweet of you to think that.
But you'd be wrong.
 MY mom is the best mom ever. :)
Okay Girls.
Mother's Day is just around the corner, which means 2 things:
1)  We need to find something fabulous for our moms.
2)  We need to find something fabulous for ourselves. ;)
Don't worry, I've done all of the work for you.

 I've compiled a list of some FANTASTIC things at every price point (as low as $20 and as high as $250) that would be so much fun to give OR receive!
I'm doing the post today so there is PLENTY OF TIME for them to arrive by Mother's Day.

I highlighted these 3 things over at Alison's at Get Your Pretty On on Friday.
Sheaffer's Mother's Day Picks

I think the Fossil Tote HERE is just fabulous.  Love the stripe, Love the canvas, Love the size, Love the shape, Love the leather on the bottom.  Love everything about it.
Chris - consider this a HUGE hint!  :)

Check out a Tory Burch striped tote HERE. Gorgeous.
I dare you to tell me one mama who wouldn't LOVE to call THIS her own.
I do love the crocheted TOMS I highlighted on Alison's blog (see them HERE)...and I was all set to ask for them for Mother's Day (I have one friend with the cream pair and one friend with the purple pair, and they are so cute!) .....but then I went to the mall on Monday and saw THIS new design.
I couldn't even wait for Mother's Day.  I bought them right then and there.
Look how cute they are going to be this summer!
(And full disclosure here, I got THESE for my birthday.
I think the rope detail on the bottom is so great.)
They look very grey in this picture, but in real life I would say they are
definitely more of a taupe.
 And look at all of the other colors available. Navy, Pink, and Green.  Love.

TOMS are a perfect mom shoe that are comfortable, yet stylish.
If you do want a pair, or if you want to give your mom a pair, keep this in mind...
I highly suggest you get THESE too.
They are no-show socks that will keep your feet (and your TOMS) dry during the hot summer months!  You can buy 1 pair, or you can save if you buy three.  Click HERE to see.
 (If getting the crocheted TOMS HERE, I've been told to order a full size down
because they stretch out.  If ordering canvas TOMS like HERE or HERE,
you might want to consider ordering a 1/2 size down.  That's what I did, and they fit great.)

The identity bars necklace is such a sweet Mother's Day gift.  I know I would be thrilled to get one with Carter's name, and how much would a grandma love this necklace with her
grandbabies' names on it?!  This is a gift that any mama would treasure.
You can find it HERE.

And if you're a mama who NEVER buys anything for herself, and you want this gift to be something you will get a lot of miles out of, you know I am going to recommend THESE wedges (I know I've been talking about them non-stop, but if you have a pair yourself, I know you understand).  You will wear them constantly, and it will feel like you are walking on air.
And if you need a little sparkle in your life, get several of THESE bracelets. You will feel so sassy wearing them, and you will get TONS of compliments.
They will kick anything you are wearing up a couple of notches!

And you know how much I love my new military jacket found HERE.  Here I am again wearing it this past weekend to a kid's birthday party (and I had my new TOMS on too)...and one of my favorite J Crew Factory v-neck tees you can find HERE.
Any of the above things mentioned would be awesome to get or give!
If you're looking for a really nice gift, how about a watch?  Click on a pic if interested.
An inexpensive idea for a gift would be a great scarf!
Click on any of the options below if interested.
Or are you or your mom into make-up?  I found THIS great set from Bare Minerals.
It's a fantastic value and has great reviews!
If your mom is into perfume and likes to get her yearly bottle every Mother's Day, click HERE.

Maybe your mom loves to spend her time in the kitchen.
What about a GREAT cookbook HERE from The Pioneer Woman and a cookbook holder HERE. 
Or what about a crock pot HERE and a crock pot cookbook HERE
Does your mama love Paula Deen and her family?  Click HERE for Paula's Southern Cooking Bible, and click HERE for her boy's cookbook.
(fyi:  Shay has become friends with Brooke Dean, Jamie Dean's gorgeous wife,... and I'm maybe more than a little bit jealous!)
 Look at THIS set of small stone cookware bowls.  
SO cute for soups and individual casseroles, and they come in just about every color in the book.
 (You would be amazed at the selection of cookware that ZAPPOS has. Click on the Zappos graphic below to see what they have to offer!)

I have another idea!
What about you throw together a little gift set for your mom?!?
You can look back HERE when I first posted about the book Sparkly Green Earrings written by one of my favorite bloggers, Big Mama!
Melanie is HILARIOUS, and when you read the book you will feel like you are just sitting around with her swapping all of the crazy and heart-warming stories that go along with being a mama. 
You could give the book and a pretty pair of earrings to go with it!
I'm telling you, every mama needs this sweet book.
find the book HERE
earrings on top right HERE
earrings on bottom right HERE   
Not feeling any of the above options?  Well, you're crazy!
That's HERE or on the Nordstrom graphic below for a well-organized gift guide.You can shop by price or by category and it makes it sooooo easy!

Another great gift giving guide HERE from C. Wonder.  An awesome retailer that I'm just recently becoming familiar with!  They are able to personalize many of their items by monogramming! 
 Click HERE to shop their well-organized guide.

Also, please remember my sponsors for possibilities of where to get some great Mother's Day gifts!

The following sponsors have GREAT jewelry:
Noonday Jewelry
I know my mom would love this necklace HERE, and she would love the story behind it too!

Charles Emerson Designs
THESE earrings would look great on my mom!
Simply Chic Boutique
Check out their auction on Tuesday night for jewelry, a bag, or a scarf for your mom!

If your mom is anything like my mom, she LOVES good skincare products.
You can find those here:
Rodan + Fields
Look for some great products for dullness as well as sun and age spots HERE and
 their Re-Define line HERE.
You can find their most popular line HERE, my favorite line of theirs HERE,
and awesome make-up HERE.

Also, check out all of Stella and Dots new bags HERE.
graphic via Particularly Practically Pretty

So....make things easy on yourself. 
  I think there is surely something above that most mamas would love to get!

And......just because I love you guys.....
what about another giveaway?
I've got a great pair of Stella and Dot earrings HERE that go with everything!
A little silver, a little gold...and a unique shape that makes them so fun!
Enter on the Rafflecopter below!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

What I'm Obsessed With Now

{I moved the SALE ALERTS up to the top of the post since some of them have changed
 as of Sunday morning.}

 GAP is 35% off your entire purchase with the code GAP35. GAP never goes more than 40% off, and it only does that 2-3 times a 35% off is just about as good as you are going to get!
(It has some exclusions.  For ex., denim bottoms and swimsuits are not included.)
Ends today (Sunday) at midnight. Click  HERE to shop.
(I had stalled on getting some things I wanted...but not I'm going to pull the trigger.  I'm getting THIS shirt for sure.  And I thought maybe some of you would want to get THIS jacket.  I don't need it since I just got my new military jacket, but this is a great jacket.
And at 35% off it will be a GREAT deal!)
Or check out THIS dress.
This cool, convertible jersey dress can be worn four ways:
MAXI SKIRT Long skirt folds to desired length.
TEA LENGTH Dress folds to mid-calf length.
NATURAL-WAIST MAXI Full-length dress with seam at waist.
DROP-WAIST MAXI Full-length dress with seam at low waist.

 LOFT is 40% off you entire purchase!  
Even new arrivals! Enter code NOW40.  Click HERE to shop. (Not sure if this ends today.)

J Crew Factory is 30% off all new arrivals!  Prices as marked, no code needed.
 Click HERE to shop.

the winner of the HUMONGOUS giveaway.................

Nancy!  You just TOTALLY scored!
Like STRAIGHT UP scored.
You have AMAZING prizes from Stella and Dot, Rodan + Fields, Arbonne, Noonday, Charles Emerson Designs, and Simply Chic Boutique ALL FOR YOU!
A HUGE Thank You to all of my amazing sponsors who participated in the giveaway!

Nancy, you have until Monday afternoon at 12:00 p.m. to contact me. 
If I don't hear from you by then, another winner will be chosen.
(And Nancy, let me warn you.. there are like thousands of other girls hoping you are out of town or have a super busy weekend and won't be checking any blogs!)
Now, on to my current obsessions:

Next week I'm doing a swimsuit and cover-up post.
I know, I know.  GROAN.
I can almost hear you running to the store to buy carrots.
So, I have an entire post dedicated to this next week...but for now....
I'm going to highlight my favorite one piece that I've found so far.
It's expensive, but with swimsuits I often find that you get what you pay for.
And I am willing to pay TOP DOLLAR people if it's going to make me look good.
There are 268 reviews of  THIS suit online.I have never seen anything with that many reviews.
To me, that means that it was so popular last year (and maybe the year before) that they brought it back again (and again).  Of the 268 reviews, 189 of them are 5 STARS, and 53 are 4 STARS.
That's an overwhelming majority of ladies that LOVE THIS suit.
I gotta be honest, I loved the look of this suit when I first saw it, but then I tried to imagine myself in it....and I wasn't so sure I could pull it off.
HOWEVER, when I started reading the reviews I was all...
if she can pull it off, maybe I can pull it off too?!?
***If you order THIS suit, remember to order AT LEAST 1 size up. 
Some of the reviewers said they ordered 2 sizes up. 
So, read the reviews and decide what you think you need.***

Oh....and if you know know I am the QUEEN OF COVER-UPS.
I really am.
No lie.
 My favorite one I've found so far is THIS one.  33% off and 3 great colors!  I like how it's simple.
I really like THIS one too.
There are no reviews on it yet (which I don't like), but I think I might risk it.
It's obviously super short, but I don't mind that in a cover-up.

THESE Hunter rain boots.
I ADORE how they are high gloss, and I am absolutely LOVING all of the spring colors.
Can you tell that I'm also loving pulling boards together with Pinterest images to convince me of purchases that are a little bit more pricey?
I did it HERE for my military jacket....which I ended up buying.
I did it HERE for my neutral colored blazer...which arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I wore it on Thursday.  LOVE it.
I bought both of those things after putting the boards I'm guessing a pair of Hunters might be in my closet very soon.
The board is pretty persuasive, and every single time it rains I curse myself for not having a pair.

I don't know if I've mentioned it ;), but I'm obsessed with THESE.
I just ordered the putty color for myself too.
 I also wanted to show you guys THIS necklace from Anthrolopologie that my friend Alli sent me a picture of last week.  The mint one is pretty, but I ADORE the red one.
I put it on my Pinterest board last week, and I can't get it out of my head.
All of the reviews on it are great, but several mention that it is a really BIG necklace.
So, if you are a statement necklace girl...this one is for you.
Alli is obsessed with hers, and I don't blame her.
 Can you imagine how great the necklace would look with almost anything you would put on?
Especially with a stripe.
Wouldn't it look FANTASTIC with a stripe?????
Why, yes.
Yes it would.
p.s.  How gorgeous is Alli?
And you know..she's just as funny and sweet as she is gorgeous!
And just for is a screen shot of our conversation last night.  I'm in blue.

A couple of more random links to things I found on sale that you might be interested in:
THIS pair of shoes. 
 They seem to be super similar to my sequin leopard TOMS, but they are like 1/3 of the price!
THIS pair of white skinny capri jeans.  They are Citizens of Humanity and 33% off. 

Oh....and if you are wondering what to buy your Mom for Mother's Day...or if you are wondering what to put on your list and start dropping hints for :) , head over to my friend Alison's blog HERE to see what me and some other mommy bloggers are wishing for this year!
I think know you'll love what I've chosen!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dancing With The Stars Recap!

Before we get to the recap, I have a little housekeeping to do.
It's SO interesting to me that sometimes I put things on the blog that I just know that everybody is going to go cuckoo over (and they often do!).  However, other times I put something on the blog, and I don't think much about it, and people still go cuckoo over it.
I want to share one of those things today.
THIS is a bag that I briefly highlighted last week.
It didn't really catch my eye all that much, but I was trying to find bags under $100 to answer a reader question, and I thought it would be fun to include a Michael Kors option that was under $100.
It ended up getting a lot of attention from you guys, like A LOT.

After I saw all of the love you guys were giving it, I went back and read the reviews.
(If you haven't noticed before...I am all about product reviews.  I feel like if somebody takes the time to write a review, good or bad, that they must feel pretty passionately about the product.)

The reviews were great, and one thing that stuck out to me was that this bag seems to span the ages.

Here is a review from a young lady that is under 20 years old:
 This tote is the perfect size. It will fit my Louis Vuitton Sara wallet, a water bottle, snacks, a wristlet, gum, a notebook, and honestly - everything! There are five pockets (Including the zippered pocket) on the inside and it's so wonderful! I also use it at school and all those pockets are incredibly useful for keeping everything organized. The strap are not too thin so it doesn't hurt your shoulders. The bag is light to begin with so stuffing it with things doesn't make the bag too heavy :) I got it in the lacquered pink. The MK zipper is a wonderful touch, I've carried it for 2 weeks and not a scratch on the hardware. I love how it doesn't SCREAM Michael Kors, but when you open the bag and see the MK lining it's like an added little touch/surprise :) I love this bag! Also stays very very clean and washes right off with water. SO happy with this purchase!

A woman who fell in the 45-49 year old category wrote this:
As most of you who shop MK know that the price can be up there...for less than $100.00, you get all of the convenience of MK's inside pockets, the outside zip pocket and the inside zip pocket, which all have the matching trim of the bag. The size of the bag is great as is the length of the drop to allow to carry in hand or on shoulder. Zip top hides away for easy access or easily zips for extra security. Plenty of width and depth to carry everything day to day and add the extras for "those days". Nylon outside allows you to carry it in all weather. Such a great bag!!! Black and brown... goes with everything, light weight, and the gold just gives it that little something extra. 

It also comes in yellow, orange, red, royal blue, and black and brown.
People are LOVING this bag.
Like, people seem to love the bag as much as I love my wedges.
(I know that I can't stop talking about them, it's a problem).

So, in case you didn't even give it a second glance (I'm guilty of this too),
I thought it was worth showing again.
If you like the idea of it, but don't like the size,
HERE is the large version and HERE is the small (crossbody) version.
It could be a great Mother's Day gift for you OR your mom!
If it's not quite right for a Mother's Day gift, click on the below graphic or HERE.
You're sure to find something for you and/or her!
They have the gift ideas organized by category or's a really handy guide!

Oh...and in case anybody is interested...I wore my new military jacket AGAIN.
We got a little big of cooler weather where I live and it was PERFECT for the cool mornings and the warm afternoons. 
You can find it HERE.
This time I paired it with lilac skinny jeans and a different spring scarf.
Isn't it so cute?
This is definitely the new favorite staple in my closet.
Okay...enough stuff.....

 Now It's Time for Dancing With The Stars...
and freaking STEVIE WONDER was in the house!

Isn't She Lovely might be one of my favorite songs ever.
And one of my favorite episodes of a t.v. show in the history of t.v. shows is when Stevie Wonder was on The Cosby Show.  Did you guys watch The Cosby Show?  The hubby and I both watched it growing up, and we have so much fun catching it now on Nick at Nite!

In the Stevie episode, Theo and Denise come in telling Cliff and Claire how they had just been in a car wreck. Check out their faces. HILARIOUS. 

Here he is singing I Just Called To Say I Love You with Claire.  LOVE.
And my goodness I love Claire Huxtable....BEST T.V. MOM EVER.  Right?

And for anybody who remembers that episode, I have this to say to you:
"Jammin on the One, Jammin on the One.  Baby. buh buh buh buh buh Baby Baby. Robert.
 La La La La La La."

Okay....on to the show!

Zendaya and Val / Cha Cha Cha
This girl is a rock star.  She can dance her hiney off.
That's all I have to say about that.

Score = 29

Andy and Sharna / Samba
They danced to Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  GREAT dancing song!
I gotta say, I LOVED it SO SO SO much!
Andy makes me smile from ear to ear!  And listen....he showed us that he has a little bit of GROOVE!
I'm like Carrie Ann, he is in my heart.
And I love how Len seems to be Andy's biggest cheerleader.
There is no doubt that he has won some lifelong fans and friends.

Score = 18
When he got those sixes, he was absolutely CRUSHED.
I wanted to just hug him like crazy.
 And did you see how happy all of the dancers and contestants were for him
when he didn't get kicked off?

Sean and Peta / Samba
I don't even know what to say.
Okay..maybe I know what to say.
I can't roll my tongue.
I can't wink.
I can't whistle.
I would hope that I would never be asked to do one of those things on National t.v.
Some people can't shimmy.
Sean happens to be one of those people
Sean had to shimmy on National t.v.

I mean, rolling your tongue is like a recessive gene or something isn't it?
Okay...I took a moment to google "is tongue rolling genetic?"...and it was
as if I was reading Mandarin or something.
However, I did read some things that do make me think that it is in fact a gene
that enables a person to roll their tongue.
It's like I'm breaking new ground in science.
So, I say all that to hypothesize that perhaps Sean didn't get the shimmying gene.
This may come as no surprise to you, but I never won the Science Fair in elementary school.
Score = 21

Aly and Mark /
First off, what is the deal with Mark and his stupid hats?  Almost every time it shows him in rehearsal he is wearing a ridiculous hat.
They danced to Isn't She Lovely.
It was great.
And I continue to like Aly more and more.

Score = 27

Ingo and Kym / Tango
The judges loved it, I thought it was just "eh".
I was too busy (and too lazy) to take screen shots of the couples this week on the ipad, so I just did Google Searches.  For some reason I was unable to find one of Ingo and Kym this week.
I did however find this.

You're welcome.
Score = 24

Kellie and Derek /Quick Step
In the rehearsal piece Derek messed up a couple of times, and it tickled Kellie to death.
I loved it too.
Mr. I Think I'm So Perfect needs to realize that he's not perfect all the time.
They danced to Part Time Lover.
It was awesome.

Score = 29

Victor and Lindsay / Rhumba
They danced to I Just Called To Say I Love You.
Dancing With the Stars Season 16, Week 5: Lindsay and Victor

Victor seems like a sweet guy, but it was time for him to go.
I did really like Lindsay, and I really hope they bring her back in future seasons!
Score = 18

Jacoby and Karina / Quick Step
They danced to For Once In My Life.
I actually liked Jacoby more today than I ever have.
I thought the dance was surprisingly good.  Bruno and Carrie Ann liked it, but Len did not.
My favorite part of this picture is Sean in the background.  Good stuff.

 Score = 22

Ingo and Kym, Val and Zendaya, Jacoby and Karina, Victor and Lindsay

Score = 22

Sean and Peta, Kellie and Derek, Andy and Sharna,They danced to Very Superstitious.
Derek's glasses kept on on falling off, and I kept thinking about the poor costume girl that he was probably gonna get fired now that we know Derek has a bit of a temper.
(sidenote:  I used to love Derek, but he totally ticked me off last week when
he was picking on sweet Kellie.)
They should get 10s for how Groovy they look.
Kellie Pickler - DWTS
Score = 25

So......that's there are 7 left.
Can't wait to see what they have in store next week!

And don't forget to check out Shay's blog HERE for her recap!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Look Back and some Randomness

I am in the trenches at work right now...7 more weeks...I can do this.
I won't go into detail, but I have around 1 million assessments and 2 million ARDS.
At least that's what it feels like.
Oh, and then there is of course the actual therapy!
Breathe in, Breathe out.

So, to help out with my time management, I had a BRILLIANT idea if I do say so myself.
The majority of you haven't been reading my blog since I started (last August).
So, I've decided to re-post some of my first looks!  
I thought why not start at the VERY beginning.

This is the outfit from my VERY FIRST post from August 14, 2012.

Navy Striped t-shirt|  LOFT
Navy striped scarf|  Francesca's
Hot Pink shorts|  GAP outlet, similar HERE
If you would like your shorts to be a little longer, HERE is another option.
White watch| Fossil
similar without bling HERE ,
with bling HERE (this one is my fav and has GREAT reviews!!!)
and HERE (if you like a smaller watch)

I think a white watch is so much fun to wear in the spring and summer. I got mine last year and was very surprised how much I wore it and enjoyed it!
The above options are my favorite out there right now.

And for you're viewing pleasure, while searching for pink shorts for you ladies...I came across two images that were very upsetting.

Image #1:
This picture on Zappos. 
Don't ever trust a guy that looks better in pink shorts than you do.

Image #2:
This one is not so much an image as just something that is burned into my brain.
There were a pair of hot pink shorts in the junior's section at Nordstrom that were the same idea as mine, but they looked extra super short.  I was going to link to them and just say "BEWARE...THESE MIGHT NOT COVER THE GOODS".
However, then I saw that they came in a triple zero.
Like the size chart went like this:
000, 00, 0, 1, 3, 5,......
I didn't want link to them on principal.
However, I decided to link to them HERE so you could see the size chart yourself.
What does a 000 look like?  Like a toddler size?
Sorry, I'm all worked up.

Okay........time for me to calm down.
Moving on.
And I must say, looking back to my post on Friday, some of you think that I'm lying to you about my feelings for THESE wedges.
I would NEVER lie about something so important.  :)
I got sooo many texts, e-mails, facebook messages, etc this weekend asking me if the wedges I talked about HERE were really as comfortable as I say.
Here's a text from a friend yesterday morning  saying that she was trying to figure out just exactly what she wanted to buy to start her summer wardrobe.  (I am in the blue).

I don't know what I have to do to convince you guys that this pair of
 wedges is both cute AND sassy.
It's like Mr. Cute met Little Miss Sassy, and they had a pretty little neon patent baby.
Whatever that means.
And don't worry....I'm about to start applying self-tanner daily.
AND I'm on the exercise bike getting ready for summer.
That's right people.
It's like T-40 days or so until I have to be in a swimsuit.
Things just got real.

The HUGE giveaway is still going on.
LOTS and LOTS AND LOTS of goodness.
Click HERE to enter.
And make sure you click "SHARE" on my Friday post on facebook (the one with the berry colored wedge in the picture), you get 10 additional entries when  you do!

Anyway...enough of the randomness (for now...), back to my outfit from my first post. 
The post is HERE.
I thought you might find it interesting to look back and see what my vision was for the blog!
I gotta tell ya, I've stayed pretty true to my vision and had SUCH A BLAST doing it!

p.s. If you want some of the gorgeous Charles Emerson jewelry for yourself that is featured in the giveaway, click HERE and use the code Pinterest20 to get 20% off your entire order until the end of the contest!  I know lots of you bought some things the first time around because I've been seeing some of it on twitter and instagram! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

A MUST HAVE jacket for Fall and Spring

 First things first:
The HUGE giveaway is still going on.
LOTS and LOTS AND LOTS of goodness.  
(Ends 04/24 at midnight!)
Click HERE to enter.
And make sure you click "SHARE" on my Friday post on facebook (the one with the berry colored wedge in the picture), you get 10 additional entries when  you do!

My new military jacket came in!  WooHoo!
I talked about wanting to add a 2nd one to my closet HERE (check out that post if you want to see all the ways I have worn my first jacket),  and I decided to take the plunge.
I bought THIS one (I got it in army green, but I also like it in the khaki color).
I LOVE it.
It's arrival got me to searching for ways to wear it.

All of these inspiration pictures are super springy and show how the jacket transitions so easily into warmer temperatures!
Did you recognize anybody in the below pics?
The gorgeous girl on the right is my friend Alison from Get Your Pretty On!
LOVE how she styled her jacket with a neon t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and wedges.  Greatness!
{You are going to see me on Alison's blog later this week for a fun Mother's Day post!}

So, when my new jacket came in, at first I didn't use a specific Pinterest picture for my inspiration...
I just stepped into my closet and came up with something all on my own.
Here's what I came up with:

I liked it...but the mustard pants definitely made it look a little more "fall" than "spring".

Military Jacket| Nordstrom HERE
(Prepare yourself, I don't think it could be styled any worse than it is in the link.
WHAT IN THE WORLD is that skirt?)
Striped Shirt|  LOFT (years ago), similar HERE , it has a wide stripe and it's under $30!
Mustard pants| Nordstrom, 
 I looked, but I can't find a reasonable pair of mustard pants right now.
Stella and Dot Necklace Kimberly HERE
Noonday Bengali Sunset earrings HERE

Sidenote...when searching for a striped t for you ladies, I found this one HERE. It's not like the inspiration, but it is so dang cute.  It's 40% off, but they only have size SMALL left (and probably not many of those).  I love how easy going it is (yes, a shirt can totally be easy going), and the color of the stripes make me happy.

I also found THIS one.  So unique with a solid front and great stripes on the back. yes, I liked the outfit I put together.....but like I said previously, it wasn't super springy.
This picture screams "SPRING!" to me, so I set out to recreate it.
 All I needed was a pair of light jeans, a bright scarf, and a bright bag.
My pink was in the scarf, my blue was in the bag....but it still had the same "look".

It's like I'm screaming "SPRING IS HERE PEOPLE!"
I REALLY liked this combo.

Military Jacket| Nordstrom HERE
Pink Poka Dot Scarf|  Simply Chic Boutique (in the current giveaway HERE!)
Earrings|  Stella and Dot (in the current giveaway HERE!)
Fossil Bag|  exact HERE, and an awesome crossbody option HERE

After putting this outfit together, I convinced myself that this type of jacket can function year-round in my closet. It is such a great staple piece to have.  If you don't have one, consider getting one!
 I think you will be shocked at how many different ways you will be able to wear it!

all images pinned via Pinterest - That's Kilee from One Little Momma on the bottom right!

Other Military Jacket Options that are all under $60!:
Nordstrom Juniors Department option HERE 
with FANTASTIC reviews
Here's what one of them had to say:
After trying a safari jacket from Travel Smith at twice the price, some cargo styles from Old Navy and the Gap which were heavy and distressed looking, and literally combing the web for a replacement for my beloved old jacket that is sadly ready for retirement, I ordered this jacket from Nordstrom with little confidence that it would work. Not only did it fit well, I love the lightweight fabric! It looks crisp and polished while still very casual. I also love the snaps with zipper option in lieu of buttons. I am crazy about this jacket and will get a ton of wearings this spring, summer and fall. 
Well done, Nordies!
I really like the review said the fabric is lightweight.  PERFECT for spring!  

Another Nordstrom option HERE
They call this one a bomber jacket, but the Olive color looks like a military jacket to me.
HERE (from JC Penny's - not sure about the fit of this one)
HERE (from Target, under $60)
HERE (an embellished option from Nordstrom)

And for the record, I'm wearing THESE TOMS with both outfits.
(I know, I know...I've got to get better about including my shoes in the pics.)
 Sequin Leopard TOMS|  CUSP, HERE
I adore these shoes.  ADORE.  I wear them constantly, and I get compliments on them constantly.
Cute, Sassy, Comfortable....everything you would want in a shoe!

And, I received a couple of blog comments this past weekend asking me where my rhinestone bracelet was from that was in the middle of all of my Sequin bracelets.
It's from LOFT, and you can find it HERE!

Last thing:
If you are planning on traveling to Disney with your kiddos at any point, you have got to read Shay's post HERE.  It is a how-to guide to Disney with your kids!

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