Friday, June 6, 2014

# ilovescarf

 Before we get to the post, I have several things to say:
In case you didn't see my announcement earlier this week, I'm not recapping The Bachelor this week.
3 days worth of fever AND pink eye (yes, gross) TOOK ME DOWN.
Luckily I had some other posts already written, and that's what got published this week.
My fever is gone, but my eye is still pink.  Very VERY pink.
And it feels awful.
Just call me Bob.
(I wonder how many people got that joke.)
Purchase Updates:
I received THIS romper in the mail a couple of days ago, and even though I soooo badly wanted to love it, I didn't.It wasn't flattering on me, so it's going back.
Heads up to all the clothes out there, if you want to live in my closet, you've got to make me look skinny.  Know this.

I got THIS shirt, and I DO love it!
It's kind of sheer on the back, so I'll be wearing a nude tank with it.
I'd take a picture and post it, BUT I DON'T KNOW IF I MENTIONED I HAVE PINK EYE.

You ladies went CRAZY over THESE earrings and the fact that they are $10 OFF right now.
(I'm not sure why, but the price right now isn't showing that they are on sale, but they are.
 Regular price is $38.)
Read facebook comments from readers HERE if you are on the fence about them.
I tell you, the comments are pretty dang convincing.
ESPECIALLY this one from cute Dana:
 I have the clear crystal/gold, navy, bright blue, dark green, white, tiger's eye & light purple...and now I'm about to order the pink & yellow!!!! The white ones are fantastic for summer -- I've worn them so many times over the past few weeks!
I told Dana I wanted to be her best friend.  
First of all, I had never even considered white, but she made a very good point about white being great for summer. 
Secondly, the girl doesn't mess around.  
She found a pair of earrings she likes, and she decided to be ALL IN.  
You have to admire dedication like that.
And I realize this is a little unconventional considering it's JUNE.....
but I'm making them a Santa Alert!
These Kate Spade studs would make THE PERFECT Christmas gift or stocking stuffer!
And for $10 off right now, WHY THE HECK NOT?
If you went ahead and bought some for Christmas gifts, you're going to have to leave a blog comment.  I'm always fascinated by people that are so good at shopping for Christmas all year long!

And if you've been on the fence about my nude patent flats, you might want to read THESE facebook comments too.  It's not just me that loves these particular flats.  And they are ON SALE!!!!!
(Several of you have asked, and I have no idea when the sale ends.  So sorry!
Listen, you and me both wish Nordstrom would confide in me.)  :)
nude HERE
all other colors (including snakeskin) HERE

The Hunter boots site has a pretty large selection on sale for 30% off making the boots
right under $100!!!!!!
Click HERE.
Thank you Courtney for letting me know!
 Okay...on to the post...FINALLY :)
I bought my first scarf that wasn't for warmth almost 2 years ago.
I bought it at LOFT.  I was wearing a taupe colored skirt and a white v-neck, and I put it on and walked out of the store.  Is it weird that I remember the details?  Don't answer that.  :)
And it was soon after buying that scarf that I started this blog.
Shay swears that the scarf was the catalyst for the blog, and she might be on to something!
One of the first 10 or so posts I wrote for the blog was about the power of a scarf.

Here's an exert from that post:

Okay, so I realize that I am more than a little late to the scarf party.

 I have several friends that have been wearing them for years, and I have 2 friends in particular that have been at the scarf party the whole time. 
In fact, they might have even been the first 2 people at the party.

  I won't mention any names.  
Andrea and Shay.

These 2 girls have rocked scarves for years. YEARS!

Still, even though I always thought they looked super cute in their scarves, 

 I steadfastly proclaimed that I wasn't a scarf girl.
To be honest, I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of wearing a scarf 
when it was warm outside.  

Well, I would like to stand corrected.  Because I am TOTALLY a scarf girl.
I just didn't understand the way a scarf has the ability to totally transform an outfit.

Because it can.

It totally can.
EVEN when it's hot outside.

It can even make plain jeans and a plain white t-shirt DARLING!

Scarves are magic like that. forward like 2 years later...and about 15 scarves later...and here we are!
Now I'm always on the look-out for a new and great scarf, and a couple of new ones caught my eye  last week. 
So, I bought THIS scarf.
Actually, I bought the above scarf and THIS scarf.
Because they both have pom poms.  And I love a pom pom.
 But don't worry, I'm only keeping 1 of them.
I mean, a girl can only have so many scarves.
I'm talking to you Andrea. ;)

Anyway, all of you girls are going to help me decide which one I should keep!

After I bought the scarves, I pinned this inspiration photo, and I immediately knew that THIS scarf would help me recreate it.
original source not found
I had the cuffed jeans, the grey cardi, the turquoise jewelry, and the leopard flats.
This one was easy!

So what do you think about the coral and turquoise scarf?
Scarf HERE, Grey Cardi similar HERE, similar CUFFED JEANS options HERE, White Tee c/o Everlane HERE, Turquoise Drops HERE, Leopard Flats HERE (just restocked at Nordstrom!)

 And there's THIS cardigan here that's very similar in shape to my striped one above.
In fact, it might be a little cuter.
It's a waterfall cardigan, which I love.  It used to come in grey, but now it's sold out.
But I love this color.
Click HERE.
This is a great year round cardigan.  I would throw it in my purse and take it to restaurants and movies even in the middle of summer!

Here is THE CORAL SCARF again with just my WHITE TEE c/o Everlane, my BIG CIRCLE HOOPS c/o Gorjana and Griffin but now available at Nordstrom HERE!!!!!!, Teagan Open Ring c/o Gorjana and Griffin but now available at Nordstrom HERE, my DISTRESSED SKINNY JEANS,  my NUDE FLATS that are ON SALE and are a SUMMER STYLE STAPLE!
 a white Michael Kors watch THAT IS 40% OFF!
Now, imagine me wearing some cut off denim shorts or khaki shorts instead of the jeans,
 and hello summer!
 THIS grey and turquoise scarf was the other one I ordered.
Here I paired it with my WHITE TEE c/o Everlane, ,pink jeans (options HERE), and my NUDE FLATS (ON SALE!)
 my BIG CIRCLE HOOPS c/o Gorjana and Griffin but now available at Nordstrom HERE,  
Teagan Open Ring c/o Gorjana and Griffin but now available at Nordstrom HERE
 And here's the GREY AND TURQUOISE SCARF again.
With my WHITE TEE c/o Everlane, my Teal Drop EARRINGS c/o Kendra Scott AND 15% OFF TODAY WITH THE CODE MARRAKESH!!!!, my cuffed jeans (lots of options HERE), my LEOPARD FLATS (just restocked at Nordstrom!),
 and a grey and white striped cardigan (similar HERE)

 When you are buying a scarf to be worn during the spring and summer months, you have to think about a couple of things:
1)  You want to make sure it's thin material and very light and airy!
2)  You want to pay attention to how you tie it.
You typically don't want it to be too bunchy!
Again, think light and airy!
(Although the girl on the far left  in the below collage laughed in the face of my rule #2, and she looked good doing it.)

If you need some more proof that scarves can be worn in the summer, here you go!
Lots of bloggers in the collage showing you how it's done!
grey tank HERE / white tank HERE / white tee and jeans blog HERE (but doesn't link to exact post)
coral shorts HERE / green sweater HERE / orange stripes HERE

  So, which one do you think I should keep?
Coral, Pink and Turquoise HERE?
Grey stripe and Turquoise HERE?
Here's a collage o' scarves for you!
Love them all!  
For some reason, I couldn't hyperlink all of the pictures, so the bottom left tassel fringe scarf is HERE (only $20!), and the green infinity scarf top right is HERE (on sale for $18.98!)

All of the above scarves are from LOFT, Anthro, and Nordstrom because I find they have the best selection...and they all have lots of choices right now!
Click HERE for all Anthro scarves.
Click HERE for all LOFT scarves.
Click HERE for Nordstrom scarves.

AND BY THE WAY...I just saw that Anthro is doing one of their FREE SHIPPING for $150 purchase deals.....they only do these once in a blue moon, so if you've been eyeing something it's time to move on it!!!!
Anthro's shipping is SO ridiculous, so I love it when they do these!
Code:  FSI50
*just fyi:  I hate paying shipping so much that I hadn't pulled the trigger on THIS tunic that I was dying over.  HOWEVER.  The free shipping code made me get the tunic..AND THIS.
Well played Anthro, well played.

Now I have an assignment for you, and it's going to be fun!
I want you to all leave a comment today saying how many scarves you own!
Maybe you don't own any.  If so, still comment, just write "0".
Or maybe you own 37?
I want to know how many scarves you girls have!
And don't just "ball-park" it.
Go to your closet, count your scarves, and then come back here and leave a comment!
(Your hubbies don't read this blog, so you have nothing to worry about.)

Can't wait to see what everybody has to say!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Sheaffer :)

Remember the Erin Condren contest HERE!
 Remember the SUMMER GIVEAWAY (with $500 cash) HERE.


  1. I was only just invited to the scarf party. I own fourth is due to my doorstep anyday now.

  2. I have 27 scarves, 3 of which are summer worthy! #yikesmaybeidohaveaproblem #scarflove

  3. I think you should keep the coral scarf, but I'm just a coral kind of girl.

    Btw, just counted my scarves, I have 22.

  4. I remember the day two years ago when we were in Loft and you bought your first scarf. I could cry recalling the sweet memory...I witnessed a life changing event ;). I want all of those fringe scarves. All of them. And you know I'm not joking :).

  5. I'm a latecomer to the scarf party too....I have 2. My daughter, on the other hand, has about 10. :) And I like both of those scarves!

  6. I personally love the coral - so summery. I have 17 scarves but rarely wear them. It's like I love the idea of them but never fully commit. So wrong.

  7. I really like the coral/turquoise really seems to give the outfit that "pop." The grey stripe one just seems kind of blah...maybe with a colored shirt I would like it better? I don't know. Of course this is just my personal opinion!! :) I was also late to the scarf party & I have 4 right now. I don't really wear them very much tho, because they don't look as good on me as they do on you!! Maybe I'm not styling it right?? I wish we lived closer, so we could be friends & you could style my scarves for me!!!! :)

  8. I like the coral scarf and like you look really cute wearing a scarf! I have 15 summer scarfs!

  9. Love the scarf party! I have 16, with the super cute coral Pom Pom scarf on the way as we speak!

  10. 9 scarves and that's totally not enough in my book. Variety is key.

  11. I love the coral. I have 34 scarves (winter and summer)... I feel I need to tell you I ALWAYS buy on sale and also get some great ones from GAP. Happy Friday!

  12. I have 15 and love the coral one you are rocking :-)

  13. I hope you are feeling better!
    I like both on you, but maybe the grey and white with turquoise just a little more. You always look so cute.

  14. My vote is BOTH!! They are both equally unique and you NEED to have them for those outfits!!! And I have over 25 scarves. Lots of summer ones but I'm having a hard time wearing them now that we are in the 90s and 100% humidity (in the Deep South of Alabama). They make my neck sweat sometimes LOL. However, I'm LOVING stud earrings right now and I want the Kate Spade pair in EVERY color. Happy Friday & I hope your eye gets better!! :)

  15. I have 22 scarves, but that's including both summer and winter so that's okay, right?! haha, I love the coral and turquoise scarf!

  16. I like the coral the best! I have a whopping 3 scarves.

  17. I have 25. ..but I never wear them in the summer. Apparently I need to start wearing them in the summer....especially on cool NorCal summer evening! Also, a fantastic place to buy cute, inexpensive scarves is Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. I know, I know, their stuff isn't nordy quality. ...but they have AWESOME scarves! Just go in and look!

  18. I have four scarves--2 winter and 2 summer. I definitely need more! I love the coral scarf (left picture) on you!


  19. I have 52 scarves and after counting all of them I realized I probably don't even wear half of them. I think I might need to get rid of a few so I can make room for NEW ONES!!!
    I love the coral scarf the best! Very pretty on you!
    Super Genius to go ahead and make the Kate Spade earrings a Santa Alert!!! Perfect idea for Christmas gifts.
    Have a great weekend!

  20. I have 47 scarves...yes 47. As soon as I read this I had to run and count. Now I am a little embarrassed, but will this stop me? NOPE! I am a scarf addict! I actually have to split them between 2 containers, one upstairs and one downstairs so that my husband cannot see all of the madness. And I will tell you that I do in fact wear all of them. I did buy 2 of Shay's favorite leopard scarf because I love it so much and if something would happen to the first one, I have a backup. That is how fabulous that scarf is.

    Usually when we go on a vacation, my treat to myself is a scarf that I find at a local boutique. Something unique that I can't find at a local store.

    Please keep the coral scarf! :) Happy Friday!

    1. This is the BEST comment I have ever seen, totally cracking up! Such genius to split them into 2 containers so hubby cannot get a full handle on it!! And the extra leopard scarf for backup...just can't stop laughing. I do have that scarf and agree that it rocks!!!

    2. Lindsay - I'm glad you're amused by my scarf insanity! The hubby is CLUELESS! :) I'm smart somedays!

    3. Mary - you are my hero, this is so awesome!

  21. I have 19 scarves but only 3 would be considered summer. I don't usually wear any in the summer but maybe I should start. My vote is for the coral scarf. It looks great with the outfits you showed us.

  22. The coral scarf is beautiful on you! I have 19 scarves...not as bad as I thought.

  23. I have 28 scarves! I can't believe you made me count them!!! I have 6 that would be considered summer. I wear a scarf almost everyday in the fall/winter/spring! So it's totally justified, right???
    I love the gray/teal strip scarf! You are super cute as always!
    Jan Fisher

  24. I have 9 scarves. I just wore my newest one, a coral and white striped infinity scarf, yesterday. I love the coral one on you.

  25. A year ago (before I started reading your and Shay's blog), I had 2 scarves! Today, I have 16! Love them all! Thanks for all your recommendations and styling tips! You need to buy both of the scarves you posted about.

  26. Coral for sure! So cute!

  27. i have about 25 scarves but some of which are really "old school" before the scarf became the "new statement maker" :) so they need updating.. which could be started with the BEAUTIFUL coral and turquiose scarf!!! i love the colors and they look SSSOOOO GOOD on you :) happy friday

  28. Go with the coral! I have maybe 3 scarves. I'm way late to the scarf party and here in Cali when it's 100+ outside I just can't do them. Maybe this winter I'll jump on the bandwagon!

  29. Keep the coral scarf! It totally pops!

  30. You had me at Santa! I bought the earrings for my daughter for Christmas and then picked up the turquoise for myself! Thanks! Susan

  31. I have bought a couple scarves, but never end up wearing them. Or feeling self conscience when I do. Maybe I haven't found the right one yet. :) I ALWAYS think they look adorable on other people (as with Maxi dresses!). *sigh*

  32. I have 29 summer scarves and probably the same in winter. The winter ones are packed away or I would give you an exact number!

  33. Ahh I think I would keep both of them! So cute. I must have at least 50 scarves...yikes.

  34. I love the gray and turquoise one so much! It looks great on you! Sorry about your pink eye too! Hope that goes away soon. I have 8 scarves and I rarely wear them. I need to change that!

  35. 22 scarves for me. And I LOVE the coral one! I guess I might hit 23 ;)

  36. I only have about ten scarves and I am REALLY digging the pom-pom, fringy deals that you've got going on lately. I like both of your scarves, but I have to go with the ladies on this vote goes to the coral!

  37. 3 scarves for me! None are summertime either!

  38. 13 scarves for me! Love me some short sleeves and a scarf :) Your decision is going to be hard! Both of them are perfect for you!

  39. I've got 12? Winter scarves are packed away so this is a rough estimate! Love me some scarf!!

  40. You have to keep both. I have 10 scares but now I need that coral one! Love it!

  41. I have 14 scarves and bought all of them from your blog. You and shay totally sold me. Keep the coral scarf. It make your outfit pop!

  42. I have 34. Yes, I have a problem, but when there's so many scarves in the world, you kinda just wanna buy the cute ones and give them a home! I vote you keep the coral scarf AND the grey striped one. You can totally have two pom pom kind - they both wanna live in your closet, so I think you should grow your collection :) do I sound borderline crazy? Probably! But they're both super cute, I'd be torn trying to figure out which one to the solution is to keep both :)

  43. I don't have time to count my scarves right now but I'll get back to you (yes, it's that bad, I mean good!) however, I just want to pose this question: both of these scarves are cute and inexpensive. Why does it have to be 'either-or'? Why not both? Really, the only thing similar on these two is that they have those adorable pom poms. My vote? I'd get both!

  44. I was looking for Andrea's comment stating how many scarves she has but let's face it, she's probably still counting and lost in a pile of scarves!!!!! Love her scarf collection! I own 16 scarves and probably need about 16 more! Also, I say keep the coral scarf!

  45. "Your hubbies don't read this blog." Ha! Amen to that! I think my husband would rather pluck his eyes out than be forced to read a fashion blog. Anyways, I own 6 (4 are for winter and 2 are for summer). Of my six, I think 4 were recommendations from your blog!

  46. you NEED the coral scarf! and i have 33 scarves, but only about 10 that i rotate through.

  47. 27 & counting (just purchased the coral one you shared today!). Although before discovering your blog, I think I only had 3...I never thought I was a scarf person either -- but now I wear them all the time! Just needed your inspiration for how to style them! And as you probably would've guessed, my vote would be to keep both the coral scarf AND the grey one! ;)

  48. I'm at work so I can't count them but I'm going to say at least 20! This number doesn't include the ones in my teen daughter's closet that I sometimes borrow!

  49. 23 scarves. A majority of them have been gifts, I rarely buy them for myself. And keep the coral. :)

  50. I have 23. Most of them were gifts. I vote coral scarf. :)

  51. You should absolutely keep the coral scarf. Looks awesome. Going to count my scarfs this afternoon.
    Lisa G.

  52. I have 28 - summer, winter, pashminas, and fur collars (Canadian winters...) and I wear most of them all the time - including the Must Have fringe scarf! Coral scarf for you hands down, the grey one just sort of fell flat after seeing pictures of the coral one. Sheaffer, have you ever seen this blog? Go to her site and check out her video on 25 ways to wear a scarf - you'll love it and so will all you other ladies wondering how to tie them.
    Hope you have a great weekend and kick the last of the pink eye out the door!

  53. Haha, can't believe you actually had us all go up and count our scarves...and of course we all listened to you!! I counted 21 which was actually lower than I thought it would be. Of course, I only had 4 before I started reading your blog just this past fall!! I love the coral scarf on you; that's my vote. I just ordered scarf #22 today; the one in the lower left corner with the tassels. I also threw in the kate spade earrings in pink and royal blue. I already have the navy blue which I love. I like big earrings and so I don't really have any studs. But these are special b/c although they are studs, they are large so they still make a statement. Hope you feel better soon!

  54. I have 16, but only 4 that I typically wear in the summer so I definitely need some more summer ones. And I vote coral!

  55. I love both of the scarves, but I think the coral has a bit more pop. You are going to die when you hear my scarf buying issues.... I have about 42 lightweight scarves and prob another 25-30 winter scarves, yes I do have a problem haha! I will put a pic on your fb page.

  56. Keep the coral, it is beautiful with your skin. I have to go count scarves. Be back later with number.

  57. I say keep both. #enabler
    And I think I would like to see your janky eye!! I'm going to start an online petition. ;)

  58. I have about 10 scarves. My husband does not like scarves, so I have to wear them sparingly :(

  59. Sheaffer - my Nordstrom card pulled me aside earlier this week and told me it was tired and needed a break. However, I NEVER listen to my Nordstrom card, so I will be ordering that pom pom scarf (and maybe the earrings if I could ever decide on a color). Oh well, my card and my hubby will just have to get over it.:) Ahem...I went up and counted my scarves. 41. I think I have a problem...and soon there will be 42 - yay! You should definitely keep the coral one. Hope you feel better & have a great weekend!

  60. 2...the first is grey lace that was a Christmas gift & a leopard tnx to ur blog. I'm not a scarf girl, but looks like ur going to change that!

  61. Ok I have to many to count and I have the exact coral one you have.
    Love it.

  62. 23 scarves, LUV them! Live in AZ, so even in winter can't wear too hot of material. I did buy 2 of the softest ever from gap that Shay proclaimed & they are awesome! I wear light scarves w/ a simple tank or tee year around, it dresses up any outfit so easily & is so chic! :)

    My vote for you in the coral, it's beautiful on you & the pattern is great, plus Pom poms, so fun!
    :) rebecca

  63. I love both of them but feel like the grey would probably go with a lot more than the coral. I am embarrassed to say that I own ZERO scarves! I think they are so cute on people but have just never bought one.

  64. P.S. - I meant to tell you I bought that soft, coral stripe that you featured when it was on sale at Nordstrom & it's my new fav! I love the color that it adds to a boring outfit! It's so soft too.

    Thanks, always for your amazing fashion taste & sharing, helping those of us who may have been in a fashion slump try new, fun, possibly even daring, clothes & accessories! You are FAB!

    Hope you're feeling better! :)

  65. I love both and think you really should keep both! :-) I just started to wear scarves this past year too - and currently own 11. It's a good number. ~Kim in RI

  66. I have a dozen or so scarves. (But, I think my daughter "borrowed" some.) Best of all, I have the best mother & 8yo that you could ask for. My mom sews scarves out of cute fabrics/remnants/thrift store finds and she has taught my 8yo how to knit those loopy scarves. Seriously, I can barely sew a button & my 8yo knits & sews; including on a machine!

  67. Love them both, but the first one is my fave. I'd totally rock that baby every day. The outfit you recreated is perfection. Love it. Love it all.

  68. The coral is my fave! And I own 6 scarfs...but probably only wear 3 pretty consistently. (I just get too hot....even with a light scarf, darn it.)

  69. I have 41. I wear them all. I purge my closet often so I had around 50 but gave some away. I have a problem with scarves, JCrew vintage tees and Vince Camuto flats.

  70. I have 18. Just bought the leopard infinity scarf a couple weeks ago. It's lovely.

  71. I vote coral!!

  72. Until pretty recently I owned one scarf. It was grey fleece and half the time was lost under my bed leading a double life as a dust rag. When we moved I gave it up, but between your blog and Shay's I have not only increased my scarf "collection" very significantly, I also actually wear them now.

    The Kate Spade studs have been on my wish list at Nordstrom for awhile, and now that they've gone on sale I may or may not have ordered 3, then 3, and now keep looking at the colors and trying to behave myself and not order more.

    1. Whoops! Forgot about scarf count. I currently own 6, and also have 2 I ordered a few days ago, and 3 I ordered this morning. Not many, but I'm working on it.

  73. why in the world would you return either of those scarfs!?

  74. I own 21 scarves. Is there a scarves anonymous? BTW, I love the coral pom pom scarf. However, my friends and I would call it the coral "dingleberry" scarf. Happy day to you!

  75. OMG....I can't even believe you just made me do that!!!! I know I have issues, but geez, how dare you point it out!!! I didn't even count the scarves I've made, but I have 62, please don't tell me that I have more than Shay or Andrea, cuz than that would mean that I'm completely crazy and border line insane......but I have a few years on probably most of your readers! Ha! (that makes it okay) LOL
    So you know I'm gonna answer with "you should keep both of them" cuz they are both so flippin cute! And you look adorable in both of them and I see you being able to do a lot with both of them, because you can easily take both those into the fall season. So if you have to pick one, I would do an eenie meenie minno mo!

  76. OMG! I was going to vote coral AND buy that one myself, but I think it's all gone. That colorway isn't an option :(

  77. OMG! I was going to vote coral but I think it is too late. That colorway isn't shown.

  78. So here's the thing, I only have about 10 scarves, but in my perfect world I would have about 50. The problem is that I live in So Cal...and by So Cal I do not mean by the beach, I live in the IE. We have only one temp year round and that is HOT! I love scarves and wish I could wear them, but the truth is there are only about five days a year when the weather permits the use of a scarf...even a lightweight flowy one. Boo :( So I live vicariously through you & Shay and all of your darling scarves! BTW I would keep the coral one :)

  79. I have 17, definitely vote for the coral...unfortunately, when I tried to order it first thing this a.m. it was already sold out in that color :-(

  80. I own 6 .. I better get on the scarf bandwagon!

  81. Zero that aren't for winter - can't do it!!! Keep the coral!

  82. I have 9 scarves, although I think I actually only purchased 3 of them for myself - my mother in law just does such a fantastic job of picking them out as Christmas I actually just bought 2 more today too (included in the total) - but they are the short kind that you just tie around your neck, kinda airplane stewardess style - I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to wear them (pinterest here I come, haha!) but I'm super excited!!! Oh and I vote you should keep the orange scarf - its so bright and fun!

  83. I have 17, not counting cold weather scarves. And I already voted on FB but I say keep the coral scarf.

  84. I have 8 scarves and I live in Bermuda!! Lol.
    Also, I am on Team coral/turquoise

  85. I've got 47.. And that doesn't count winter scarves... I have a problem, I know!
    I vote grey striped scarf b/c I love it but honestly you rock the coral!!

  86. I'm a regular reader from Australia and I own 69 scarves. I am a scarf-a-holic. Love them! I sold 4 scarves on eBay last month to clear out the duds, and I do wear them. Winter has arrived here in Oz and I challenge myself every day in Winter to wear each one. I wear them in all seasons too. Plus I tie them to handbags & use as sarongs & carry as a wrap for air-conditioned places. They are folded and stored by colour, and my silk ones hang on a velvet hanger my sister-in-law gifted me. Sometimes my husband catches me sitting on the edge of the bed just re-folding them and admiring them. He knows I love my scarves :) From Louise!

  87. P.S. I would keep both of those gorgeous pom-pom scarves, but if I HAD to choose, I'd pick the coral scarf as a keeper :) From LOUISE.

  88. Definitely the coral scarf. It will
    Go with jeans, blue, navy anything. Much better colour on you too. As for how many scarves I own. Well I have a large ikea box full and the ikea scarf hanger full... Yes I have a problem. But I love latest is a tommy hilfifer coral and pink and I wear with everything!!!!!

  89. 9 not including the purely functional winter ones that are probably 10 years old, which I don't even count. I'm loving the coral... a little too much! And I'm supposed to be on a spending hiatus right now!!

  90. I only have 2 scarves and only wear them when it's freezing cold. But I'm raising scarf loving kids. My 16 year old daughter has 20 and my 18 year old SON has 7. I vote for the coral scarf if you HAVE to choose. From, Kelly

  91. Oh those kate spade die for...I've got a lite collection going...and nordstrom gave me a price adjustment on the pairs I already purchased so I was able to get ANOTHER pair and not feel too guilty about it :)

  92. I have 27 Spring scarves! I'm completely ok with this number...and am considering a few more after reading this post!! HA! #ilovescarftoo My votes for the coral one but you look great in both!!

  93. I just ordered the Kate Spade studs in green for me and navy for my bestie! Been eyeing them for a while, so I had to take advantage of this sale! Can't wait to get them and wear them all summer long!!

  94. I love the coral and turquoise scarf! So bright and colorful. I'm not sure how many scarves I own, but I'm going to guess 10. I've never worn a scarf in the summertime, so most of mine are cashmere for winter, but only when I find a bargain.

  95. I have 12 and only two of them are winter scarves. I love me a summer scarf. I definitely think your coral one is a keeper

  96. Believe it or not, an antibiotic ointment (like neosporin) does wonders for clearing up pink eye. Just don't use the kind with pain relief!

  97. I think I'm in the minority. I own zero scarves. Just not me. Go with the coral scarf....looks like you!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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