Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Look Back and some Randomness

I am in the trenches at work right now...7 more weeks...I can do this.
I won't go into detail, but I have around 1 million assessments and 2 million ARDS.
At least that's what it feels like.
Oh, and then there is of course the actual therapy!
Breathe in, Breathe out.

So, to help out with my time management, I had a BRILLIANT idea if I do say so myself.
The majority of you haven't been reading my blog since I started (last August).
So, I've decided to re-post some of my first looks!  
I thought why not start at the VERY beginning.

This is the outfit from my VERY FIRST post from August 14, 2012.

Navy Striped t-shirt|  LOFT
Navy striped scarf|  Francesca's
Hot Pink shorts|  GAP outlet, similar HERE
If you would like your shorts to be a little longer, HERE is another option.
White watch| Fossil
similar without bling HERE ,
with bling HERE (this one is my fav and has GREAT reviews!!!)
and HERE (if you like a smaller watch)

I think a white watch is so much fun to wear in the spring and summer. I got mine last year and was very surprised how much I wore it and enjoyed it!
The above options are my favorite out there right now.

And for you're viewing pleasure, while searching for pink shorts for you ladies...I came across two images that were very upsetting.

Image #1:
This picture on Zappos. 
Don't ever trust a guy that looks better in pink shorts than you do.

Image #2:
This one is not so much an image as just something that is burned into my brain.
There were a pair of hot pink shorts in the junior's section at Nordstrom that were the same idea as mine, but they looked extra super short.  I was going to link to them and just say "BEWARE...THESE MIGHT NOT COVER THE GOODS".
However, then I saw that they came in a triple zero.
Like the size chart went like this:
000, 00, 0, 1, 3, 5,......
I didn't want link to them on principal.
However, I decided to link to them HERE so you could see the size chart yourself.
What does a 000 look like?  Like a toddler size?
Sorry, I'm all worked up.

Okay........time for me to calm down.
Moving on.
And I must say, looking back to my post on Friday, some of you think that I'm lying to you about my feelings for THESE wedges.
I would NEVER lie about something so important.  :)
I got sooo many texts, e-mails, facebook messages, etc this weekend asking me if the wedges I talked about HERE were really as comfortable as I say.
Here's a text from a friend yesterday morning  saying that she was trying to figure out just exactly what she wanted to buy to start her summer wardrobe.  (I am in the blue).

I don't know what I have to do to convince you guys that this pair of
 wedges is both cute AND sassy.
It's like Mr. Cute met Little Miss Sassy, and they had a pretty little neon patent baby.
Whatever that means.
And don't worry....I'm about to start applying self-tanner daily.
AND I'm on the exercise bike getting ready for summer.
That's right people.
It's like T-40 days or so until I have to be in a swimsuit.
Things just got real.

The HUGE giveaway is still going on.
LOTS and LOTS AND LOTS of goodness.
Click HERE to enter.
And make sure you click "SHARE" on my Friday post on facebook (the one with the berry colored wedge in the picture), you get 10 additional entries when  you do!

Anyway...enough of the randomness (for now...), back to my outfit from my first post. 
The post is HERE.
I thought you might find it interesting to look back and see what my vision was for the blog!
I gotta tell ya, I've stayed pretty true to my vision and had SUCH A BLAST doing it!

p.s. If you want some of the gorgeous Charles Emerson jewelry for yourself that is featured in the giveaway, click HERE and use the code Pinterest20 to get 20% off your entire order until the end of the contest!  I know lots of you bought some things the first time around because I've been seeing some of it on twitter and instagram! 


  1. You also have to pencil in lunch dates with Shay and play dates with our kids. Yeah. You should probably just quit your job. That sounds a lot easier...

    I still love the pink shorts with the navy and white striped shirt! It's hard to believe you've created all of this in less than a year! Good job Mama!

  2. My wardrobe now boasts a pair of hot pink shorts and my favorite tee in 5 new made me feel less like my dad (who has every.single.shade. of his fav cabela's shirt ) and just more, um, wise (?) with my stocking choices. :). We started school 5 weeks late thanks to our move back to the States...we have until the end of June...and then a short break so we can start again and finish before the next move!

  3. You crack me up. "Things just got real." Yeah. I pretty much told my husband that yesterday as I was perusing Shay's swimsuit choices. But I may have been more along the lines of "this just got real" :)

  4. I hear you about the work stuff! I am an SLP too and work at an elementary school. Lots more testing to do and haven't even started my IEPs!! UGH. Anyway, just wanted to say I love your blog!


  5. What kind of self-tanners do you LOVE???? Include that in a post?!?!?!? I DON'T want to turn ORANGE!!!!! :)

  6. So I bought two pairs of those wedges...I can't wait to get them in the mail...the days can't pass quick enough! :)

    Don't even get my started on swim suit season, 6-9 months pregnant during the summer, going to fun times around here, yea right! :)

  7. So I'm reading this post and my two year old daughter comes up and points to your last picture saying "that's mama, that's mama!". I could only wish I looked like you as I'm currently eight months pregnant and SKINNY is not in my vocabulary right now. Glad to know that's how I look to her haha!!

  8. O.K. I'm going to look TOTALLY like a copy-cat. For a different reason. I do NOT have a busy life at all (at age 75! I have a wonderful life), but I have some new readers of my blog. So...I've decided to do some reruns--encores, I will call them--of some of my favorite early blogs. Judge Judy does it. Why can't I? So, please be flattered and just don't call me copy-cat to my face, o.k.?

  9. That guy in the pink shorts will haunt me almost as much as men in meggings. But more so because I'm sort of jealous of his legs too. And a 000 should be outlawed..seriously.

  10. Thanks for your daily pin-spiration! You inspired me to do a little Pinterest told me to recipe edition today and gave you a shout out. Thanks for keeping us creative and entertained!

  11. This is such a fun idea for a post! Once I've been blogging longer I plan to do something similar :)

  12. A triple zero?! That IS disgusting. I love the comment "WHO IN THE WORLD HAS ANY BUSINESS BEING A TRIPLE ZERO?" I couldn't agree more!!

  13. Love your post today lol lol laughing my *** off :) Seriously, the guy in the pink shorts & "Don't ever trust a guy that looks better in pink shorts than you do." That is so great. Great advice today Shaeffer :)

  14. Love your blog.... but I have a question. I would like to follow you by email, but I can't find a way to do so. I'm sure I must be overlooking it, so could you please point me in the right direction? I was trying to find a "Contact Me" button, but couldn't find that either..... so that's why I'm posting here in the comments section. I hope you see it and can help me!

    Thanks so much!

  15. Hi Sheaffer! Love your blog! You never cease to make me laugh, plus I love your style...I've pinned many of the same outfits you have, so it's great to see your take on them! I'm also going to school for speech pathology, so I appreciate your comments here and there about what you do. Everyone I talk to who is a speech therapist seems to love what they do (minus the paperwork maybe ;). So it's fun to see someone who loves their job AND has great style at the same time! ;) lol

    I also agree with Karen's comment, that it would be great to be able to subscribe by email to your blog :)

    Can't wait to try a pair of those wedges too! Thanks for all your tips! :)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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